A clockwork Oange Anthony Burgess Book

A clockwork Oange: Anthony Burgess

I'm glad I read it at school because it would driv...
1,5613Apr 2009
To Kill A Mocking Bird Harper Lee Book

To Kill A Mocking Bird: Harper Lee

Brilliant book, have read several times, and every...
2,8347Jul 2009
2,5865Mar 2009
the adventures of tintin herge Book

the adventures of tintin: herge'

Loved Tintin, particularly the ones about the moon...
4,0374Aug 2011
1,1821Jul 2014
The girl with the dragon tatoo series stieg larsson Book

The girl with the dragon tatoo series: stieg larsson

I've started reading them this year, I started slo...
2,5317Jun 2010
The Silence of the Lambs Thomas Harris Book

The Silence of the Lambs: Thomas Harris

I really love reading this book. I have read this...
1,6462Aug 2010
5,09115Apr 2009
1,7974Jul 2012
The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy Douglas Adams Book

The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy: Douglas Adams

Funniest Book Ever Written in 5 parts First rea...
3,1867Apr 2009
Making History Stephen Fry Book

Making History: Stephen Fry

IF Hitler hadn't been born the timeline in space-t...
1,0201Jan 2015
Strangers Dean Koontz Book

Strangers: Dean Koontz

One thing I like about Dean Koontz is he is Horror...
1,3161Jan 2015
A Snowball In Hell Christopher Brookmyre Book

A Snowball In Hell: Christopher Brookmyre

My absolute favourite Scottish writer. Reviewed on...
5920Jan 2015
One To Six Buckles to Sticks EJ Lamprey Book

One To Six, Buckles to Sticks: EJ Lamprey

One for your kindle - local writer whodunits and t...
6290Jan 2015
Night Watch Terry Pratchett Book

Night Watch: Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett isn't to every taste, granted, I d...
7030Jan 2015
A is for Alibi Sue Grafton Book

A is for Alibi: Sue Grafton

The whole series - and yay when I went in to get t...
5920Jan 2015
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen Book

Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen

I first read this book at school, and have read it...
8480Jan 2015
Pomp Circumstance Noel Coward Book

Pomp & Circumstance: Noel Coward

This book is just hilarious - life on a Colonial i...
7100May 2014
Cat among the pigeons Agatha Christie Book

Cat among the pigeons: Agatha Christie

It is a classic. I just love the story. Mainly I...
8960Jun 2012
The hobbit tolkien Book

The hobbit: tolkien

Loved The Hobbit but never yet managed to finish L...
9921Apr 2014

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