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RE: Can Women Really Get Laid Whenever They Want?

if it is about hookers, then cash will do the trick for simple minded ronantcs lie through yur teeth and you willget laid, or make a drunk ans she willnod her head up and downdancing

RE: Eat, Pray, Love

i love first, then i pray to make more love, then i eat her to love moredancing

RE: Remember this one?

sergant pepper's lonely herta band, - wuinderbar, nice and peacefuldancing

RE: b*tch

sorry , i thought women on all foursdancing

RE: It's not where, but what is your soulmate?

Marilyn Monroe she died long time ago and i am still in mourningdancing

RE: Hi from down under

godd luck and good hunting most of huys like me are defective or nearing expiry date o r in the nedn of their life, most probably tou will get a dyke or gay anyway you can work out to make the guy go straightdancing

RE: i pray for all the souls

thank you, yet i have not stopped sinnig is a testament that at lesst you are praying for me= Gracias senorita. Dnakeshen herrr fraulien

RE: Love at first sight : Real Love or Infatuation ???

bull shit if you got millions of USD or EUR, then you have love at first sight - by the way movies from India are all crap except Satyjit Ray's filmdancing

RE: China has the world’s fastest supercomputer

so what does it do then do the Big Brohter thing on it cictzen, next the world, USA is next on the line , followed by UK, France, Germany Japan , Israel, India, Sweden, Soon the chinee will rule the minds of the world welocme to my Wan ton noodles take away brian dancing

RE: Meeting someone online

i did , most of them called me stalker, so i stopped now i am fliming their movemnets from afar- Pervert alertdancing


so ypu admit f*cking donkeys, camels and boys- good for you
hire a bomb a day, bomb a mossque a day go get you 5 prayers and cleanse your rear end craps then go and shag a dogdancing

RE: Why are there so many profiles without pictures???

can't help it bud, if you are as ugly as me, i wil not put my pictures here , it will scare the shit out of them- believe me


after grooming Islamic terrorist in your Madrashan now Pakistan is grooming boys for peadophile jobs, great country have a bomab a day adopt a islamic bomber a daydancing

RE: Hey people! Just an idea...

yeah all the ggod it does to you, i just got slapped by the girl in the next apartment in the elevator, she thought i was trying to solicit herdancing

RE: final answer?

buy a nuke and anhilate the worlddancing

RE: do u still believe in love???

it only comes to people who are commited to make their union work not for others but fortheir own- Anyway it only works for a few the majority are all born losers in Lovedancing

RE: do u still believe in love???

no. like all fairy tales - hsut atale for us to ponderdancing

RE: Metallica's best

one- Justice for alldancing

RE: Feeling bad

keep your chin up, someone somewhere will give you the break, don't worry , god bless you and see a comedy show or drink some winedancing

RE: love

does she have wingsdancing

RE: New songs coming soon!

what is your Genre is it rock or heavy metal, i lkie them, if it si other genre count me outdancing

RE: Tony Blair's sister-in-law converts to Islam

so she is a Islamic loviing cur who cares she will be a non person in Israel.

RE: Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri

was he your man lover, what happen did you divorce him

RE: Building a Brighter Kid: Consider IVF

so you are starting out your internship in which hospital,
merci beacoup
now i have a extra flesh growth at the tip of my p*nis, what do you reckon is the symptom

RE: Katerina Stikoudi

So is she available for all the Single male warriors here, or maybe some dyke will fancy her - is she , will she, won't she, would she go out with the guys here

RE: First trial of embryonic stem cells in humans

please take note, it will be for sale at real premium prices, what starts out as idealistic will be commercialized for profits and losses bud

RE: real love

Figment of a simple minded man's exectations, you will if you are sincere and are willing to compromise and scrifice your time and energy- Other wise it is just an Illussion

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