RE: When is Europe going to deal with Russia and China?

The dead children in Syria-- as harsh as that may sound-- are first and foremost the problem of the Syrians: Not because it's nice and convenient, but because Syria is a sovereign independent nation- a concept which has nothing to do with whatever government they have.
It's that very concept which is more and more lost these days:
People see images- and they react to them.
There are dead women and children on our TV-screens: The bodies are real. The blood is real.
The problem is-- Who was responsible...? Assad-- or someone stirring up trouble...?
I have learned to question what the oh-so-free, oh-so-independent western media tell us- for a simple reason.

I used to work as an engine-fitter for a company which produces Diesel-engines for ships.
One day, I saw the papers for one of these engines; the customer was given as "Armada Argentina"-- the Argentinian navy. I remember saying something like "Whoah- that's a pretty nasty bunch- a military dictatorship... They kill people..."
The foreman overheard me; his reply: "Phhh-- Who carse; if we don't sell 'em the machines, the competition will- and we're out of a job... Anyways: Are you a trouble-maker...?"
A few months later the Falklands war erupted, and that engine Ihad helped to build sailed into that war on board of a missile-patrolboat: All the more interesting, considering that Britain was supposed to be a NATO-ally.
I drew the consequences and told those people what I thought of their job and their customers.
When I went to collect my things, it started: "You're a commie, right?"-- "Bit red around the edges, aren't we...?", and of course "You're such an idiot... Think of all the money you could make..."
The foreman told me how fortunate they were to be rid of a trouble-maker like me.
And I saw the papers of the engine they were working on that week.
Customer: "Government of Iraq- Baghdad"...
A few days ago, there was an article on a German newspaper-website. Apparently Angela Merkel is always being accompanied by people representing the large German arms-manufaturers.
Someone there wrote a comment, outlining all the good those weapons had done for Germany's reputation over the years.
And I posted the above story as an answer to that comment.
Within a short space of time, nine people rated it positively; there was not a single negative response.
So-- after exactly thirty minutes, my comment was removed- by the oh-so-free, oh-so-independent journalists from that newspaper: Something that has become symptomatic these days: The moment any "Western" policies are criticised, censorship raises its ugly head.
Under those circumstances, forgive me if I'm going to be extremely cautious about the reports presented by those people: Some of the stuff they have been pulling over the last few years is hair-raising.
And that's just the oh-so-free oh-so-independent ones in oh-so-democratic Europe...

What is going on in Syria has little to do with human rights, or human rights abuses. It has everything to do with the interests of people who couldn't care less about those killed...

The easiest way to fight evil is by not adding to it.

Working on that premise- the very, very last thing this world needs are open confrontations between the large powers. And never even mind Europe...

RE: Men, what kind of clothes should your date wear?

Ts-ts... What's with the "We"-business?

Human anatomy dictates that the ears are either side of the head- not lower down...
And personally- I hate talking to a pair of tits just as much as talking to a wall, if you know what I mean...

RE: Libya - Latest Updates Part II

Yep- I got that wrong. But that doesn't change the remainder of what I wrote.
Anyone interfering will turn those people's wishes and aspirations into muck: They will always be accused of being controlled by outside forces.

RE: Libya - Latest Updates Part II


There was also a small contingent of Dutch Marines who supposedly tried to supervise the evacuation of foreign nationals; they too were detained.

In both cases they were NOT detained by pro-Gaddafi forces, but by anti-Gaddafi rebels.
One rebel-commander put it this way- just a few days ago:
"Let the Americans look after their own people and their own problems- they have no business around here"

The politicians may bend over at the moment trying to present the above incidents as 'misunderstandings'- frankly I don't care.
The Libyans began an uprising against their government- then they should finish what they have begun.
If they got a problem with Gaddafi's aircraft- let their Anti-aircraft-gunners learn to use their guns.
If they can't manage to do that- then they have a right to die on their feet rather than living on their knees.

ANYONE interferring in that place is going to turn the wishes of the people in that entire region into a farce.
If you don't believe that- look at the clown who invitet the Normans into Ireland: He asked for their help.

And they liked the climate here soooo much- they decided to stay on for the next 700 years...

RE: Rape - the death penalty?

Rape works on the same principle as the 12-year-old picking on a 7-year-old in the schoolyard:
It's an extreme form of bullying.

Child-abuse, rape, domestic violence, murder, wars of conquest- they are all made of the same material- as was Auschwitz.

Sex in this case is merely the vehicle; the real motive is power.
That power comes by causing trauma to the victim.

While society must ensure that the perpetrator can not repeat his crime, society would also do well to ask questions about the root-cause of all this.
Otherwise we will pay a horrific price...

Self-righteousness does not provide any answers to those questions.

RE: Harry Potter Characters......Who tops your list?

I would definitely have to go with Hermione Granger...
The spell she left on Draco Malfoy's nose alone is well worth my vote ('Prisoner of Azkhaban')- and completely without a wand! boxing laugh

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