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Going nowhere, feeling 'down' then maybe consider

I used to think that no one cared about me, always feeling sorry for myself. Then I saw this poem, I...
2973Feb 2011

The End is Nigh?

Is it just the 'Solar Radiation' causing the disruption to this site I wonder or could we be witness...
5032Feb 2011

Match info?

Without offending any Ladies on here, I just wish that they would look at the 'match info'(what I'm...
39410Feb 2011

'Nottinghill' it's on again.

This is another of those films that I could watch over and over again, love it. What film could you...
2410Feb 2011

Pet likes?

My budgie(Strawberry) reacts to ABBA, he whistles and chirps his little head off when he hears their...
4804Feb 2011

Just my opinion but is it worth considering?

Just my opinion but is it worth considering? Man made religions since their conceptions have been...
3018Jan 2011

Friends are the 'memories' we never forget !!

Getting older has its faults, one is memory loss. Silly things that you forget and sometimes makes y...
3123Jan 2011

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