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Showing Love eCard

Showing Love

Just stopped by your page to show some Love...
1,757019Oct 2014
Give Love a Chance eCard

Give Love a Chance

What's meant to be will BE....
6,569026Oct 2014
Miracle of Whiteness eCard

Miracle of Whiteness

It's snow like this, a heart comes bedded in....
1,32312Sep 2014
Soar In Love eCard

Soar In Love

May your love soar on the wings of a dove in fli...
1,28103Oct 2014
Journey of Two Hearts eCard

Journey of Two Hearts

Love does not come with a tag of restrictions and...
3,373010Oct 2014
Wanna have coffee with me eCard

Wanna have coffee with me?

Nothing Good happens before Coffee, So join me?...
4,320036Sep 2014
Sweet Dreams eCard

Sweet Dreams

May the heavens smile softly and hear every wish...
1,50509Sep 2014
Wish you were here eCard

Wish you were here

I miss you...
1,84003Sep 2014
Someone like you eCard

Someone like you

To be Mine...
1,16202Sep 2014
Especially for You eCard

Especially for You

Get Well Soon...
1,47502Sep 2014
Especially for You eCard

Especially for You

Get Well Soon, XX...
1,75704Sep 2014
Sweet Romance eCard

Sweet Romance

I want you to Love me even at my darkest moments.....
1,76910Sep 2014
1,31205Sep 2014
Connect Me eCard

Connect Me

Hello, I meant you and you and you; Welcome...
1,62303Sep 2014
Be still Psalm 4610 eCard

Be still....Psalm 46:10

Psalm 46:11 The LORD Almighty is with us; the God...
2,31905Sep 2014

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