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What happened to Liz Cheney

9176 hrs ago

I see It! A massive Red Wave is coming!

A MAGA Red Wave..... Trumpzilla...
15313Aug 12

FLASH! Musk might make an offer and buy the FBI. Will Clintons sell?

I doubt this acquisition is true but many are Fed up with the Left and the new alphabet?
452Aug 12

The Fish Eyed Fools pointing the finger at each other.

Which basically takes Brandon out of the 2024 potus race.... Backfires...
370Aug 11

Did Hillary Clinton mishandle classified information

614Aug 9

Famous Monsters of Politics

Which are your favorites?...
793Aug 8


birds of a feather........
410Aug 9

How long do you wait in line for Petrol today?

No lines for auto fuels where I live but costs increases seen every day. Store shelves for home good...
41919Oct 2021

Are you exploited today at work, at home, at church, in the gym or by friends?

I think "Exploitation" is common. I have blindly been exploited but try harder to avoid it these day...
12010Jul 28

Michigan city decriminalizes littering and public defecation and urination.

City leaders are doing this In the name of Equity. Citizens are upset. Would you be upset if you...
12710Jul 23

The EU just told the truth about Putin, this is scary | Redacted

Natali and Clayton Morris...
1132Jul 19

World Economic Forum … Agenda 2030

Does the New World Order threaten freedoms?...
821Jul 19


Please Name your favorite pig when you were growing up....
25821Jun 5


Please Name your favorite horse when you were growing up....
28425Jun 5

Would you date them?

I don't know what they do in their federal jobs but would you guys date them?...
1553Jul 16

Is Hollywood full of MTF and FTM ?

Things aren't always how they want us to believe?
2007Jun 18

Is it true the Dutch government wants to shut down farms in hopes of preventing more global warming?

And doesn't this lead to no food?
1589Jun 5

Was King Edward VIII a good king or a traitor ?

I read he was a fashion setter for men because of celebrity and being single but ruled for less than...
590Jun 30

Dark Day In Oslo

Anyone here have a first-hand account of this tragedy?...
1123Jun 27

Killing it!

The USA is becoming FUBAR. Please speak up if you disagree.
1263Jun 13

Why does England still have a lame monarchy?

If the royal family makes so much money for the island why don't he islanders have two monarchies? G...
591-May 27


Please Name your favorite dog when you were growing up....
18311Jun 5

Long Hair

I’ve been thinking of letting my goatee grow out like this and then braid it....
7252May 2018


Please Name your favorite cat when you were growing up....
13913Jun 5


Please Name your favorite rooster when you were growing up....
1115Jun 5

Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker Being Developed

According to unelected Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans boasting at the World Economic Forum...
19714May 29

Something is missing

I can't put my finger on it right now but I think a recent blog is missing......
23215May 31

Why do so many Europeans, especially those living on islands, want to be American cowboys?

Seems like, even though there was only a wild wild west in Hollywood, so many people on other contin...
29033May 29

The US Department of State has recently issued a Travel Advisory for the United Kingdom

Is it safe from terrorism anywhere in the United Kingdom? I hope the UK is one day safe to travel in...
975May 27

All types of Firearms should be allowed in Europe

europeans wouldn't need nato and the usa could take lost money spent on bullshit nato defense for g...
945May 27

There are no borders

Thanks to mr biden. And human and drug trafficking are only going to get worse here. Someone prove m...
1628May 21

News Flash.... rumor here is that a serious diesel fuel shortage is imminent in Europe and

that the NWO will ship U.S. diesel from the our East Coast to Europe. If this is true, who will bide...
1748May 12

Why are so many blog authors creating volumes of blogs only to abandon them after a few comments.

Why are so many blog authors creating volumes of blogs only to abandon them after just a few comment...
30621May 18

The Utter Stupidity of CS Islanders living on Malta.

~~ poof ~~...
1,07852Apr 20

Can we use twitter anonymously?

I have never tweeted. If we presently can use twitter anonymously, how do we do that, in English or...
1417Apr 25

POTUS Biden just visited Ukrainian refugees in Poland but has yet to visit the U.S. border

POTUS Biden just visited ukranian refugees in Poland but has yet to visit the U.S. border where t...
31814Mar 27

Why is Ukraine the West's Fault

Clearly explained in this video how the West kept pushing nato East since the days of potus Slick Wi...
26718Apr 14

Nuetral Finland and Sweden becoming members of Nato is Europe continuing to poke the Bear more.

It is my humble opinion that there would be peace in this world if Nato would fold and go away....
42639Apr 14


About 100 years ago........
255-Nov 2021

Why does nato need the USA to defend nato countries at the USA' expense with money equipment & blood

Why does nato need the USA to defend nato countries at the USA' expense with money equipment & blood...
68162Mar 26

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