Prayers of Vigilance eCard

Prayers of Vigilance

Until the Prince of Peace arrives...
70400Dec 2016
Getting Better is worth the wait eCard

Getting Better is worth the wait

See it is already improving! XO...
35503Jul 2017
Clansing eCard


Give away the things you don't need Let it all go...
29103Jul 2017
Sparks Fly eCard

Sparks Fly

When I'm near you!...
34711Jul 2017
Big Pole eCard

Big Pole

Big Poles.. Are for the Experts...
33100Jun 2017
Steel Magnolia eCard

Steel Magnolia

From the Movie "Steel Magnolia" To my beautiful...
58101Jun 2017
Most of the time eCard

Most of the time

You should (not* optional) worry....
56402May 2017
friends forever eCard

friends forever

Enjoy him as your guide to seeing love through his...
69914Apr 2017
Earthy eCard


Earthly Love...
53016Apr 2017
Earthly Love eCard

Earthly Love

Earth Day...
50701Apr 2017
Doors eCard


78518Jan 2017
64917Feb 2017
Afterglow eCard


Thinking of You...
63702Feb 2017


I Ride like the Wind...
64903Jan 2017
Cold Snap eCard

Cold Snap

Baby,it's cold outside!...
74105Jan 2017
Cold Snap eCard

Cold Snap

Sending my Love... Cold hands,warm Heart...
62201Jan 2017
Beauty is multi faceted eCard

Beauty is multi-faceted

With Proficiency seeing beauty in all persons' fa...
63512Jan 2017
76101Dec 2016
Checking it twice eCard

Checking it twice

Gonna' find out who is......
79707Dec 2016
cabin cozy eCard

cabin cozy

Holiday Wishes...
69516Dec 2016
Silent Night eCard

Silent Night

Silent Night...
81808Dec 2016
Rest and Relaxation eCard

Rest and Relaxation

Let's plan our New Year!...
64802Dec 2016
warm hello eCard

warm hello

I Wish you a Blessed and Peaceful Day...
75012Dec 2016
Nostalgic eCard


Christmas Is For Children! (Can't hide the silly...
62001Dec 2016
mans best friend eCard

man's best friend

......It was the Cat's idea...
73302Nov 2016
Come in the Blogs fine eCard

Come in the Blogs fine

Jump in and join our discussion!...
73807Sep 2016
Sorry eCard


We can't manage without you!...
74102Sep 2016
hey cutie feeling grumpy eCard

hey cutie,feeling grumpy

Except You..You I Love...
1,27900Sep 2016


Your Message...
75002Sep 2016
Summers Shower eCard

Summer's Shower

Come in out of the Rain...
1,51325Jun 2016
Warmest Reg eCard

Warmest Reg

Warmed by thoughts Of You...
1,07914Sep 2016
Autumn eCard


For every season, You are my Joy! No other reaso...
1,05813Sep 2016
Wanna Connect eCard

Wanna Connect

You may be a Legend, In your own mind But Two...
72601Sep 2016
what can I say eCard

what can I say

We are puuuurrrrfect together!...
82701Sep 2016
Diamonds eCard


As Above, So Below Diamonds Signal Multifacet...
86607Sep 2016
Contemplaytion eCard


Old Blue gently rocks To the rthymn of surf,it r...
73401Sep 2016
For your window eCard

For your window

Love is Patient, Best when given Completely...
1,10706Jul 2016
Magnolia eCard


Sowing her seeds of Contentment, Scented nectar d...
1,34403Jul 2016
For The CS Ladies eCard

For The CS Ladies

~Fly High~...
1,04305Jul 2016
Its Beautiful Day eCard

It's Beautiful Day

When I think of You...
96005Jul 2016

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