I normally don't say much about anyone in my rl here or anywhere online but this is a funny memory I...
65216 hrs ago


16412Dec 11

Kids: 1, Parent 0

892Dec 10

Everyone Likes Gifts

410Dec 5

Running Is Great

Knowing when to stop is even better....
622Dec 4

This Is A Ship Shipping Ship

Shipping a shipment of shipping ships
771Dec 2

Its True

1618Oct 24


Some is more intelligent than others.
632Dec 1

If We Treated Other Medical Ailments Like Mental Illness

No one would ever say these things to someone with diabetes or a broken arm but people seem to think...
73171Nov 22

Life Isn't Easy

1908Nov 23

People Will Do Anything

781Nov 20


There was a wicked intense wind storm cross over my province a few days ago. Apparently, this happen...
634Nov 16


22411Oct 10

This Is Why The West Is So Fat

1345Nov 8


1369Nov 8

One To Think About

1122Oct 27

This Guy Figured It Out

6143Oct 25

That Told Us

750Oct 22


701Oct 22

Oh Yeah, You Know It

841Oct 20


This is in front of my grandmother's place the next community over from mine.
12713Oct 19

lol Yup

1031Oct 14

People Will Do Anything

1572Oct 6

True Fact

1501Oct 6

Me Too Kermit

1123Oct 4


The kitten is around 4 months old. The big cat in the picture is pushing 20 lbs (almost 10 kg)....
18211Sep 27

Well Hello There

You possessed satanic waterfowl
1282Sep 30

They Didn't Think This Through

1628Sep 23


1103Sep 23


1263Sep 22

I Want One

1401Sep 14

The New Room

I made the music/smoke/toke room a little more functional today. Moved some crap and got the compute...
1283Sep 12

What Lessons Is This Intended To Teach To Kids?

Interesting kids show....
1223Sep 1


1131Aug 31

Safety First

1452Aug 27

About Right

1150Aug 25

How It Is vs How It Was

How they do things now is different from how they done things years ago.
1473Aug 24

Just A Reminder

1543Aug 21

With A Diet Coke Please

1854Aug 21

Solitude Is Dangerous

1291Aug 22

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