Foxcatcher The True Story of My Brothers Murder Mark Schultz Book

Foxcatcher: The True Story of My Brother's Murder: Mark Schultz

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat...
9810Dec 2014
World War Z Max Brooks Book

World War Z: Max Brooks

I like the book better then the movie It self...
8160May 2014
The Hobbit J R R Tolkien Book

The Hobbit: J.R.R. Tolkien

I just got done reading this book and It was hard...
8120Dec 2013
Fire Starter Stephen King Book

Fire-Starter: Stephen King

Has a great point of view...
8940Oct 2013
Cujo Stephen King Book

Cujo: Stephen King

Really scary...
8930Oct 2013
7090Oct 2013
Beyond the Da Vinci Code Sangeet Duchane Book

Beyond the Da Vinci Code: Sangeet Duchane

I just got this book and I havent put It down yet...
7530Oct 2013
Pet Sematary Stephen King Book

Pet Sematary: Stephen King

Well its just a movie if you ask me....
1,6743Oct 2013
Creepshow Stephen King Book

Creepshow: Stephen King

Read the book first then wacth the movie...
7330Oct 2013
Green Eggs and Ham Dr Seuss Book

Green Eggs and Ham: Dr. Seuss

Ive had Green Eggs and Ham before and It was reall...
1,2370Oct 2013
The Cat in the Hat Dr Seuss Book

The Cat in the Hat: Dr. Seuss

They dont make books like this any more...
1,1540Oct 2013
Apocalypse now Giulia Baso Book

Apocalypse now: Giulia Baso

Read this first then wacth the movie :>...
9000May 2012
The Godfather Mario Puzo Book

The Godfather: Mario Puzo

It is the best of Mario....
8672May 2012
The Hellbound Heart A Novel Clive Barker Book

The Hellbound Heart: A Novel: Clive Barker

Clive had what it took and now he's a wash-out, HP...
1,1151May 2012
Clive Barkers Hellraiser Vol 1 Clive Barker Book

Clive Barker's Hellraiser Vol. 1: Clive Barker

Keeps you on the edge of your car...
1,0850May 2012
The Last Don Mario Puzo Book

The Last Don: Mario Puzo

This Book Is Number 1...
7890May 2012
1,0170May 2012
Jaws Peter Benchley Book

Jaws: Peter Benchley

read this in middle school. made a real impact on...
8521May 2012
Oil Upton Sinclair Book

Oil!: Upton Sinclair

Number 1;>...
8070Dec 2011
Cycle Of The Werewolf Stephen King Book

Cycle Of The Werewolf: Stephen King

One of Kings all time best...
1,2130Dec 2011
The Amityville Horror Jay Anson Book

The Amityville Horror: Jay Anson

i agree it was scary as hell lol true story or n...
1,6181Dec 2011
the watchmen alan moore Book

the watchmen: alan moore

Great story! Recommend reading the comic before w...
2,5391May 2009
the da vinci code dan brown Book

the da vinci code: dan brown

what an amazing book...
3,43311Mar 2009
The Tommyknockers Stephen King Book

The Tommyknockers: Stephen King

Yes I agree, excellent book and movie!...
8441Dec 2009
Johnathan Livingston Seagull Richard Bach Book

Johnathan Livingston Seagull: Richard Bach

I dopn't currently have a copy but, after reading...
1,8435Sep 2009
The Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris Book

The Silence of the Lambs: Thomas Harris

I really love reading this book. I have read this...
1,6472Aug 2010
Damien Omen II Joseph Howard Book

Damien Omen II: Joseph Howard

I love this book because it really moves quickly,...
1,8160Aug 2010
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Ken Kesey Book

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: Ken Kesey

One of the saddest and funniest books I've ever re...
8060Aug 2010
To Kill A Mocking bird Harper Lee Book

To Kill A Mocking bird: Harper Lee

These are the facts that are beyond controversy....
1,3715Aug 2010
The Raven Edgar Allan Poe Book

The Raven: Edgar Allan Poe

I was going to read it again, but then I decided n...
1,8881Sep 2011

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