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Party Tips

What would be your ideal party set up for the party animals....
6440May 2011

negatitivity towards black men

this is really disappointing to find on many dating sites and outside, you have profiles asking for...
1,19426Jun 2010

dare to live ?

Guys tell us your true idea of a hangout.........
58610May 2010

The real you

Why are we intimatidated of being ourselves....
65211Mar 2010

Grammar and English

I have noticed alot of people on this site especialy women no offence. Over emphasise on spelling an...
89219Feb 2010

Business venture

would you rather work for somebody or begin your own venture....
5093Dec 2009

Racism in America

Has racism in the American South changed or do they still linger racial tendencies even in this day...
6579Dec 2009

is interacial the way

some people believe interacial is easier than keeping it within their own culture opinions please to...
77315Oct 2009

weight loss

slimming pills or calorie counting opinions please much appreciated folks....
6192Nov 2009

Is the recession truly over ?

Well guys here it is recession has officialy been announced over what is the future of the American...
6467Nov 2009

what is your favourite holiday destination ?

I have travelled throughout the most of the states New York being a tourist attraction I want to se...
5703Nov 2009

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