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First Date

What do men and women notice immediately on the first date? Ofcourse, physical presentation matters....
1,13650Nov 2009

Ever laughed your lungs out?

After a long time this has happened to me. Share your comments if it triggered a laugh too. Amazing...
81420Jul 2011

Mr. Nice, No more

What an awful thing it is. Being Mr. Nice and perfect. What a difficult status to maintain. Succumbi...
62620Jun 2011

Ideal Match? They want everything

It's quite interesting to see the description of ideal matches that men and women usually desire in...
75717Nov 2009

What Animal would you be??

If you were made an Animal but given a choice to be any one of them. What animal would you choose to...
1,70652Mar 2010

Dessert! Sharing with you

Dessert! And you’ll never steal the best of me You’ll never get it for free. Each time you...
6208Nov 2009

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