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RE: Car trouble & Life in general

roll eyes I feel your car is picking up on your vibrations and amplifies them. Catalytic Converter problem indicate that the issue is about what you're putting out and the problems with thermostat and heater suggest that you should let go of some steam in the shape of anger. Dogs are very loyal and pick up on the owners - about that I'm certain.
Hope you're feeling better and thanks for sharing your steam bouquet

RE: why?????

Is this a CS online drama or did this actually happen face to face in real life?

RE: Weight Standars on dating sites !!!

Interesting Blog!
I successfully failed doing the math.. lucky me I found that one:

I got labeled "desirable" which could be anywhere between skinny and average laugh

RE: Online Dating Has Become The Need For Single Peopl

I would feel embarrassed to post this AND calling myself a writer

RE: no luck

roll eyes are you now again going to send me an angry mail and at the end you're admitting that I was spot on?
The only question left would be why gotitall doesn't get deleted.. you probably still trying to comprehend him - good luck!

RE: please be honest what do you think

Gee, if you're not happy in your own company how's anybody else to feel comfortable around you? I feel you're misreading NEED as love.

RE: Real women please stand up.

wave I'm standing over here! Guess we can't see each other due the distance in between - the story of my CS life.
Good luck and stop talking about what you don't want cos you're just getting more of it (scam) bouquet

RE: How Much I Love You?

If we find our way back into our hearts we'll find only love, joy, peace and bliss. The more we learn to stay in our hearts the more we're open up and expand. No thinking and analyzing needed, just feel! Love just is and if you're in your mind busy thinking and analyzing you'll miss it. Put your hands on your chest/heart, get out of your head and into your heart, feel, surrender, enjoy and smile!
We're only able to feel love in the heart - any other feelings are coming from or are stored in our solar plexus.

RE: How to gain weight?

wave nice to see you back and your pics are great!!!
I feel after a certain age is reached our parents wishes shouldn't be commands any more. Who's living in and with your body - you or your mother? Why bother? As long YOU accept your body, are healthy and have enough energy.. who cares what anybody says about it. JMPO

RE: It's not where, but what is your soulmate?

Thanks for sharing and making me pondering on the same questions since your previous blog. I've meet my soul mate and was blessed enough to spend some short and very intimate time with him. We life on different sides of the glob so I haven't see him since 14 years. Never less there's no day passing on which I'm not thinking of him without any sadness. I send him smiles over the ether and I'm deeply thankful to be able to walk on the same planet as he does.
However with the years passing, my spiritual work and a lot of personal development I came to a the following realization which of course is my personal one. Whenever we meet somebody and mutual connect on a heart to heart level, get out of our heads and speak form our hearts without fear sharing our truths and let each other see who we truly are then we're connecting from soul to soul and we've found a mate. Never mind how long this person is going to be in our life, the fact that we've mutual let our guards down (or teared down the walls for self protection around us) enables us to see and feel each others soul/truth. A divine connection and the sharing of pure unconditional love - soul mates.
Whole beings traveling on the path of unconditional love meeting each other as soul mates.

RE: Meeting someone online

First of all I would meet that person face to face and find out whether we really have a relationship.

RE: Why are there so many profiles without pictures???

I'm too shallow to communicate with a face less profile

RE: the one true love

When you find the one..

RE: I Am Serious..

I've learned that it's not wise to live in any country in which you don't have citizen ship - except you're happy married. JMPO

RE: Do Women Really Mean No Strings

Maybe they were just not into you, hoped a view more drinks would make a change but nope. Just because people state they want sex doesn't mean they would do it with just anybody. By the way, I've read hundreds of profiles on here and can recall only a hand full who stated clear they just want a s*xual encounter. Gee, rejection seems to make really bitter people.

RE: Do Women Really Mean No Strings

Impossible to adjust profile statements in the same speed as my moods change.

RE: general complaints

I resonate with you - you've to go for what you want! If I would had waited for men to make the first step I certainly would still be a virgin.

RE: TO MY DEAR WIFE: I have tried to make love to you

rolling on the floor laughing
feels to me you've some serious work to do.. becoming the best lover there's - that would make her forget everything else and getting her engaged

RE: Correspondance.

I wouldn't board a plain or going on a road trip to meet anybody and if he's living close by I would say the earlier the better! I feel 10 minutes in real life with somebody will tell you more than months of mail bla bla bla.
Get his real name and google him before proceeding with anything professor and good luck!


Changing your attitude and believes would certainly help finding a good woman - we create what we think about all day long.

RE: Advice

dunno wished I had never allowed the PS2 into my home. JMPO

RE: i deleted my previous blog

rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks for making me laugh, has been a while I did that on here!


Damm, I had over 1000 mails on here and the kinkiest thing was a guy who wanted to touch me - he didn't even go into details moping

RE: i deleted my previous blog

Thanks for sharing a very impressive self realization - I'm going to cut a piece out of it for myself. Great blog!

RE: dark sun

I don't believe in death only in transformation. I would ignite my light body and meditate to shift into the next dimension. JMPBelieve

RE: y the western women do not respect their husbands?

What you give out you'll get back professor
I feel Mr. How summed this blog perfectly up

RE: women...

Women are ruled by the right side of the brain by feelings, emotions and intuition while men are ruled by the left side of the brain ruled by logic. Since the way women feel can change in a blink of an eye we tend to change our plans and opinions accordingly. Guess connecting and balancing those two sides would be the answer for a better communication and understanding between the genders and ourselves. Well, probably easier to just accept our differences and not taking anything personal. uh oh I feel I should leave the making sense to men wink

RE: A Story about man and woman

Sounds like a story for hopeless romantics - I love it! bouquet

RE: Angel or devil?

1. No
2. No
3. I've hurt myself by forgetting to believe only half of what I hear and nothing of what I read on here wink

P.s. Always ask for the persons real name and google professor

RE: What is a normal amount of sex for a healthy marri

Well, that sure makes sense.. why asking your spouse regarding her s*xual fulfillment when you can ask the CS crew wink

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