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RE: how come every woman i have chat to has 2 to 15 kids

Woman over my fence had 8 kids about 10 years ago probably some to different fathers. Now 10 years later I can still hear little kids playing and splashing in the pool. Guess some women never give up.

RE: What happened to the locals?

Wonder if all have found relatioships or they got sick of looking for one?

RE: Todays dating

So how many of you people, men or women, found partners so far or dates even?

RE: What do you think is the greatest obstacle in dating?

You havent missed out much.

RE: what do women

What about a hairy chest?

RE: What happened to the locals?

Thanks Rob. All the best to you too mate.

RE: What happened to the locals?

Yes very great times,but a shame when you think you 've just thrown away 6 more years of your life, is the next one going to be worth it?

RE: What happened to the locals?

I been away 6 years but still see same old faces on profiles. Few new ones in here with still a couple been here for yonks.

RE: What happened to the locals?

I'm wondering too. I been away 6 years in a relationship. Came to nothing. Maybe I shouldnt have left.

RE: what do women

Just a thought.

RE: Fakes looking for dates

You've got 3 secs, what more do you want?

RE: Todays dating

Not on me. So much truth in that.

RE: what do women

No one mentioned a fat wallet.

RE: Spiritual but not religious?

or maybe its a female God Mother nature.

RE: Is neighbours rubbish?


RE: d*ck

Too late to worry, there's always the dole.

RE: This Is My Page

There is something you can click. Its called...... (Delete checked). I think thats the nicest way.

RE: Is there anyone on Here Who Actually wan't to meet a Real Person

Ive met 2 people on here. 1 didnt work out but then I met someone nice. Good luck to all of you!

RE: Is it more important to.......

Why not knit him another scarf?

RE: Don't cha love it when....

So, is misogynist a new word for homosexual?

RE: OK I'm confused

1 explanation Mick. We have the federal Liberals in government.

RE: Wake up time

I had 3 stents put in 3 yrs ago. They do a fantastic job been as good as gold. (not the one on CS)


That's ok you're allowed.


I was going to add that.


Ok I'll go first. I have never been played.


I thought Mr Rob said it very well. I wonder if a person who seems like everything and so right at first can turn out so wrong in just a short time, then what hope is there for any of us???

RE: Going out to sea

Sorry Mr L. Good thread.

RE: Going out to sea

Hi Mt L couldnt help seeing this one.

RE: Going out to sea

I can see $10.000 coming up towards new bride.

RE: If we had a Meet...

Yes great nitelife can light a campfire.

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