RE: If you won the Lottery, I'd...

I would get in my car and drive all over the usa, and then apply for citizenship in Canada where I felt the most safe I have ever been. Then I would help some homeless in Las Vegas by taking them and putting them in a home out of that sin city.innocent

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

Lancaster , Wisconsin

RE: Long covid

This COVID has me pissed! The masks really suck!sigh

RE: Do you believe the pandemic is fake?

I hate the damn mask already! Get rid of the masks at school, it is child abuse!very mad

RE: Which One of this is Your Most Favourite Comedy Show ?

Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, the creator of Sienfeld.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: USA vs Mexico

The population of mexico used to be 14 million in 1931, now it is over 130 million, no wonder they come up here, there's so damn many of them being born!frustrated

RE: Pumpkin

I found a pumpkin in my pumpkin patch, maybe I'll go out on Halloween night and wait for the Great Pumpkin.jackolantern

RE: Do you ever talk to yourself?

I think this happens all day long. I would love to have a library of books of all my thoughts through my life, because it would be a library. Most common thought, why am I here, and why didn't I try harder to be a better person so I could be in a better place.

RE: Racism is increasing or decreasing in modernisation??

Racism is bad because in this country it has been used as a whip to take jobs away from Americans. The people flood in from everywhere because it was unsafe where they came from. So they take the jobs away and along with the job loss the safety is taken away too, and the politicans who helped to create this nightmare sit back and get richer and richer. I didn't have this issue so in my face when I was younger, but since Obama, it's been nuts!

RE: Are "Black Lives Matter" Good or Bad for America?

Most of these black problems would be helped if these so called victims would stay home after dark and obey the law. The marriage rate among blacks was actually better during slavery than it is now and you can thank LBJ for that one. Reward women who have babies out of wedlock and kick the husband out the door.

RE: More gun control in the USA

Gun control is when you can put a bullet through the same hole you put the first bullet through. We don't need gun control, we need more fathers to take their sons out hunting so they can see what a bullet really does to flesh. I can guarantee you deaths by guns would plummet!

RE: would you eat elephant...

I think that you have to look at the animal and see if they are endangered. There are some animals I won't eat because they are cuddly and see them as cute and pet like. Dogs and cats are out for this reason. Cows and pigs, yum yum! Bring on the steaks and the bacon!

RE: Transgender Civil Rights in Public Restrooms

I think it is sick to let guys into women's restrooms. There are no real transgender men who claim to be women. They are just mutilated men. Can they give birth? No! If you want to be a sicko, then do your business at home before you go out into the community and try to screw things up for everyone else.

Who are you voting for President?

I like the picture of Ted Cruz with the Nascar jacket with all the donars printed on it. I heard this back in the 2012 election, it was invented by Gary Johnson and also used by Jesse Ventura in a discussion of the election.

Who are you voting for for president?

Donald Trump like Reagan, I hate Reagan for busting unions and lowering wages. I hate Hillary for standing quietly while her husband raped women and killed people in Iraq and elsewhere. Bernie is the only one who is a nice guy.

RE: What's the first thing you notice in a person of the opposite sex?

For me it's boobs first, then face, then sometimes butt.

RE: Pick a Love Song for Valentine's Day Part 2

Endless Love by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross is a great one too.

RE: US politics - would bernie be a good DEM nominee?

If I could just see a doctor without having to worry about going into debt. The insurance companies are ripping off people, why not take that stolen money and spend it on real health care, and get rid of all those commercials on tv for drugs worse than heroin.

RE: What's your dream destination?

Mars, this planet sucks!

RE: Are Donald Trumps plans to bld a border wall & deport illegal Mexicans unfair?

Give those cockroaches the same treatment we would get if we went into Mexico illegally, a dirty cell with no food and no health care. That's better than any wall!

RE: laughter is the best cure for sadness

I got Saturday Night Live Best of Gilly Christmas, pretty funny. I still remember listening to my sister's funny song album from the early 70's.laugh rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Best Weather/Climatic Songs

Milli Vanilli "Blame It On The Rain"

RE: What's your type?

I had a hard time really choosing any of the categories. I think that it is hard to approach women. I would love it if I could change that about myself, then it wouldn't matter what the women are like, at least I would have more choices.

RE: What five values do you want to instill in your children and how were they instilled in you?

Don't have kids, don't want them. I'm a Toys R Us kid!

RE: What do u like eating/cooking/baking ?

made bacon yesterday, today it was pizza, going to a movie theater that has salads and other good real food, not just junk food.

RE: Would you date someone who's gothic? and open minded?

I like the Cure and the South Park take of it in the season 7 episode called Raisins.

RE: Which of these is your favorite?

Halloween is my second favorite.jackolantern

RE: Which Of These Below Is Your Favourite Nazi

Hitler had a neat mustache and was a good speaker. If you read his book Mien Kamp, it does make a lot of sense, if you leave out all the killing of jews stuff.

What do you hate about your job the most?

Thanks for all of your comments, some real good advice and I appreciate your encouragement as well.


Don't know, don't care, I'm a guy, but you're hot.

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