Galileos daughter Dava Sobel Book

Galileo´s daughter: Dava Sobel

Historical novel. Sobel´s talent makes renaissan...
9920Apr 2012
Yamato a rage in heaven Ken Kato Book

Yamato: a rage in heaven: Ken Kato

The ambitions and borders of old Earth are carri...
1,4580May 2010
The Idiot Fjodr Dostojevsky Book

The Idiot: Fjodr Dostojevsky

have you read The House of the Dead? ( I guess tha...
1,4953Jan 2010
The Silent People Walter Macken Book

The Silent People: Walter Macken

19th century Ireland comes alive in these pages. I...
1,0700Apr 2010
The Bell Jar Sylvia Plath Book

The Bell Jar: Sylvia Plath

This is the autobiographical description of her la...
7860Oct 2009
The Dharma Bums Jack Kerouac Book

The Dharma Bums: Jack Kerouac

Real world roads parallel to inner paths. Couldn`...
7750Oct 2009
Visions How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century Michio Kaku Book

Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st Century: Michio Kaku

Hi, Steph, I agree with you. I learnt a lot from t...
1,8411Oct 2009
Animal Farm George Orwell Book

Animal Farm: George Orwell

all animals are equal,but some animals are more eq...
2,8506Jul 2009
Enders Game Orson Scott Card Book

Ender's Game: Orson Scott Card

I love this book. It was recommended to me by a co...
1,1993Jul 2009
East of Eden John Steinbeck Book

East of Eden: John Steinbeck

Often described as Steinbeck's most ambitious nove...
7090Jul 2009
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint Exupry Book

The Little Prince: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

great book, great story, i dont care how old you g...
9421Jul 2009
To Kill A Mocking Bird Harper Lee Book

To Kill A Mocking Bird: Harper Lee

Brilliant book, have read several times, and every...
2,8347Jul 2009
The Tin Drum Gunter Grass Book

The Tin Drum: Gunter Grass

The book's set in my hometown - Gdansk (or in Germ...
9602Jul 2009
The Plague dogs Richard Adams Book

The Plague dogs: Richard Adams

I read this novel a long time ago. I liked it beca...
8100Jul 2009
Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary Oxford Press Book

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary: Oxford Press

I see, we never have too many dictionaries, lol!...
1,5473Jun 2009
Cronical Of A Death Foretold Gabriel Garcia Marquez Book

Cronical Of A Death Foretold: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Yes, it is a great strory, indeed, as most of Marq...
1,1603Jul 2009
When the wind blows James Patterson Book

When the wind blows: James Patterson

This is a great introduction to the Maximum Ride s...
1,7414Mar 2009
A View From The Bridge Arthur Miller Book

A View From The Bridge: Arthur Miller

I know, strictly speaking it's a play but I love t...
6830May 2009
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Phillip K d*ck Book

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: Phillip K. d*ck

My favourite writer as he embodies the perfect unr...
9471May 2009
Trinity Leon Uris Book

Trinity: Leon Uris

Very well said! It`s a real page-turner. Just c...
1,5971Apr 2009
The Integral Trees Larry Niven Book

The Integral Trees: Larry Niven

A world with a different perspective... Want t...
8670Apr 2009
El Aleph Jorge Luis Borges Book

El Aleph: Jorge Luis Borges

Prolific and imaginative author Jorge Luis Borges...
1,4990Apr 2009
1,4993Apr 2009
A clockwork Oange Anthony Burgess Book

A clockwork Oange: Anthony Burgess

I'm glad I read it at school because it would driv...
1,5623Apr 2009
The Journeyer Gary Jennings Book

The Journeyer: Gary Jennings

I read this book years ago and it continues to be...
2,2701Apr 2009
The Long Dark Tea Time of the soul Douglas Adams Book

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the soul: Douglas Adams

A detective story set in a fantasy context. A lai...
9060Apr 2009
Beauty Sheri Tepper Book

Beauty: Sheri Tepper

A very imaginative explanation of traditional fai...
8700Apr 2009
The gate to womens country Sheri Tepper Book

The gate to women`s country: Sheri Tepper

I know what you mean, Pagan. I read it ten years a...
1,1662Apr 2009
the da vinci code dan brown Book

the da vinci code: dan brown

what an amazing book...
3,43411Mar 2009
3 Men in a Boat To Say Nothing of the Dog Jerome K Jerome Book

3 Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog): Jerome K. Jerome

I really liked the film but didnt realise there wa...
1,6545Mar 2009
100 years of solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez Book

100 years of solitude: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Very unique and uncomparable with anything else. L...
4,15413Apr 2009
The Count of Monte Cristo Alexandre Dumas Book

The Count of Monte Cristo: Alexandre Dumas

Such a good story! Interesting characters, a thri...
1,1261Mar 2009
On The Road Jack Kerouac Book

On The Road: Jack Kerouac

Read it years ago. Very good....
1,1382Mar 2009
red mars kim stanley robinson Book

red mars: kim stanley robinson

sorry, my rating was five, not one......
1,5461Mar 2009
Ringworld Larry Niven Book

Ringworld: Larry Niven

The title says everything... good science fiction...
9610Mar 2009

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