RE: when to use a and when to use an

Hey, I am Swedish!! to the "A unit" and "An umbrella"

When the following word begins with a vowel AND IS PRONOUNCED IN THE BEGINNING OF THE WORD AS A VOWEL!

The most important thing is the pronounciation of the word in the beginning.

RE: Pet likes?

That is so funny with son has a dog, a big rotweiler,
his name is Banjo (as if you did not know roll eyes laugh roll eyes ) He is used to music, having it in his life all the time, my son plays and sings in a band (Irish) called "Sippin' Whiskey".

We use to sing when we are together. Banjo busy on his own chewing a bone, like he did not care, or hear us playball We then decide to sing "Cross down when Billy was young......." And Banjo jumps up....starts barking, growling and showing his teeth, so meanlooking he could scare off a bear. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

What is it with them, what happens in their mind......confused confused

Thank you for sharing grandad, hope you will enjoy imagine Banjo in my little story. dancing dog violin dancing dog

RE: Importance of SEX in person's life.

Yet, we need to keep an eye closely on that incarnation, don't you think? Mother Earth is indeed limited in resources and access, so divided in opinion.

However it is said that the mail has a stronger s*xual need by nature, that to incarnate the world. Females a lesser need which is meant to prevent the Earth from overcrowd.

True of false, will we ever know? wave

RE: Saturday

Hi Jo,

I am smiling, recognizing what you are saying. I have been home a week, from a week babysitting 1 cat and two guinea pigs. Is this the extension of being a mom. Once the grandchildren are adults, the animals take over.

Believe me, they are going to talk you into it again!!! I think last one was my 16th or 17th time.

Write me next time it happens, I will keep you company and "from"
going crazy!! hug

RE: Dispatches from the utility room...

Again you proved an excellent skill. Funny, wonderful "weight" and a float, one reach the shore sooner than expected and wanted.
Besides, and in spite of being a woman I understand the topic, agree with you----Both I AND the the world of technic have seen better days!!!!innocent

Did I ask you if you ever have considered writing a book?

You should!!!!professor

Thank you for the entertainment! hug


RE: Friends are the 'memories' we never forget !!

By the time we are ten!!! How old do you think we will be????


RE: Friends are the 'memories' we never forget !!

Friends are great, it just takes such a long time today to find out if people are friend material. Trust and moral have no longer an outstanding status.....have to say, I have been burned a few times. Causious is unfortunately a word I keep in mind in a beginning of a friendhip.
But here I am, friending you.


RE: Dispaches from the Boglands....

Hi Lard.....a born writer you are! I am fairly well read, have had (still have) some heavy and respected authors entertaining me throughout the years, so when I say you are great with words, it does mean something. conversing

Your words are floating like a vivid and springswift little creek, I certainly hope to see you continuing what you have not go shy now!!!!blushing

I on the other hand tend to get suspicious over this internet "meetings", may be I feel that way since I am a woman and not yet have reached the golden oppertunities that seem to be a part of it.

Looking forward "reading" the next chapter.thumbs up


RE: So, already the 3rd January and

Yep. January third 2011.....You too have a great year. Although we say "have" a great year, gosh do we need to work for it, anyway, we can only do our best.

RE: Criticism

To say ..go study more so that you understand what I say...

is pure disrespect. An insulting criticism. Do not accept it.

There are good criticism, that you will know is good when you meet it. It is said out of care and respect, and can not be mistaken for an insult. It is more of a feeling you get from hearing it than it is read on black and white.

RE: My mind is restless!!

You are right. I really do not understand what is going on. It all seem a blur of competings on who is funniest, who is wittiest and who does not want a date or find a partner the most.
At the end, I am considering the idea it might be well worth the money to become a member of a paying site. Anyway, good luck to you all.

RE: How could I be so wrong,PLEASE,HELP.!Happy T.G. EV

It is not an easy thing judging charachteristics on line. You just have to know you are dealing with the real world, you have no idea with whom you are talking to. Out socializing you have the benefit avoiding people you feel you have nothing in common with. Here you just have to trust time and intuition will guide does not always work though.

This girl, if I were you, I would smile at the memory, happy you made it before it went any further. You are a sensible man as you stated "usually". I believe while looking for love, we stumble and fall in love with "love". You hear the words spoken and you get drawn towards it like the bees to a flower.

Forget all about her, if she starts with a lie and continue to act out so much drama and bad behavior---just thank the Creator she is gone and keep focusing on the nice people out here. Be aware of where you are at, do not assume you are at the worse of places, just keep it a little light in mind---so far I have been lucky, met some nice people, well one or two jerks have slipped into my mailbox...but are all gone by now.

You keep looking, you will find, Good Luck.comfort

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