Why Should the Call to Prayer Be So Durn Loud,

and use the speaker too?? Does it not disturb others who are not Muslims? Such question or I may sa...
1926Aug 28

Please Stop It..

When D Trump ordered his foreign affairs minister (or whatever you call that person) to announce som...
48946Aug 25

Practice What You Preach..

And you...
215-Aug 4

And So I Am The Greek One..

Which one is yours? Anyway, here’s what I g...
1,250-Feb 18

The New Burqa Lady..

I know this lady quite well. She is a Muslim and just like me she also wore hijab and not burqa. We...
1,651-Jun 25

Let's Have A Little Fun..

I was told that our eyes are like our finger prints. They are so unique and that's why advanced tech...
1,002-Jun 29


My gentleman werewolf buddy. July 2th, 2018 (your time)...
142-Jul 2

Silhouette of A Woman..

I think some of you remembered my blog about a photo I showed to a man which then made him start tal...
828-Feb 16

A Veiled Woman Red Colored Nails On The Hand..??

I just read that question few minutes ago. I found that interesting. Why she polished her nails?...
305-Oct 2017

Have a Happy Happy B'Day..

I know you will come and take a peek here today. I tried very hard to forget it, but I couldn't. I g...
412-Jul 2017

I Love You..

I really do. I think it would be very difficult for me to find a kind sweet patient funny good look...
513-Apr 2017

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