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55312 hrs ago


A few days ago, one of my younger cats got ran over and killed. Today I finally got around to buryin...
1118May 24

Social Distancing Made Easy

1248May 21


Roads are fking terrible here
511May 22

Every Home Should Have One

Never know when you might need to make a quick getaway
1418May 14

It Happens

610May 4

Scientific Study

792Apr 28

I Want One

1064Apr 27

Hello There

Can you let me in please
761Apr 26

New Skills

962Apr 22

When Your Name Betrays You

800Apr 15

The Real Truth

831Apr 14

A Simple Restaurant Secret Anyone Can Do

We all seen the perfect baked turkey. Breast side up golden, looks so delicious. Truth is, that...
1113Apr 13


780Apr 13

The Dogs

Beethoven and Amadeus
15210Apr 12

Party Hard Little Buddy

911Apr 9


26220Apr 7

I Need To Try This

1346Apr 8

Hey Everyone

I been noticing on fb and even here, it seems like the depression levels are up because of the virus...
1704Apr 6

When You Relax Too Much

1000Apr 5


1271Apr 2

The World Is Finally Ready

1678Mar 31


You need the essentials
20323Mar 29


This stuff is perfectly legal...
1313Mar 28

People At Their Finest

1395Mar 26

Virus Alert

35616Mar 13

Have You Been Drinking?

2047Mar 20

Public Service Announcement

Toilet paper seems to be extinct these days so here is something to remember. Whatever you do, do...
1428Mar 18

Party's Over

19111Mar 17

Can You Spot Them?

1031Mar 16


991Mar 16


1233Mar 15


One day, I was on a date with this girl I been seeing off and on lately. She excused herself to the...
2366Mar 8


2148Mar 9

Gets Straight To The Point

2129Mar 8

That's Harsh

1240Mar 1

We All Remember This Happening

2019Feb 28

Happy Valentines Everyone

1909Feb 14

Stepping On Legos Is Bad

Stepping on these is worse...
1496Feb 20


1232Feb 20

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