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Go ahead, I dare ya !

Lets hear YOUR caption(s) for the following photo (no references to any CS members !

13 174 Nov 18

New Nature Photos

I'm not sure if you enjoy nature, or not. But, I do. And now that softball is over for me (until April), I have some more time to accomplish other...

0 35 Nov 16

Yeah, right, Facebook !

Forgive my scepticism. However, there must be a better way. I envision that the following 'solution' is the dream child of some 15 year old techi...

12 107 Nov 10

True Confession

It's been a long time since the question has been asked.....repeatedly. And it has haunted me ever since. I figured it was time to 'fess'...

8 127 Nov 5

Violent reactions to drinking; beer versus tea - research yields surprising results

A document expressing the evidence of violent reactions to drinking from first hand research is submitted below. You may have different conclusi...

18 225 Nov 4

news you CAN abuse - Hot dog robber accidently shoots his p*nis

In Chicago a teenager robs a hot dog stand and while running away, accidently shoots himself in the p*nis (and thigh). Yep. He got his own weenie....

0 53 Nov 3

Natural Beauty !

The following photos are not mine. I stumbled upon them and just wanted to share the natural beauty of the aurora borealis with you. If you lik...

2 94 Oct 29

Happy Birthday to......

....the one and only.... . . . . . singer, guitar strummer, and excellent lyricist,.................. . . . . . Paul Simon, who turns 76...

0 90 Oct 13

A quickie for you ;)

How sex & math are related. 2 plus a bed, subtract the clothes, divide the legs and hope you don't multiply ! Plus, we all enjoy getting... sum....

2 103 Oct 9

Check out the mom & baby white giraffes

This mother and baby giraffe was recently discovered in Kenya. They are not simply albinos. Albinos have a mutation which prevents the development o...

2 113 Sep 14

The Right Question

A widowed lady, still in good shape, was sunbathing on a totally deserted beach in a predominantly Jewish community near Ft. Myers, Florida. She...

2 167 Sep 7

I died last night

This is not a joke. While my spirit has carried on to inform you of what happened, I was shot 3 times last night and died. Last night I was organ...

17 276 Sep 2

Sad & the same time.

There was a 56 year old New Jersey, USA man, Jeffrey Clayton Riegel who died recently. He was a father and a husband who lost his battle with cancer...

4 116 Aug 24

The Deer Whisperer

My Monday & Wednesday evening softball team clinched first place a couple of weeks ago. Until Monday, we had won the last 13 games in a row. On Mon...

1 121 Aug 17

YOU make the photo caption (5) !

You make the photo caption (5) ! ....... 'Yet, an otter thief, caught by camera !' Or you make the caption for the following photo;...

5 236 Aug 5

My dream - your interpretation ?

A while back, I had a vivid dream. I don't get them often, but they are very real like, when I do. In my dream I was leaving a party and talki...

7 630 Jul 23

YOU make the photo caption (4) !

You make the photo caption (4) !....... Accidental, or purposeful ? You decide. Indeed, add your own photo caption, if you like, or sim...

10 257 Jul 23

Give a little bit !

It's often said, that life is what you make of it. More than that, how we treat others is actually our legacy. How we treat others affects them...

7 202 Jul 6

Updating the Marriage vows

Updating the marriage vows to keep things more in sync with the current times;...

8 185 Jul 1

YOU make the caption (3) !

You make the caption (3) !........ OK. I have 3 ideas for the caption for this photo, but I'll give you all a chance to hit it with your b...

12 256 Jun 23

YOU make the call !

YOU make the call !........ Which do you prefer ? . . . #1 "We decided to let him play through." . or #2 "One could say, that I b...

5 216 Jun 6

OK, hold it right there !

What is that you have in the baggie ? Don't lie to me ! That's a turkey on whole wheat, isn't it ?!?!?

22 685 Apr 10

As the sun sets....

I don't know if you are like me, but I love sunsets. Together with fireworks, waterfalls and wildlife, they are one of my favorite things to photogr...

8 294 Jan 21

Wakeup Kiss

Have you ever woken up in the morning, just felt lucky that you are alive, looked at the beautiful gal sleeping next to you, and then leaned ove...

6 327 Jan 9

One of the funniest things I've EVER read

I just got this in an e-mail. Not on here. I haven't changed a single word. I just removed 'her' e-mail address. Before I show it to you, please d...

26 685 Jan 1

Some keys to a good relationship

Certainly good communication with a thorough understanding is crucial;

3 1,214 Jul 18

Here in the USA today is National Nude Day !

That's right, it's official. Today, July 14th, is National Nude Day here in the USA ! Think I'm joking ? Check it out for yourself;

3 1,506 Jul 14

Geology joke of the day.

What did the tectonic plate say, when it bumped into another ? . . . Sorry, my fault. . . You shouldn't put more on your plate, tha...

1 1,645 Jul 11


Just stopping by briefly. Thanks for all your cards, emails and flowers. I hope everyone has a terrific July 4th. Here in the USA...

0 840 Jul 4

Happier Mother's Day to all !

Happy Mother's Day all ! If your mom is still alive, consider yourself lucky and please cherish her while you still can. Unfo...

0 1,356 May 8

Train scammers !

All aboard for today's joke. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Three women and three me...

2 680 Apr 27

What day is it ? Mike. Mike. Mike. lol

It's humpday ! So, lets say that tonight, for one night only, you get your choice of ANYONE you could have all night no-strings-att...

0 540 Apr 20

Damn it !! I lost.

I played tennis this afternoon and I played horribly. I don't exactly know why. But, for some reason I kept hitting the ball...

13 665 Apr 9

Dating on CS

Over the past 2 months I've been communicating with a woman on CS, who is fairly close to me here in New Jersey (USA). More recently we've talked...

11 982 Mar 20

Astronauts back on earth again today

Today astronaut Scott Kelly retuned safely to earth after 340 days in space.

6 1,158 Mar 6

Good news about chocolate !

There are potentially many health benefits to eating organic DARK chocolate (conversely, milk chocolate is higher in fat & sugar). Of c...

8 1,038 Feb 25

Why women love dildos. lol


8 5,814 Feb 21

My somewhat scary Valetine's evening

Sure, Rose is lovely and quite a good cook and very good at giving backrubs too. After the dinner that she prepare...

10 860 Feb 17

Happy Valentine's Day - JimNastics style

Hey Everyone I just want to spread some smiles and a chuckle or two your way. Spread the love & laughter to whatever oth...

13 886 Feb 14

While this story is brewing, I didn't make it up

While you might suspect me of doing so, I WILL provide the evidence to you. A few days ago, there was a 21 year old boy arrested for s...

3 792 Dec 7

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