By miles you are far from me eCard

By miles you are far from me..

By miles.. You are far from me! By thoughts.. Y...
3,784060Feb 2014
1,240225Aug 2016
1,124215Oct 2016
Love eCard


I Will Love You Forever Into Eternity....
1,229210Mar 2014
2,63108Dec 2015
No Matter The Weather eCard

No Matter The Weather....

No matter the weather, best friends always stick...
1,106114Oct 2016
2,659029Feb 2016
Hello My Dear Friend eCard

Hello My Dear Friend.....

Wishing you a lovely day full of passion, love, pe...
4,688248Sep 2015
1,706189May 2016
3,679129Feb 2016
Wishing You eCard

Wishing You ....

Wishing You A Happy St Patrick's Day Friend!...
1,634011Mar 2014
Love Brings Hearts Together eCard

Love Brings Hearts Together!

Love creates connection and a deep bond between so...
1,179121Sep 2016
For You Beautiful eCard

For You Beautiful!

...For You Beautiful......
979154Oct 2016
For You eCard

For You!

Happy Valentine's Day!...
1,831129Feb 2016
1,784447Sep 2016
You Are In My Heart eCard

You Are In My Heart..

Your love is all I need, Be with me forever......
6,509013Feb 2014
Beauty of the Heart eCard

Beauty of the Heart.

"The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the hear...
1,492239Oct 2016
Happy New Year eCard

Happy New Year..

A little smile, a word of cheer, A bit of love fr...
90718Dec 2016
Eyes Filled With Tears Bidding Goodbye 2016 eCard

Eyes Filled With Tears Bidding Goodbye 2016...

"It is time to thank 2016 and Welcome 2017" Our w...
7,723014Dec 2013
2,166013Dec 2016
May the spirit of Christmas bring eCard

May the spirit of Christmas bring....

May the spirit of Christmas bring you peace. The...
4,039557Dec 2013
1,422123Dec 2015


1,011625Oct 2016
1,22318Sep 2016
10,795118Oct 2015
Smile With Your Heart eCard

Smile With Your Heart.

Have A Beautiful Day!...
1,011130Oct 2016
Hello eCard


Hope your day is filled with joy, love and happi...
1,007144Oct 2016
Us eCard


904114Oct 2016
Believe In You eCard

Believe In You!

Believe In You! Allow your spirits to soar. Let...
94216Oct 2016
You cant always wait eCard

You cant always wait....

887111Oct 2016
Forever eCard


"Together forever, never apart. Maybe in distance...
997110Oct 2016
My Love For You eCard

My Love For You.

1,07709Oct 2016
YOU eCard


Hugs n Kisses xxx...
1,009024Oct 2016
Lets Get Some Candy eCard

Let's Get Some Candy!

I am dying to have a great Halloween with you....
94602Oct 2016
Its Time To Fly eCard

It's Time To Fly!

~~**Have fun!**~~ Happy Howl-O-Ween!...
1,24602Oct 2016
89801Oct 2016
Special eCard


76107Oct 2016
Hi There eCard

Hi There!

1,328014Aug 2016
Peace eCard


1,08707Oct 2016
ONE eCard


87809Oct 2016

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