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Fact not fiction.

41620Dec 1

Happiness comes in many forms.

For sinkworthy oops seaworthy Re your list below of sleepers . Lovecanbereal ChesneyChris...
60433Nov 7

Feel good factor

Little Cleo Smith ,the 4 year old missing for 18 days in Australia ,has been been found and re-unite...
1691Nov 3

Missing in action.

2777Nov 3

Yanking the chain or chaining the Yank

Having commented on several blogs and been given the order of the boot, along with other posters, i...
68324Aug 2021

Just saying

Help yourselves as I will not be commenting. You are not vaccinated, I respect your choice, I...
3206Aug 2021

Just a minute

In a minute a person can fall in love, lose a loved one ,or make a choice that will have consequence...
3818Mar 2021

Fact Check re D.N.A. alterations after Covid Vaccine

WHAT WAS CLAIMED The Covid vaccine is an RNA v...
206-Jul 2021

Fear of the Known

Having responded to another blog and not getting a response to how people fear the" known " and said...
36024Jul 2021

Unsung heroes

Having recently watched the film Hidden Figures, the untold story of the African American women who...
29912Jul 2021

Animal cruelty

There seems to be a country war taking place on C.S. at the moment. Bit pathetic in my opinion but w...
60924Apr 2021

Coping with control freaks

People with antisocial personality disorder tend to display glibness, a type of superficial charm th...
829-Jan 2021

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