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Lockdown buying..

Have you brought anything during lockdown that was intended to help cut through the boredom of stayi...
1,63599Aug 2020

Suicide drive.

What are some different factors that can drive people to suicide, has anyone had pressure through th...
1,29153Sep 2020

Vehicle tips for the DIYer..

For people who own, use and maintain a car, motorbike or mobility scooter, there are always little t...
1,32788Aug 2021

Had scammers..

There are plenty of scammers on this site, i've had likes from a lady for about 2 weeks now... she h...
61615Nov 2019

The Prada world series..

The America's cup boats hit the water later today, there will be 4 days of practice racing.. Team N...
4344Dec 2020

Any home brewer's..

Just wondering if there are any successful home brewer's out there, i want some info on a few differ...
54213Dec 2020

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