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Behind the scenes .. Blogs members affairs!

Yes many things happen and between people you least to expect & no I am not going to reveal names f...
70523Mar 2013

You are not serious! lol

I get so many emails from guys who ask me to chat on yahoo or skype on their first mail >>> of cour...
87136Mar 2013

where did the "views" column go??????

whats happening in the blogs! one day I see thousands of views for many blogs and now I can see noth...
89737Feb 2013

Just wondering :D

I was just checking some profiles and have to say that I dont like it when a pic shows the mobile in...
65620Jan 2013

Holding hands .. It just seemed not right!!

Well, few days ago at night while I was on my way home .. I saw two guys holding hands laughing when...
1,42257Aug 2011

Nuclear Weapons, Why do we even have them?

First of all, I have to emphasize on the fact that I don't know much about this topic .. I was thin...
1,974106Aug 2011

Advertise Yourself! .. Don't be shy ;)

Hi everyone! I am curious to know how good you could be in advertising yourself on the Blogs...
2,653115Jul 2011

Diagnosing . . Trusting Doctors . .

This issue really troubles me .. I have no problem of going to the doctor if I have minor things lik...
1,08335Jun 2011

Global Warming .. Be part of the solution

I read many articles about global warming, and most of them warning us of how serious this environme...
1,35943Jun 2011

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