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Where are all the Sensually Seductive, Goddesses of Passion and Rapture, . . Hiding at?

Where are all the Sensually Seductive, Goddesses of Passion and Rapture, . . Hiding at? I just...
3881Mar 2019

I've been away for about ten years, and now I'm back

Where are all the hot sexy Blondes hiding...
3580Mar 2019

My Austrian Girl stood me up, . . last night

Yep, . . .she probably got intimidated, . . by the pic of Bearnice I was supposed to meet her in...
1,77335Oct 2010

Classified US Material ?

What if there was a Contaminated water situation in the US that no one wants to be aware of
7231Jul 2016

Trust + Laughter, lead to > Ecstasy x 3

In ten years, i'll probably still be teaching most of my lovely, little ladies how to loosen up and...
1,0064Feb 2016

I'm Looking for Pretty Women

I'm looking for Plenty of pretty Women, . . They Must be Good Looking, Quick Witted, and Gr...
1,16120Feb 2016

The Nicest Thing your Ex would say about You is;

and: Can you answer this, in three sentences or less? then: What is the "Worst Thing" your Ex wou...
1,1629Oct 2010

Where's all the Wild Wanton Women at?

How are all the wild , Exotic , Erotic ?????? little women doin, on the other side of the Earth, ton...
1,32935Jan 2016

Lookin for Happiness, Peace, and Serenity

Do we find it in others? Must we find it in ourselves first? Or is it hidden so deeply in plai...
7353May 2015

Lookin for a good woman,... .to rent

Wouldn't it be nice if we could just rent a wife for maybe a month or two, . . . Or.maybe
95915Dec 2014

Any Pretty Little Ladies Bored, Lonely, Wanting?

Any Pretty Little Ladies Bored and Lonely? maybe I can Help Save you, . . Temporarily, . .for a...
87826Dec 2014

Any little ladies in need of penance?

Just in case any cute little ladies have been Naughty lately,. . . And want me to hear your confessi...
66912Nov 2014

Just a Thought

I used to be a regular on CS and figured out that 99.% of "Connecting" all boiled down to Good loo...
99419Jun 2014

WhoDa Biggest, Baddest,Blondyist,BloggerOnDaBlock

Just Curious? I dropped in for a couple days, and my Flight out of CS doesn't leave untill next Frid...
6586Jun 2014

Hi CS People

I used to Live here on CS a few years ago, . .and at that time, It did me a lot of good meeting many...
78922Jun 2014

NOTICE: I "Gave Up" finding my One, True, Soulmate

I have returned, . . to the Good Graces, of the LORD I am totally ready, willing, and able...
91112Nov 2013

Any Blonds, Brunettes, or Redheads Available?

I was Just lookin for some FUN and Wonder...
82225Nov 2013

Three, Blond Maids

Question? If you had, three Passionately Sensual, alluring and erotically, playful, and very, very...
7377Sep 2013

Blondes? . . . Brunetts?, or an occasional, snappy

Blondes? . . . Brunetts?, or an occasional, snappy little RedHead? What's Your Preference? , ....
86322Sep 2013

Wisdom: Obtained over a lifetime

It's been a while, . . but I want to offer some wise words, and a little bit of wisdom to any males...
85916Sep 2013

Looks like the Holidays are coming up fast

There supposed to be a time for joy and celebration, . .but sometimes they can bring a lot of stress...
5898Dec 2012

The Perfect CS Girlfriend

I guess there are some women, . . who seem to good to be true, .
8796Dec 2012

I'm looking for this Woman

I'm looking for this Woman, . . Does anyone know where I can find her?
7657Sep 2012

I'm changing My Nationality, to Irish

They say, . . The Irish have more fun, . . and are better Lovers, Yep, . . First thing, . . I...
2,982105Oct 2010

I am looking for women with good sense, . . :uhoh

er, I mean, . . a Woman with good sense, . . er, . .maybe i mean , . A Woman, with a "good sense...
7025Sep 2011

If we were Satisfied, with what is Obtainable, . .

there would not be anyone on CS, . . . searching for the Un obtainable, . . and if we were all...
78524Sep 2011

Hey, I'm thinkin about runnin for CS President

My main Question is: What is it gonna take, . . to get your Vote? . . or better yet, . . W...
91725Aug 2011

I'm lookin for a couple Cute Blondes, & a Redhead

Well, acctually, . . I guess I'm always, lookin for a couple cute blondes and a redhead, . . so, . ....
1,35133May 2011

The local Singles Sites, can be Fun

I tried the local Singles Sites, . .and i guess i've been meeting a lot of different little ladies,...
7115Mar 2011

Hi Everybody, . . How's Blog life?

I went out into the, . ." Real life Zone", . . for a month of a Reality Check, . . . and now that i...
6152Mar 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day To all Feminine, little Ladi

Happy Valentine’s Day To all the Beautiful, Sweet, Delicate, Fragile, Feminine, little Ladies,. . ....
9385Feb 2011

Anyone from Goldman Sachs, around?

Not to get off Topic, . . but i was just wonderin, . . if there were any Investment banker types, or...
6426Feb 2011

Interesting Fact:

I have been on CS for a Few months, . . . and Found it very Useful, . . Enlightening,. . .and of...
7145Feb 2011

Just Saying, I hope everyone finds

Just Saying, . . .I hope everyone finds "The True Happiness", . .that Each of us Deserves, . ....
4102Feb 2011

Blog vs Forums

Forums are kinda like a private Chat for 5 to 20 people,, . . . they are open to the public, . ....
5795Feb 2011

Bloggers vs Forumers vs Chatters, . .

I've been on CS for a few months, and enjoyed meetin a Lot of Very, Very, Fine, Interesting, trustwo...
5996Jan 2011


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. , . Albert Eins...
5689Jan 2011

Got to Hide Your Love Away . . .

Here I stand head in hand. Turn my face to the wall. If she's gone I can't go on . Feelin' t...
8254Nov 2010

Sally could fool anyone, . .

I Guess most little women can Fool ya, . . . some of the time . . and i guess a few little...
6562Jan 2011

commitment?, . . one step further, . . ok?

ok, . . If i told you I was gonna give you $100. to go out and buy 1 new pair of shoes, . . and...
69513Jan 2011

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