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to all the pretty ladies. best way to find ur man

ur problems r over. now. u have me. the best matchmaker in the world! I have the track record of hoo...
73625Mar 2014

why do they cheat?

taking on from ThisGuyDave's blog - Karma's a b*tch
54113Nov 2013

Any Hot girl looking for profile review

strictly for profile review I am the best review writer! a good review from me shall get you at...
57118Nov 2013

that beautiful piece of art!

can someone tell me what is the building in the back...
56915Nov 2013

weirdest news ever!!! woman forces man to sex for

"It was hell, I can't walk!" Man found sobbing in street after 36-hour sex ordeal with German nympho...
59313Nov 2013

Are black men the most desired race of men by wome

78616Nov 2013

Prince Harry to wed!

5404Oct 2013

The end of the world is nigh, says Bob Geldof as h

3900Oct 2013

the hottest girl ever

Maria Chudnovsky (b. January 6, 1977) is...
1,52916May 2010

Why do so many women have depression?

Novelist Allison P...
87425Apr 2010

Norway's Novel Approach to Bringing Equality to th

By making it mandatory that wo...
6704Apr 2010

Women like to 'poach' attached men

so its official..
60421Apr 2010

All men watch porn, scientists find

Scientists at the University of Montreal launched a search for men who had never looked at pornograp...
61510Apr 2010

12yr old girl divorces her 80 yr old husband!!!!

A girl aged 12 has won...
1,67925Apr 2010

curious trend in British politics - Lib Dems and N

4997Apr 2010

Sex and the single black woman

How the mass incarceration of black men hurts black women
84813Apr 2010

Erykah Badu: 'I don’t require sex for happiness’ -

so atleast when I say sex is the most overrated thing after may be David Beckham, I wont considered...
8086Apr 2010

Hookers causing traffic mayhem in Italy

6595Apr 2010

First Trio "Married" in The Netherlands

Old but Interesting 'news'.. The Netherlands and Belgium...
72913Mar 2010

Dating or Job Interviews? which is more painful/ir

0 - a brief about our company - we are the best, at tax frauds, at lying to investors, at forging b...
1,01110Mar 2010

Carla Bruni and Sarkozy

so apparently Her Majesty is tired of the boring monogamy. and is planning to leave Sarkozy for some...
4122Mar 2010

what women are looking for on here?

from profiles of random women - ..I like a guy who makes me laugh,.. ...sense of humour is ke...
1,09827Mar 2010

men love sluts!

had posted earlier about this profile...
1,91120Mar 2010


So, I buzzed this internet sweetheart of mine from South Africa. must be about 8-9 yrs ago. now, she...
84922Mar 2010

Britons sentenced to a month in prison for kissing

5485Mar 2010

Jennifer Aniston's revenge on Angelina Jolie: a ve

from an article on Telegraph. so she is doing some stupid movie with this guy and has a photo shoot...
6266Mar 2010

corny mesgs by men on profile reviews of women!

Your profile looks awesome to me, really. You seem like a woman whom knows exactly what she wants. T...
88521Mar 2010

why is it so difficult for women to understand men

just read a blog by a girl, as to how she dumped her college sweetheart, and the guy just DIED!!!! (...
7464Mar 2010

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