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Mind, Brain, Soul and Atheism.

This is going to be a long post and is copied from;
1,78323Oct 2008

As promised - The Best Insult Letter Ever

I posted this ages ago in the forums but it came to mind again this morning....... To Whom It May...
1,28814Dec 2008

Divine Blackmail - another quite long one......

When confronted with the problem of evil - i.e., why a loving God allows pain and suffering to exist...
1,2095Oct 2008

Paedophiles round the coast of Britain..........

Reading a thread the other day I followed it up with a bit of searching and found that Gary Glitter,...
1,1611Sep 2008

Midsummers Day

I have been searching for a poem to post with some piccies to make a Midsummers Day post in the foru...
1,5555Jun 2008

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