Nineteen Twenty My Plate Is Empty EJ Lamprey Book

Nineteen Twenty My Plate Is Empty: EJ Lamprey

When everything is going too smoothly, life is too...
741Sep 27
The Money Honey Clarissa Rodgers Briskleigh Book

The Money Honey: Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh

This one isn't about dating websites, unlike A Sec...
9210May 2017
Seventeen Eighteen Past Lies Waiting EJ Lamprey Book

Seventeen Eighteen Past Lies Waiting: EJ Lamprey

Tim's mum just killed someone - second time, but h...
1,4091Apr 2017
On Perfecting Your Indian Summer Clarissa Rodgers Briskleigh Book

On Perfecting Your Indian Summer: Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh

This is one of the Clarissa self-help books, for m...
1,0730Dec 2016
Fifteen Sixteen Maids In The Kitchen EJ Lamprey Book

Fifteen Sixteen Maids In The Kitchen: EJ Lamprey

Well now, going to quote straight from the latest...
1,7562Dec 2016
Seven Eight Play It Straight EJ Lamprey Book

Seven Eight Play It Straight: EJ Lamprey

You can't have a series of books set in the Edinbu...
1,5151Dec 2016
Three Four Knock On My Door EJ Lamprey Book

Three Four Knock On My Door: EJ Lamprey

Back at the Lawns, with visitors including the eni...
1,5201Dec 2016
One Two Buckle My Shoe EJ Lamprey Book

One Two Buckle My Shoe: EJ Lamprey

Starter book of the series, which are whodunits fo...
2,4762Dec 2016
Looking For Mr Will Do Nicely Clarissa Rodgers Briskleigh Book

Looking For Mr Will-Do-Nicely: Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh

A how-to book for mature single women coming back...
8150Oct 2016
A Second Rainbow Clarissa Rodgers Briskleigh Book

A Second Rainbow: Clarissa Rodgers-Briskleigh

It's a romp, about singles, specifically and mainl...
1,7372Apr 2016
Nine Ten Begin Again EJ Lamprey Book

Nine Ten Begin Again: EJ Lamprey

This one. no question....
2,5513Apr 2016
Five Six Pick Up Sticks EJ Lamprey Book

Five Six Pick Up Sticks: EJ Lamprey

If I say it is a book about rich women getting mur...
2,5343Apr 2016
Eleven Twelve Dig And Delve EJ Lamprey Book

Eleven Twelve Dig And Delve: EJ Lamprey

Ghoulies and ghosties and things that go bump in t...
9911Apr 2016
Time After Time Joanna Lamprey Book

Time After Time: Joanna Lamprey

Short stories, mainly flash fiction, and a novella...
1,0640Jul 2015
No Place Like Place Joanna Lamprey Book

No Place Like Place: Joanna Lamprey

First of a series of three stories about Place: on...
9720Jul 2015

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