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A dry spell

As you know, I was indoctrinated into the swinger life and my swinger went monogamous on me. Now, I don’t know where to turn for some real pork and b...

5 91 24 hrs


My swinger friend doesn’t swing anymore and I got banned from the swingers website. I don’t even know what I did....

8 131 Dec 14

No strings

I recently got involved with a “swinger” who doesn’t want to have sex with me because I can get pregnant. Lol. He still likes to pet but that sexually...

34 316 Dec 8

I’m getting a new mattress today

I think the old one has bad energy. Don’t want any negativity in the boudoir...

21 218 Dec 6

You’re listening to 10:16 on the dial

Here’s an oldie to bring back awkward moments with love. The lyrics are haunting. Where are those old pictures?...

0 48 Dec 5

Mixed messages

There’s the touch in the hallway or empty break room. Does he like me? Indications indicate yes. He doesn’t respond to texts. Is he in to me? Indic...

6 111 Dec 5

Ion the spirit

Even though the Christmas music is piped into the stores sound system even subliminal messages don’t get me in the mood. I need to clean for company...

3 58 Dec 5

Have you

Have you ever looked at a profile and it felt like you got electrified and then you think you know them?...

2 100 Dec 4

I can’t believe it’s now

It’s December already. No family or friends nearby. Weird feeling...

3 84 Dec 4

Hello there

hi all. I’m new to this stuff and I only have a phone to post. Lol. Just want to say I read you and would like to blog....

6 146 Dec 3

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