RE: Majority of people in your country is

Can't tell what's now!
It was Christian (Protestant) when I grew up!

RE: Nepal is dying and Baltimore is burning and nobody is talking about it

The number of lives lost in Nepal will increase for every day.

I've donated money for Nepal.

Have you?

RE: I have a chance to bang you-----RUDE

With this kind of statements, you’re just showing you disrespect towards women. You’d better look for a man instead.

RE: When your parents get older and need caring for

Are you sure you "live" in Mexico?wink
A real Mexican man loves his parents?grin

RE: do we all have our daddy's eye's?

Both my parents and their parents had blue eyes, so I can't tell who I got my blue eyes from!

It doesn't really matter to me.laugh

RE: Should Foreigners get U.S. citizenship because they visited Disney World

Most airlines will not allow women to fly after 36 weeks of pregnancy, or 32 weeks if they are pregnant with twins. They’ll have to stay on Disney for a long time!

From Sweden: The travel insurance is valid for 45 days, and only covers expenses below pregnancy week 28.

This can't be a big problem for USA!!

RE: do we all have our daddy's eye's?

Dedovix used Boban1 as a profi.le name earlier

RE: English Language: Who is a native speaker?

I'm not a native speaker in English, but I speak it fluently.

Aren't you a native speaker in that language you're dreaming and thinking in?

RE: most beautiful place you've traveled

The Rocky Mountains in Summer!

RE: Would you go if there is a local CSers meeting setup?

I'd go if it was in any of the Scandinavian countries.

RE: Why? little feet when born, put on their certificate of birth?

Why? little feet when born, put on their certificate of birth?

It's not the custom in my country. I can't tell if they did it long time ago. When a baby is born, all data about the new born goes straight to the tax authority!

RE: If I can't find the woman I want, should I commit suicide?

Most of us here on the forum are just ordinary people, unable to help you. I'd think the best solution for you is to look for professional help or find a friend in real life, someone who are close to you.
Just to have a close friend to talk with and who will listen will certainly help you to move forward in life. Don't give up yet. Good luck.

RE: Ladies before PMing me... Read my profile& posts......

Do you really expect serious replies!rolling on the floor laughing laugh

At least you're "honest"!thumbs up laugh

Happy Easter Phoenix!wine

RE: Is raw milk legal where you live?

In a way it's legal here. Unpasteurized milk may only be sold directly from the farms.

Yes, I've tried it used in kalvdans. It's not one of my favourites though.

Kalvdans ('dance of calf') is an old classical Scandinavian dessert (made from raw milk). The name kalvdans refers to the pudding-like consistency of the dessert. It is however rarely consumed today, as very few families keep cows of their own.

RE: ---Poof---

Obviously the moderators are needed on the forum and I don't mind it at all. Many mature people act like teenagers on the forum or in other words "not very mature"!

To the moderators bouquet
Thanks for being present.hug

I happen to come across this link


Europe is not a bad place to live in!

RE: meeting in the internet versus meeting in real life

Congratulations; I’m happy to hear you’ve found someone through CS!thumbs up cheers

It’s no difference between paid and free dating sites, just talking from my own experience, there are scammers on both. Free dating sites are open to everyone; it might attract people who are not necessarily looking for a serious relationship or interested in dating. If you’re very serious about finding someone, you’ll probably have better luck on local dating sites. Most people don’t have the money to travel to another continent for a date. There are numerous of paid sites, where they match what you’re looking for. Can we really be sure the match has been honest with all details, career etc. blues

Meeting someone in real life is always a better choice. The Internet has more or less taken over; the most common way to meet your future partner is through dating sites (in my country).

RE: A way to cope with scammers

The easiest way to cope with scammers is simply to ignore them!

RE: real marriage

Snowing in your country?snowglobe laugh


Just a wild guess from me!laugh

RE: People...

Yes, where is he?laugh

Lot of speculations right now! blues

RE: real life

Do you have a real life zah?laugh handshake cheers

RE: Mother's day tomorrow

It seems to differ between countries!

May 10th in Finland and Denmark and many other countries
May 31st in Sweden
Second Sunday in February in Norway

Yes, Happy Mother's Dat to Ireland! bouquet

RE: If you could be a farmer

I wouldn't think I want to be a farmer, at least not dependant on the farm incomes.

It’s too much of bureaucracy and farm inspections in the EU!

I’ve been in the agricultural field for most of my life and value my time, I want to be able to travel for instance!

RE: would you allow a Transgender in your locker room?

I'm proud to be a woman and will Always be a woman!thumbs up

No gender change here!laugh

I'd feel uncomfortable sharing locker room with a transgender, but that's just how I feel. I've nothing against people who are transgenders, but not in my locker room. Some of you might think I'm cruel, but hey this is just how I feel. This is what the OP is asking for, our opinions.

RE: what you listening to no.11

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord

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