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RE: Would you convert to your partner's religion?

screw religion thats my opinionvery mad devil

RE: hello everyone, man and women

drama or not i just have a weakness for blonde ladies damn i just think they are so freaking hot.

head banger

RE: why are guys so shy on this ...

damn sounds like drama to me, anyways i look at alot of national geographic and discovery and looking at the animal kingdom teaches you alot about us humans.

In nature all females look for the strongest and best male to carry on the species and it is the same with human ladies they are very picky though they will not say it and they will expect the males to make the first move and try to impress.

Male birds go through hell to mate, male mammals have to fight sometimes to the death to get some and insects well the males sometimes just get eaten alive. that really sucks!

So it isn't that much of a difference in us humans even though women say that we are dogs and all we care about is getting some women are not angels either they are just as h*rny,there demands are higher they have standards or none at all, it comes down to, you have to have what they want or desire. That could be looks,personality,wealth etc.

RE: The rise of CHINA

hehe sounds like a spy movie from hollywwod at the end of your comment.

i agree with what you are saying with a few exceptions, i dont think the chinese are the real threat, the real threat are the jews and the muslims. they cannot be reasoned with but they can come to some agreements with the chinese.

There dogmatic views of this B.S god's choosen ppl is just causing to much problems. I am aware america's job is like the gaurd dog of the world, if they really want to capture the middle east they need to stop using soldiers to do that job. Too many soldiers are dying for little progress, they need to drop nukes or use some unknown tech to destroy mass areas of these ppl's countries, and just get the job done.

well world war 3 is inevitable the new world order is almost ready to strike and i cant wait to see what happens.

RE: Is It wrong to date a pregnant girl?

why would i want to be with a women who is pregnant with another man's baby. that is not only insane but it says alot about the woman, obviously she is a poor judge in character and she is easy to get into bed which raises questions like what virus or diseases does she have.

i say if a lady was left alone with a baby too bad for you. how many times has it happened to others to allow yourself in that position are you so hungry for meat inside you, well take what you get.

RE: What do woman want? Guys what do u think?

yea i agree with the comments that state that women want a man with wealth most of all. at least in this day and age. jimnastics summed it up the best!


yea when it comes to boobs i have to also agree cupsize handful with nice perky tits are the best!

i have no clue why so many women are doing boob jobs it just makes no sense really and it is unhealthy and also risky.

if women want men to notice their inside rather than outside why are there so many superficial women out there doing plastic surgury etc.

RE: Warcraft

Hi, i am also a WOW player myself and i got hooked for about 2 years now i just play on and off.

What i love about the game is the sheer size and the amount of things you can do.

However finding a decent gaming community on wow is not how it use to be, now there are all types of foolish antics and unfriendly ppl that play.

hope to find a nice community and a guild when cata comes out.

RE: How do you think Obamas doing?

when i said (white racists) i was not referring to the person who started this blog or evey person that commented, i was more speaking in general to that particular audience and to that guy who said he could not say the words he wanted to say because they are curse words.

RE: The rise of CHINA

Hmm sounds interesting i will check in to see the rest of your plan, however the thing about china losing wars, i will have to say yes but modern wars, they are like a baby learning to walk in that factor but chinese learn fast and i am sure they dont intend to lose again, chinese are very proud ppl.

About your plan i think the republicans, lobbists and jews are the real problem in america and well someone should start taking them out 1 by 1 with coverups.

america had a good thing going but corruption is widespread and they are losing their footing because of it.

RE: The rise of CHINA

i didnt expect you to agree with me maupassant especially with the things i said about anglo saxons. However by that view you are on the same page as myself, i think that the creation of the euro dollar is a huge sign that america will not be the leading dolar in the near future in fact they inadvertly broadcasted that fact when they formed the euro dollar.

Strange enough is that your countries dollar never seems to be bothered maybe it is because of the huge amount of gold reserve, hehe!

seriously all jokes aside, china to me was always a force to reckon with, but i dont think america would dare interfere with china the way they interfere with iraq etc. chinese have no sentiments towards jews and quite frankly all they are concerned about are themselves. chinese have always been like that in my view.

the most i can see america trying to do is play allies and do some type of sneaky background sabotages. but open warfare would be disastrous.

another serious point is china are communists!

RE: How do you think Obamas doing?

White racist are never satisfied why dont you ppl just get a hired gun to kill him, put a white president back in charge again and see how it goes.

But if things get worse or at least doesn't get any better plz shut the FK Up. Stop complaining there are countries that have it worse than you, everything doesn't revovle around you ppl as you are lead to believe. America is not invincible neither was the great roman empire everything has an end and so far the way you ppl behave and whine and complain your end is sooner than you think.

Fix your own home or better yet dont throw stones if you live in a glass house.

The reason i say fix your own home is because way before obama america has been playing hero for the world interferring with other ppls wars, now the war is at home and money is running low who's fault is that?

no wonder russians hate you ppl so much i say beware, more and more your enemies are growing in number more than your army will be able to handle. Wars cost alot of money.

