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I love you eCard

I love you

I love you...
1,07607Dec 2012
Since time began eCard

Since time began...

Since time began......
99507Dec 2012
Lets Cuddle eCard

Let's Cuddle

Let's Cuddle!...
3,31408Mar 2012
You are beautiful eCard

You are beautiful

You are beautiful!...
5,870028Jan 2012
3,644015Jun 2011
Spending time together eCard

Spending time together

Just to spend time with you......
1,66714Nov 2010
Fly You Away eCard

Fly You Away

I want to fly you away...
1,448017Jul 2010
The sweetest kiss eCard

The sweetest kiss...

The sweetest kiss......
1,26608Jun 2010
Lets Party eCard

Let's Party!

It's the weekend -- LET'S PARTY!!!...
1,64907May 2010
Sunflowers eCard


Have a sunny day!...
1,759024May 2010
Its all good eCard

It's all good

It's All Good...
1,67003May 2010
Happy Work Naked Day eCard

Happy Work Naked Day

Happy Work Naked Day!...
4,90909May 2010
Oath of Love eCard

Oath of Love

1,35001May 2010
Let me serenade you eCard

Let me serenade you

Let me serenade you......
1,33801May 2010

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