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John Oliver on the VAX

866May 5

Some Newer Nature Photos by me

Here's 7 photos that I presented at a local photo club. They enjoyed them. Now here for your viewi...
20413May 4

The coyote-wolf-dog

I am accepted into 3 herds of deer in 3 different NJ townships. They don't mind my presence. I've...
11310May 5

It's just another day

Try to think of it like a Thank God...
300May 6

News - The Steele Dossier 2, Russia was listening & how you can get $250,000

It seems that former British spy, Mr. Steele, not only gave the US government an intelligence brief...
93-May 4

Happy Birthday to.... Jay Leno

The comedian, actor and former Tonight Show host turns 71 today. https:/...
1089Apr 28

I Know what you did last summer....and autumn.....and winter

How single people are getting through this pandemic dry spell alone [color=darkblu...
208-May 2

When you find things, it's the last place you look.

But sometimes, it should have been the first place to look.
84-May 1

Quote of the day - Joan Donovan PhD.

During Senate hearings on the use of algorithms ".. the main problem with social media is the way...
898Apr 30

Joke of the night

It was in the news that a woman in a heated French kiss, bit off the tip of her lover's tongue. T...
1446Apr 30

All Hail the Queen !

Queen Elizabeth (II) has a birthday today. She is now 95....
1598Apr 21

Today's Famous Birthday is the lovely & very talented.....

Michelle Pfeiffer.
11711Apr 29

"I think it's best to let him play through"

Or add your own caption for the following photo (not mine) ;
28429Apr 25

Dayum !!

Former Baywatch actress Donna D'Errico at age 53
34929Apr 24

'The Culture of Whales' - photos from National Geographic

Just wanted to give you a look at these wonderful photos of whales from National Geographic. I hope...
740Apr 25

Constant source of humor

Yeah, the scammers on here accidentally come up with some classics. About a year ago, one told...
1196Apr 24

A Happy Weekend to all

663Apr 24

NEWS - The Trump administration - the more we learn about it, the worse it appears to have been

Today from NBC News; New probe confirms Trump officials blocked Puerto Rico from receiving hu...
93-Apr 23

You make the photo caption - 0wl

You know the drill. Add a caption for the following photo (it's not one of mine) and/or enjoy the s...
15612Apr 21

My Neighbor's daughter

My neighbor is all upset, just because his lovely 26 year old daughter sun bathes in the nude in th...
64941Apr 11

Yeah, I had to laugh at this one......

......because I actually experienced a similar situation;
34818Apr 20

The difference between men & women

Granted, it's not the only difference. But, I just thought of this; If 2 guys happen to show...
23729Apr 17

New Zealand wants to become tobaccoless.

Today from The Independent; New Zealand considers phasing out legal sale of tobacco [size=...
787-Apr 16

Good News - Approval rating far better

While DJT's approval rating never reached 50%, Biden's is already 59% and most people feel that he h...
143-Apr 18

Kayaking in the ocean.

What could possibly go wrong ? Or add your own caption(s) for the following photo;
43136Mar 25

Fascinating story behind the meme

First the meme;
1305Apr 14

The Straw that broke Matt Gaetz's back

Tonight from The New York Times; BREAKING NEWS A former elected official in Florida...
16015Apr 13

Wild Foxy Lady & Coyote....Ugly ?

On Friday early evening I had just taken photographs of a herd of white-tail deer. This herd is qui...
1595Mar 23

Enough with the "likes"

We need the ability to turn off "likes" and be able to send an automated message to anyone who att...
27711Apr 7

Save the planet, save your money

That's right. My newest idea (patent pending) will help you do exactly that. An untapped safe ener...
1383Apr 6

Today driver slams into 2 Capitol police officers outside the Capitol building and is shot & killed

Today from the NY Times; By Emily Cochrane, Nicholas Fandos, Adam Goldman and Glenn Thrush...
43133Apr 2

To ensure your Easter is extra joyful

1070Apr 3

Derek Chauvin trial began today

Today in The New York Times; March 29, 2021, 6:07 p.m. ET 6 hours ago By Will Wright [s...
51642Mar 29

7 Officers fired in Texas due to violations in handling Marvin Scott, a restrained black man - died

Moments ago from The New York Times; 7 Texas Officers Are Fired in Death of Black Man Restrai...
1244Apr 1

It's almost time to pay the piper - Law & Order - Crimes & Punishment. Justice Matters !

Today in The Guardian; Police officers sue Donald Trump for injuries resulting from Capitol r...
47258Mar 31

Human Evolution

For instance, from Human evolution is the evolutionary process that led to the...
92-Apr 1

Apparently, not always. lol

1261Mar 31

So, lets have some fun. 'I'm in the mood for love.'

I originally became exposed to this song, when I was a little kid watching The Little Rascals. Ther...
22911Mar 30

I wonder why no one is focused on the real important stuff these days.

You know. The life or death issues like; How many times an obese person needs to flush a toilet...
33618Mar 21

Jury in deliberation regarding 3 cops beating up an undercover black detective during a protest

Jury gets case of 3 officers accused of beating undercover colleague during 2017 protest [col...
1243Mar 28

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