If you want to play the race card well hear this, look at africa why put a black man in charge when africa is a prime example why not to do what you did. confused yawn

RE: Obama and him destroying are country.

I am not from america and neither am i a fan of my race,the black race, i agree with a few things i saw on the replies. The person who started this blog just wanted to write her views of anger so she didnt check her grammer or spelling. All politicians especially the leaders are all puppets following orders from the real (button pushers).

Yes bush left alot of mess, however that was what he was advised to do, leave a mess. The rabbit hole goes very deep into an abyss, most ppl in this world do not have a clue what is really going on. america is a tool for a group of ppl to manipulate the world the way they see fit until they achieve their ultimate goals.

obama is a black man in a white's man land, a land where they hate everyone even though they fail to forget that alot of the caucasians that came to america in the past were all immigrants from europe. Invaders to be more specific, the whites in america didnt even like the irish the italians when they came over now i guess the latinos,chinese,arabs and indians who come to your country is the new point of attention to complain and whine about. yet they were allowed to come to your country by your very same white government before obama.

why dont you blame your own for the mess they do to you so called all american ppl.

As far as i am concerned obama knew exactly what he was getting into, the world will never stop racism,if white ppl hate black ppl so much why did your ancestors bring them from africa in the first place. Blame yourselves before others for current errors in your daily lives. I have to give obama respect though because the challenge he faces especially as leader of america as a black man is nothing but sheer courage and determination.

RE: Trust

the day you decide to trust anyone is the day you will make a mistake and find out it was a mistake a few days later.laugh

RE: what do u think about GOD???

i read that there is no thing like god so god is unique so my opinion is at some point god was so bored and lonely decided to create amusement and have some company.

so now we have the universe with one planet with complex life.

What a bunch of bull, god is like a child with a board game and we are the playpieces. Why the hell would something like god make the whole freaking universe only to have 1 planet with life and worse yet if there are other planets with life they are so far away from each other it will take us like another 2 centuries to figure out how to travel in space above light speed.

I do believe in global warming the signs have already begun. human beings are so fickle it is only when it is too late then the mass population will beleive and try to do something about it.

We as a species are destructive and selfish and i cant wait till mother earth says enough is enough die you wretched things! very mad frustrated devil

RE: The rise of CHINA

Anglo saxion society has something called a god complex as far as i am concerned, before europe excluding greece and meso, asia and asia minor was the super powers of the world they had factories sailing fleets long before you.

Recently scientist and archaeologist has proven that ancient china was well advanced beyond any other civilization in the world at that period of time. They had automated factories etc. to go further back what alexander the great saw in his conquest proves this as well. The greatest civilizations came from the east or asia.

And the list goes on and on, one thing i can say is this if the anglo saxion man thinks they can push the world over like in the past they have another thing coming.

The arabs are pissed, japan will never forget hiroshima and has a vendetta coming when the time is right.the russians hate america, china has an army a billion strong,south america will side with anyone other than america and europe so it seems you guys should just mind your own business and stay out of other ppls affairs for once in the history of this world.

Keep up what you saxions do best and it will be your ultimate downfall for sure.

RE: Did god create mankind, or did mankind create god

My view is to hell with the vatican and double that view on muslims, christians have it so twisted most of what they read and believe in doesn't even concern them, the old testatment is for the jews and what they fabricated, not for the world. the new testatment was written 50 to 60 yrs after the so called christ, bah if only christian would stop their ranting and look at historical facts. the romans because of an emperor's choice decided to spread the word of this religion as we know it. the bible has many books that was never even revealed to the world because they were orthodox and it did not conform to the vatican's view.

Main point is man created religion and uses it as a tool to control and manipulate society, ppl have been murdered for thousands of yrs and it is still continuing all because of religion.

Yes logically for me there has to be a source of creation what or who is that source doesnt matter to me.

What mankind suppose to be doing is trying to fully understand what we are, what we are capable of doing and fully understand our world our home. Not from god but through our ownsleves.

We as a species are trully wretched things and if there is a god that god just put things in motion to observe, nature is a self reliant process so is the universe. who is to say - it or he or she really cares or was just bored and just wanted entertainment. HENCE CREATION left to do its thing.

RE: Hitler post on top 10 list --please view it

Personally i think Hitler was a great man and deserves respect, just because his regime killed alot of jews so what look what the jews are doing to the world right now.

I think it is because of their underground influence in america that we have all this war going on in the middle east. Leave those crazy arabian ppl alone before it is too late.

There are very few men in the world capable of an ambition to rule the world whether it be for the better good or for evil.

Jews are not as good as they seem and quite frankly they are setting up america for a downfall.

RE: Confused

I think you should let your partner know how you feel at this present time rather than posting this personal and delicate scenario before you both go through a bad breakup.

That guy is clueless to your feelings right now and quite frankly i would be pissed if i was him, especially as you are engaged.

Honesty is a important factor for marriage if you still feel like you want to date and flirt and party just call it off.

It is reasons like this i rather just stay single!

Can't live with them but cant live without them, go figure!doh

This is a list of blog comments created by jp181.

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