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About Right

671Apr 26

I Have Found My Calling

2114Apr 11


I was introduced to this guy not too long ago. Love the music....
1595Mar 21

When She Flashes You Her pu**y

23412Mar 2

Dealing With Loss

Do we ever truly get over losing something or someone we thought a lot of? I had one of my cats p...
3515Mar 15

That's Actually A Pretty Good Deal

1561Mar 11

We're All Mature Adults Here

1431Mar 9

Things We Do As Kids

I was on my pedal bike one day when I got behind a really slow driver in a Chevette. I took it in my...
17510Mar 8

Seems Like A Good Idea On Paper

1705Mar 3


1212Feb 26


This is a thing in Japan...
1190Dec 21

Had A Bad Day?

This guy had a bad day...
3603Oct 26


1303Nov 24

That's How You Do It Ladies

Slap that thang baby...
2239Nov 20


I post a lot of this sort of thing but to this day I still don't understand why they do it http...
1906Oct 27


Some people shouldn't have kids
1783Oct 19

People Will Do Anything

1822Oct 12

Great Inventions

1402Oct 5

It Happens

2084Sep 2020

Summer 2.0

The last week or so here, we have been having a 2nd summer. Night temp staying in the 20s where norm...
1161Oct 1


1955Sep 12

Something New In The Kitchen

1962Sep 2020

About Right

2281Aug 2020

That Would Be Pretty Rough

2540Aug 2020


1522Aug 2020

Hemorrhoid Remover

Works the first time every time
1869Aug 2020

Kid Is A Thinker

1643Aug 2020

Sometimes You Have To Go Through Pain Before You Can Have Pleasure

Cutting an ingrown toe nail for example, its nice when its clipped but bit of a pain in the toe to a...
1662Aug 2020

People Will Do Anything

Including this...
1320Aug 2020


1683Aug 2020

Sometimes You Wake Up To The Birds And Sunshine

This isn't one of those times...
1591Aug 2020


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1492Aug 2020

Remember Kids, Never Play With Fireworks

Let the grownups who been drinking all day set them off
2298Aug 2020


1722Aug 2020


26511Aug 2020

Me And The Animals

My back went out on me last night and I had to lay down for a few minutes, this is what generally fo...
1929Aug 2020

I Like To Ride My Bicycle

I like to ride my bike
1421Jul 2020


2038Jul 2020


She is a b*tch
1924Jul 2020

Safety First

1552Jul 2020

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