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God Bless the USA !

and hopefully we never have to send wondrous and under appreciated things like these to support NATO...
81833Mar 12

Why do so many people not understand that the usa is a constitutional federal republic?

“Constitutional” refers to the fact that government in the United States is based on a Constitution...
79414Dec 22

Not a terrorist act

1,10643Mar 26

God Bless the USA! Court Lowers Trump Bond From $464 Million to $175 Million. Due in 10 days.

“ The Appellate Division, First Judicial Department of the New York State Supreme Court has granted...
1,36285Mar 25

Rico is not a crime

I hope potus 45 is paying attention to this democrat's nonsense; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N....
55129Mar 21

Actual footage of liberals watching main stream media

1881Mar 26

Say hello to ex mayor Of new york city Mayor Bill di Blazio!

Hey Bill!
1240Mar 26

Joe biden’s puppeteer wants to turn America to Marxism. No one here wants to be marxist

America wants to keep our beloved constitution which controls governments in the USA. We liked our l...
2889Mar 24

Another choice of mine for potus, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Issues Dire Warning Over CBDC Adoption

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned that central bank digital currencies...
1290Mar 25

Political Satire Today

The PS artists' works are really good these days. Feel free to contribute recent Political Satire....
1,26450Nov 9

Senator John Kennedy doesn’t care anymore who the puppeteer is behind mumbling joe.

Leave it to Biden to nominate a man who hates America, celebrates people who kill cops, oh yeah, and...
1760Mar 24


42024Mar 20

Hey Friends lets compile the “My favorite Political Campaign Commercials” Blog!

I will start of sharing my favorite 1960 presidential campaign commercial. Please contribute yours t...
3312Feb 12

Trump... The man who built New York

"Ground Zero has a video on YouTube. The media reported that he (Trump) was not there. But I remembe...
72535Feb 26

Great news from the SCOTUS today! SCOTUS Allows Texas To Start Arresting And Deporting illegals!

This should reduce the head count in the next census that includes illegal persons as well as legal...
2003Mar 19

Let's explore how divisive the democrat controlled main stream media is today in the USA.

I'll start with looking at the case of a Kansas City Chief's football fan Holden Armenta. He gained...
2106Mar 19

Let's share some information and photos of our favorite shooting ranges!

Here's few photos taken of my favorite shooting range today. Dig it. Check out Trump Junior http...
2312Mar 18

Is Europe going to War soon?

I was reading an Italian newspaper online today and found it striking that the sheet is about to hit...
48623Mar 14


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170-Mar 14

Let's not forget to take out the Trash this November 2024!

I repeat myself, Let's not forget to take out the Trash this November 2024! Let's do this! https...
56327Mar 11

Oprah Winfrey interviews Donald Trump about running for president of the USA

Trump teases. Make America Great Again! He is spot on in this interview about other countries takin...
1943Mar 13

sky news Australia: in 1980 Clairvoyant Donald Trump predicted joe biden presidency

1340Mar 13

Does bill gates still claim that cows emit more pollution than running cars?

Well, here is a proposal for billy to settle once and for all wether his unscientific baloney might...
1823Mar 12

I do not like the idea of Marxism and Communism anywhere in the United States of America.

"The U.S.A.'s National Motto ‘In God we Trust’ was adorned above the rostrum in the House of Represe...
2607Mar 10

I like the idea of Trump 47 / Agenda 47 listed by a Woke influencer herein

Woke influencer lists all of the "terrifying" things that Trump will do if he wins and accidentally...
3277Mar 10

HUMILIATION: Creepy Joe’s SOTU Address Receives Worst Polling in Past Quarter Century

While the left salivated over Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address, the polling numbers tell a dif...
2192Mar 9

Biden’s campaign speech to other Democrats: Fact Checked.

Before the fact checking, did I hear Biden say an illegal Alien killed a young American Woman and...
2334Mar 8

Bad Leadership updates: for those 50 Million who will vote for Democrats .....

..... for those 50 Million who will vote for Sleepy Joe please think again..... by the way, NOTE:...
3778Mar 7

Is it true England is a permanent Welfare State and anyone who works there is a sucker.

I Found this document below circulating on facebook and other social media web sites.
531-Mar 6

The Idea of America Lives in Americans

I love America and our Culture. I would like to see America’s culture remain unchanged. I do not wan...
74639Mar 3

Let us never Forget the Boston Massacre and lead forever England the oppressor.

NOTE: This thread is about the Boston Massacre. All unrelated post will be towed away sooner or late...
2225Mar 5

What do U.S. citizens living in Colorado think about possibly not having a choice to vote for Trump.

Most Trump voters were firmly opposed to the decision. For the uninformed, the Colorado’s highes...
3387Feb 21

Will the next potus please stand up

3528Mar 2

This guy wants a second term as Potus.

God help us if he is elected to a second term. I hope everyone else in the blogs will stand up for t...
3482Mar 2

Let's put all Republicans in Jail, not just the Republican politicians.

The View crew love president Biden. Ok no big deal except when they talk violence and putting all Re...
2201Mar 2

NEWCOMERS ... The White House's new name for the invading illegal invaders.

Expect to pay more taxes to afford the new Majority..... you can't make this up.
2777Mar 1

Way to Go Dementia Joe ...

The entire world is watching you. (This blog is about no one else except Dement...
68121Feb 25

Biden Arrives At Border To Address His Voters

“The confused migrant crowd was then directed to a welcome station to receive their smartphones, vis...
1441Mar 1

“Biden Visits Border To Cut Ribbon For Official Border Grand Opening“

No one can make this up!
1470Mar 1

The Main Stream Media Blog !

Mental Health in the U.S. could be greatly improved without the bloviators spreading hate, disinform...
3668Feb 19

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