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Demand and supply

Once upon a time, many years ago, an old camel was wandering through the desert minding his own busi...
1,64089Dec 2010

Chicken, ham and chocolate pizza

The other evening I decided I deserved a treat. Well, I had been working hard so why not splash out...
1,52280Dec 2010

Guilty or Not Guilty?

You are a defence lawyer. You are in court representing your client, Mr X, who is accused of aggrava...
67616Nov 2010

Is it just me who thinks this is crazy?

In the UK last week there was a case of a guy who had won something like 56 million on the lottery....
1,05945Nov 2010

An interview is not a selection process.

Most people approach a job interview thinking about what they need to do to get selected for the pos...
1,58375Nov 2010

Your child versus your partner.

Your two year old child and your husband / wife are both drowning. You can save one of them, but onl...
1,05534Nov 2010

A Right Royal Waste of Time

So lets kill the fatted calf, lets party in the street, eat drink and be merry. For our own Prince W...
61518Nov 2010

Another Great Escape: Chilean Miners

Watching the pictures on Sky of the rescue of the Chilean miners. In a world full of bad news, wh...
54613Oct 2010

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