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RE: Date

never say never lol...but i bet i wontlaugh totally agreed with listed reasonsroll eyes

RE: "Pardon me...

yes, of cos here u're, it's under me pillow lol...kiddin hon.
thumbs up photos

RE: Fill in the blank

drive a car,
do my make-up rite.
wash the dishes....ohhh that one was very booooringlaugh dancing

RE: A Young Me and Many Flies

for sum unknown reasons gals usually develop faster than boys.
gettin fed up with plastic dolls we go for sumbd alive to show our luv and care while they just accept all of that being sure "evbd must luv us as mommy does"laugh
yeah, i know that, I also had sum parasites about me neck that timeuh oh roll eyes tongue..
ordinarily this gap shrinks when gals and boys turn 15-16 years old, from this time boys start to take great strides forward so that can even leave us behind.
not always though, you recent friend is an example of probable exceptionsmumbling laugh

RE: Stereotypical, Plain Ignorance, or Lack of Respect

Thx FL i like u like it...i mean meblushing laugh
Monday a day off? wow you're luckypeace
here the weekend is Fri and Sat...and sumtimes Sun (just for those who worked hardlaugh)
Yeah Dubai is very thumbs up to visit great deal of places to see.

RE: Stereotypical, Plain Ignorance, or Lack of Respect

that thx was for Firasblushing laugh lol...but Raine dear next time feel yourself free to send me flowers..blushing... and even no needs to asklaugh
Monday is a craziest day of the week lol...even for me...no banana banana 's ...not at any pricescold laugh

RE: Stereotypical, Plain Ignorance, or Lack of Respect

FL thx for flowersblushing
Raine, yeah agreed..but not about the landgrin
Its even not about where are you shaking hands but with whom.
I think it's a madness to make a US women to submit to the rules of the Eastern world even if she's on they place. Then you fail twice, from one side Eastern men aint satisfied with her shty performancelaugh from the other the woman wud play the hypocrite lol.
I cud never get this peeps who always try to practise their family or cultural relations in business worldlaugh personally i dont care how they treat women at home according their traditions....Business relations must not include the definition of a man or a woman indeed...just partnersdunno ooohhh okay if u wanna marry them then thats more about a compromisedunno laugh

RE: Blue Eyes

wow and it's blonde as well laugh

RE: Stereotypical, Plain Ignorance, or Lack of Respect

when we blame a nation for treating another nation that bad its a streriotype itself. I've got sum Pakistani friends and they treat me absolutely different from the way u mentioned. They're likely to accept that i'm not a person of their culture and their rules and norms of behavior aint mine. At the same time I never talk over their manners regarding their women - it's like a tabu for me.
Those idiots u've met are just sick individuals but not a nation and their steriotypes are just theirs.

RE: Home Remedy

then hv a shower, wash your clothes and go see your doctorlaugh

RE: Costa Concordia cruise liner disaster - New Eviden

just did a lil reaseach.
the ship belongs to a US cruise line Carnival.
they are one the biggest Co's in Us with very thumbs up reputation.
one my friend worked for them sum years ago and he said the rules and policy were very strict, they chose their staff very thoroughlydunno
just wonder how they cud hire such an a** as that captain.uh oh

RE: Not bad, for 12 years old

laugh bieber is much older....that much he was even accused of being a father himself...lool..these kids are really crazy.

RE: Not bad, for 12 years old

okie thx bud, this one is also very impressive.
i hope evth will be alright with the boy but you know i hear that sumtimes it happens that voice might change when boys are 14-15, after or during their transit age..shortly u must know betta laugh ...huh? whatcha think is it true?

RE: Not bad, for 12 years old

shockJim put it back in here scold laugh

RE: Not bad, for 12 years old

wow...i'm impressed ...was he 10 that time?

RE: Not bad, for 12 years old

lets hope..... lets hope we still can see when he's 30laugh tongue

RE: Costa Concordia cruise liner disaster - New Eviden

i'm also not much into details...just thinkin that the captain mustave been drunk to do that sht!dunno

RE: 15 January 2012

i like it too asianthumbs up ..
but i doubt i cud do same work as ur momuh oh ...same well i meanroll eyes laugh

RE: I'm gonna marry myself!

thumbs up perfect stuff zweetlaugh peace
if we get crazy of love for ourselves we can divorce thenlaugh <<<< the latter is sumtimes called alternating personality lol..

RE: Top 5 craziest places I've had sex

typing gonna try all of thatlaugh peace

RE: why do girls have a problem dating guys who live w

you life seems to be so replete with ur mom saying and ur ex cuddlin what for u need a new spark?

RE: Did u think why...

agreed Claudia, but it's only 1 of many reasons.
e.g. people might lie also because are used to lie and see no other pleasure but fk sumbd's mind roll eyes laugh
ore they might be motivated to cheat you, or offend you or do whatever bad to you... dunno
just take it easy and tell them to go to devil laugh

RE: Sex without love

laugh funny stuff Jim.
btw hv different feelings when thinkin of baseball players..hehe.grin

RE: CS not just a dating site

hey choc, okay now, just imagine now u were ur match.
he(you) hs got 2 options.

one of them is a nerd checkin her mail every minute and fkin about with every potential match just because he's probably "the last one" in her life...or

the other - just a kool joyful gal who likes to hv fun and socializedunno i think it's obvious he'll choose the second.
so...spending time here in blogs might bring ya joy as well as makes ya a competitive match..

btw. nice to see yapeace

RE: Joke of the day - el cheapo

okay bud, maybe we've got different tastes lool...just take my advice...never give it to women like a gift laugh

RE: Joke of the day - el cheapo

loool..i though that only cats luv it laugh...
and btw only males...(tested on my kitty-no results)
doesnt it stink of pees to you?

RE: Joke of the day - el cheapo

valerian tincture I guess blushing

RE: Joke of the day - el cheapo

ore wud you like sumth of"adidos" e.g. laugh

RE: Joke of the day - el cheapo

here they sell sht for 15$ but in very nice bottles..lol..like real ones..
e.g. i never though that nina richy green apple might be red,yellow,silver and even purple rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Joke of the day - el cheapo

rolling on the floor laughing thats fun Jim, good one thumbs up
btw the 3rd bottle also looks very shty ...laugh

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