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Best lookin eCard

Best lookin!

I may not be tha purdiest dog on da porch! But,...
2,310079Jul 2011
Monkeying around eCard

Monkeying around!

Me is happy! Me dot da biggest banana of da whole...
957014Jun 2010
Cute chick eCard

Cute chick!

I thunked I thaw a cute wittle chick wound here th...
1,152022May 2010
snowball eCard


I need to go outside to potty, but kids keep thr...
1,072025Dec 2008
Busy body eCard

Busy body!

As sure as mushrooms grow and frogs sit upon them,...
1,653013Nov 2008
No eCard


No! You can't touch it! You done broke yours off g...
1,55208Feb 2008
Secret Admirer eCard

Secret Admirer

You Have a Secret Admirer! Please ignore my nam...
2,07805Feb 2008
Garsh eCard


I.....uh.....uh.....well.....Ah Shucks! I likes yo...
1,41605Jan 2008
My cup of tea eCard

My cup of tea!

You are my cup of tea!...
1,676013Jan 2008
May your day eCard

May your day...

May your day be filled with: ( ) Relaxation!!...
2,582048Jan 2008
No eCard


A simple No! would have been enough!...
1,608018Dec 2007

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