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"Oh Danny Boy" Celtic Women

Happy St Patrick's to all This is the best version they ever did. I hope you enjoy
78216Mar 2012

No song this time

This scene always brings the tears. Van Gogh suffered from major depression and he wasn't apprecia...
6157Mar 2012

Guns N' Roses "Estranged"

Alright Dream. You asked for it. I hope this song sends you the chills as you requested. It may not...
8378Mar 2012

Giuffria "Love You Forever"

Now here's a song with a lot of passion
6274Mar 2012

Steve Thompson "Forever My Love"

As promised, another rare happy Power Ballad. I hope you all enjoy
7865Mar 2012

Jason Micheal Carroll "Alyssa Lies"

.............The first time I heard this song.....Here was the order: :dri...
74710Mar 2012

Gary Allen "Smoke Rings in the Dark"

Definitely one of my favorite country songs A sad song though I hope you likey
70010Mar 2012

Seraiah "When it Rains"

AOR and Power Ballads 4ever
89713Mar 2012

Xavier "Put Out the Fire"

The passion in this rare and awesome ballad is something I think we can all relate to http...
6596Mar 2012

Robby Valentine "Only Your Love"

As promised. Another ultra rare ballad. I hope you all enjoy it
82922Feb 2012

Bobby Valentine "Over and Over Again"

Now this is one rare awesome ballad. I hope you enjoy
9139Feb 2012

Lynx "Eyes of Love"

What an amazing ballad and rare of course I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do
82011Feb 2012

Touris "We'll Meet Again Someday"

What an amazing ballad. Iv'e made several CD's of songs like these. Long live 80'Power Ballads...
97817Feb 2012

Ana Black: "After the Rain"

I cried when I heard this...............I don't know what to say. It is so rare. It was never releas...
1,10121Feb 2012

Vincent "Your Love Never Died"

How about this rare forgotten sad ballad
1,07310Feb 2012

The Violet Burning

This is for all of us lonely people. We are never truly alone. Ever
6527Feb 2012

Micheal Sweet

I can't even imagine the pain What a beautiful love ballad he wrote for her though It will la...
6454Feb 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines day to all CS women. I cherish you all, and today is the day we "Think of You" as w...
6868Feb 2012


Has anyone ever felt like this? I wish I could go............"Back"
6774Dec 2011

Awesome Power Ballad :)

This is dedicated to all the women who said, "Eww, your too old.", or "Eww, your too fat." or my fav...
6862Dec 2011

The Polar Express

I love this beautiful song
4025Dec 2011

World Events...................

The old..................... The new........ htt...
4631Dec 2011

Theatrical Songs Rule

John Oliva is almost as good as Jim Steinman at writing theatrical songs
4150Dec 2011

Awesome Power Ballad :)

I don't think I have heard a song by these guys that I didn't like
4122Nov 2011

A song of passion :)

32 beats? Now that's passion
4052Nov 2011

Untouchable Passion

Whether I am at the piano waking the dead, or at the CD player, this songs passion is just untouchab...
4596Nov 2011

Awesome Power Ballad :)

Here's a beautiful ballad that you won't find on any Power Ballad compilations. It's sad because it...
4516Nov 2011


This song really takes me back It makes me want to do some recording
59230Nov 2011

Here's a song you won't soon forget :(

I think all of can relate to this in one way or another Still, it's a beautiful unforgettable ball...
4132Nov 2011

Angry People :(

I have been on a few different dating sites, and read a lot of dating blogs and.......I want to scre...
77728Nov 2011

Happy Halloweeh

Happy Halloween and may all you vampires get eaten by Werewolves
4880Oct 2011

Amazing Ballad

Sometimes sad happenings in our lives trigger some of the best songs ever written
3763Oct 2011


This guy is a crazy good harmonica player
5274Oct 2011

Awesome Power Ballad :)

Another great ballad
3685Oct 2011


I am sure that anyone who truly knows me, knows me, know that I am an 80's metal "Power Ballad" type...
4609Oct 2011

Awesome Power Ballad :)

Love songs will always be number one for me
61113Oct 2011

How the gods kill

A little heavier that I usually post, but I hope you all like it
3676Oct 2011


Death is the best death metal band of them all RIP Chuck. We miss you
60719Oct 2011

Brad Delp Tribute

What a sad day for rock'n'roll You can see how lonely he was just by looking into his sad
8912Jan 2010

Blast from the past

I love the synth in these old ballads and what awesome singing. It's the real harmoniz...
4253Oct 2011

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