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swan, the ones I met were all for fun....handshake


slim, hot arab women are good for few weeks of fun. handshake

RE: more coffee and conversation

John, she almost looks in handcuffs...go easy on her. Does she have any idea what you were suicidal few weeks ago for?

RE: Tell Me What You Think

for me the most difficult part in a relationship is to stay errected.

RE: OMG !!!

Nymphe on roll.....

RE: Tell Me What You Think

They cheat because they don't have v***rator and dildos, this is my reason. I lost my dildo somewhere..have you seen it Nina? Please look in and around.

RE: Getting 2 Know Nina

Hello....are u here

RE: Getting 2 Know Nina

hi Nina, so where we left off?

RE: OMG !!!

Jack, any comment directed at Adam can very well be ok for Swan…they are kind of identical twins. Ben where are you? Help me. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: If an ex bf gets jealous

I think he is attracted to the singer and he thinks you checking him too much. He wants you out of the picture. comfort

RE: The Myth of "Strong" Women

Does strong mean a 200 pounder? drinking

RE: Wish ME Luck ;)

what's the update on the guy who was coming over to mary you?mumbling

RE: Getting 2 Know Nina

Now here is a perfect example of what I call pathetic. You are pregnant, asking for mails that can only have a headline ‘I can help you’, mentioned your sister who looks for a sugar daddy, and here you are talking about v***rator and calling yourself a very honest real person. Have some shame, plan for your baby, and forget about v***rator and insertions. It’s people like you who make this world a very very difficult place to survive. Get a life and forget about sensations for a while. After few months your baby will remind you truly what a sensational life you have created for yourself.

By the way, if were into v***rator so much, how did you get pregnant, was there any semen left on it from the second hand store you bought it from?

RE: brainrot

You sure everything is not rotting completely? Where are you brainy? conversing

RE: brainrot


RE: brainrot

show us your humor,present us with a proof, write something...we cannot simply abide by your name.

RE: Would a poem touch your centre??

Wow…I just saw what’s going on.

One day my ex wife, she was dong her MBA, and showed me a paper where she got A plus. I read the whole thing and I said you simply copied different material from various books and it’s not the way it should be. I lamented her and her professor. We had a huge fight but these matters are something I can never compromise with anyone.

Mike by biggest kudos for you to stand up and set everything straight. You have been the most brilliant writer here who never argues against a point of view even if it goes against what you believe. My respect for you today has sky rocketed and I really think CS blogging is an awesome place only because of people like you and Miss Venus and Billy.

Billy is very gentle when it comes to middle aged women and I know he was trying being nice to her and not to hurt her feelings. Mike and Billy, please be always good friends to each other, you both are so special in my eyes.

Mike, as you said, when you take your English 1A, plagiarism is the first thing you learn there. I am so proud of America and its education. I also wonder do French don’t know about what is cheating? Hard to imagine.

Miss Venus, I think it’s not just spanking or shoving that you are a reigning queen of. I am so prund to be friends with such bright people.

My take on poems...they are kinda waste of time.


swan what's the update on the guy who was coming over to marry you?

RE: How young will you go to date someone?

I pass, too old for me. sigh

bunny..are u suggesting man 45/woman 23 ok in short term but later in few years he will become impotent and she a whore? please clarify. confused

RE: Did you ever have one of those mornings

my every morning is like this...just switch coffee with a beer. handshake

RE: How young will you go to date someone?

18 is my limitdancing

RE: Want to know me more?

I have the same reason as midnight's. bouquet

RE: Unleashed

Was the doughnut custard filled? If yes, more blessings to you. handshake

RE: This site is worthless!

If you can show us your both eyes and look less suspicious, we can meet one on one. Deal? handshake

RE: Welcome T o My World

Billy, where are you? Don't you want to get lucky? saucy is waiting for you, Miss Venus has already be taken rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Free advice for Singles in Cyberspace ......

smoky..any whisky left for me? drinking

RE: Can anyone see past what a person looks like?

5 9 120? that's hot.

RE: truth aboubt islam

I think it’s people who are sick. Everything we read in the name of religion is man written. People were sick before, people are sick now. Obama cannot say one religion is better than other, he has to do his job. handshake

RE: what is vegan ?

Xinchen, whatever you eat, the end result is always the same, so why bother with this diet or that diet. sleep

This is a list of blog comments created by redartlemac.

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