i love thee i love thee eCard

i love thee i love thee

I love thee, I love thee, 'Tis all that I can say...
1,36118Oct 2011
come on babe eCard

come on babe

come on babe you are for myself .im your hunter .....
1,61516Sep 2011
ride my heart my soul my eCard

ride my heart my soul my ...

ride my heart my soul my ... i like you ride me ....
1,276010Oct 2011
hot hug only for you eCard

hot hug only for you .

sending a hot hug only for you ......
7,532015Oct 2011
warm time eCard

warm time

love is of all passions the strongest for it atta...
1,189012Oct 2011
run away from you eCard

run away from you

“I'd like to run away From you, But if you didn'...
3,61603Oct 2011
eyes hands bodies hearts and eCard

eyes .hands.bodies.hearts and ...

Sometimes we make love with our eyes. Sometimes we...
1,353034Oct 2011
each day i love you more eCard

each day i love you more

For you see, each day I love you more Today more...
1,614013Oct 2011
love love love eCard

love love love

hundred hearts would be too few To carry all my...
1,14608Oct 2011
close your eyes and eCard

close your eyes and ...

close your eyes kiss my lips and flying with me in...
1,22105Oct 2011
hot love eCard

hot love

hot mail only for you hot angel...
1,16203Oct 2011
hellooooooooooooooooooooo eCard

hellooooooooooooooooooooo are you? want your smile....
4,498052Oct 2011
hello eCard

hello are you?hope see your replay soon....
5,077132Sep 2011
im hot for you eCard

im hot for you

im hot for you look like a red chili ....
1,343012Sep 2011
shy of you eCard

shy of you

i want you .but shy so much...
1,45203Sep 2011
wait for you eCard

wait for you

wait for you .whereeeeeeeeeee areeeeeeeeeee youuuu...
1,54107Sep 2011
hi i like you eCard

hi.i like you

hi.i like you. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)...
7,825028Sep 2011
help me please eCard

help me please so lonely and sad .can you help me for th...
1,767015Sep 2011
dont run of me eCard

dont run of me

don't run of me want you .stay beside myself forev...
2,24105Sep 2011
care me eCard

care me

i like you .and want you too care me. ok?...
5,27603Sep 2011
family great name eCard

family great name

family are a great name and great present of god t...
1,12003Sep 2011
warm life eCard

warm life

95009Sep 2011
need you eCard

need you

need you .in cold days only you can make me warm a...
1,47305Sep 2011
i like you eCard

i like you

i like you. im happy with you....
3,842019Sep 2011
i love you more eCard

i love you more

i love you more. noooooooooooo i love you moreeeee...
5,73403Sep 2011
you are for me eCard

you are for me

you are onlyyyyyyyyyyy for me.muah muah muah...
1,18206Sep 2011
for you eCard

for you

i like cooking with you and enjoy of all time .im...
1,09909Sep 2011
lets go eCard

lets go

lets go to picknick and have a lovely day in natur...
1,052012Sep 2011
im drunk for you eCard

im drunk for you

im drunk for you because you are my sweet wine .wa...
1,49204Sep 2011
want you eCard

want you ...

1,29702Sep 2011
for you eCard

for you

For you.....
957013Sep 2011
i love you eCard

i love you

To my sweet.....
1,13805Sep 2011
do you accept me eCard

do you accept me ?

my princess do you accept me???...
7,425130Aug 2011
only for you eCard

only for you

only for you my ......
1,228029Aug 2011
i love you eCard

i love you ...

i love you babe ......
1,05207Aug 2011
warm bed eCard

warm bed

bed wait for love ......
1,44707Aug 2011
only for you my babe eCard

only for you my babe

my princess only for you....
1,651010Aug 2011
dance eCard


do you like dance with me ???...
1,33208Aug 2011
piknik eCard


lets go to nature and make love....
1,43903Aug 2011
for you eCard

for you

will spend my life for you ....
1,263012Aug 2011

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