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Exactly Right

1562Apr 19

When The Children Cry

45129Mar 31

How To Get Places Clean

1463Apr 6

Old Time Superstitions & Charms

One time, superstitions were a daily part of life. Everyone believed in ghosts and other superstitio...
2517Mar 26


The Newfie got pulled over by the police and when the cop approached his car, he could smell booze c...
2242Mar 3

How Cats See Themselves

2302Feb 28

Here I Go Again

Nice remix of a classic...
1640Feb 26


Happenings in the music room. Everything is in slings because a new electrical circuit is being ran...
2210Feb 19

Any women With Bad Taste In Men Out There?

I need a valentines date...
3594Feb 14

You Know You Are Single

When your remotes have their own side of the bed...
2151Feb 14

Hell Yes

2472Feb 13

Flirting Attempt #1024

So, ladies. What do you think is a better date, sitting on the guard rail watching cars or grocery s...
2150Jan 31


The artist is in the background
2694Jan 28

Yes Please

5870Jan 30

Just Came Back

1790Jan 30

Making Money

Some say its hard to make good money. That is not true at all, its incredibly easy to make lots of m...
3494Jan 28

In The Still Of The Night

2402Jan 27


Lot of funny, crazy, and downright bizarre things have happened where i live. Usually alcohol and ot...
7237Jan 26

Been There

Junk mail, paper towels, news papers
7132Jan 25


I remember all of my dreams every night. They are vivid and very real. About 1 out of 10 remembers t...
60136Jan 22

Location Is Everything

1690Jan 22

Around My Community

This blog is inspired by another blog about nature. These scenes are from around my community. I see...
37231Jan 21


I decided that i need to flirt more so here goes. So, ladies, i got a cool pair of grey socks if...
40614Jan 20


Been there
1784Jan 20

Good Advice

36222Jan 19

Fly To The Angels

A 90s song that is really a 80s song...
1660Jan 19

Driveway Is A Sheet Of Glass

Had rain yesterday then turned cold last night, driveway is a glare today. Just threw out some ice m...
35212Jan 18

Cheat Day

Been on diet the last year and a half but occasionally has a cheat day and today is one of those day...
36216Jan 16

Fk Around And Find Out

2234Jan 15

Been There

Still there
42423Jan 11

Good Question

45129Jan 14


Yes please
2004Jan 13

Think It Hurt?

Yeah, it hurt
38220Jan 11

Rythem Is Gonna Get You

An obscure forgotten jem from the 80s...
3045Jan 11

About Right

38830Jan 10

For CH

I remember how you like classic rock. This one is one of my all time favorites...
2515Jan 10

Leave Me Alone

35529Jan 10

Got In A Fight Last Night

I'm the one on the right
4474Jan 1

One Of These Days

When I master genetic sciences and makes some breakthroughs, the world will be mine
4034Dec 3

Darn It, I Overslept

Im late for my nap...
3292Dec 19

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