RE: You meet the man of your dreams - but he is much smaller (let's say 10 cm) as you

Men are usually taller than women by the nature.wink

I can't explain why!laugh

RE: How many times do u eat Rice in a week

I eat rice couple of times a month.

I live in a country where we drink milk and eat potato.

RE: Do you care if Bradgelina got married ?

It's more important for me to have clean socks tomorrow!blues

RE: 180 miles between us - a too long distance for a true love?

180 miles is an acceptable distance.thumbs up

I wish you all the best.

RE: What would you do if your bf still lives with his ex-wife?

What would you do if your bf still lives with his ex-wife?

He wouldn't be my boyfriend.blues

If this is your situation, You'd better move on and forget the man.handshake

RE: What would you consider to be your strengths.

Patient and a good listener

RE: More single women needed here

If that's your wish, I hope you'll find what you're looking

RE: CS Profiles. I Read Them.....

Yes, I agree, your profile is like your resume. With a bad resume you'll never get the job you so badly want to get. A well written profile could make people suspicious! Life isn't easy!laugh You got to be a good sales man to get a hit here. Good luck to you!thumbs up handshake

RE: Cs girls are Dieng inlove with me becoz

By the way CS women never call grown up men boys!cool

RE: Cs girls are Dieng inlove with me becoz

Girls?confused dunno

You'd better chase women instead!dancing
Women in your own age!thumbs up handshake

RE: Your Favourite profession is

Your Favourite profession is

my current I think.


Use the word MADAM instead! cool


YES, it's nice to see Monte here again!thumbs up banana hug

RE: How can people have a serious relationship oversea?

thumbs up
I wonder that too..

I get so many mails from Americans (or most likely they're scammers)

RE: postcard collectors?

I assume you already have post cards from Scandinavia

RE: Who Viewed You Last? (Part II)

Thanks for Calling me modem!laugh

This modem is making 1 mb/h right now!!thumbs up

I hope you'll find a better modem in Pakistan!handshake sad flower

RE: Are You Afraid of the Internet?

No, I'm not afraid of the Internet and I don't use Facebook.

RE: Would you trust that anyone that flashes a badge is who they say ?

Would you trust that anyone that flashes a badge is who they say ?

In Sweden, YES, I'd trust in most cases.

RE: today's your day

Everything is just great over here, just little bit warmer than normal.


RE: What do you think about your ex?

Never, It belongs to the past.

RE: today's your day


Thanks Pedal, you too!grin hug

RE: today's your day

I've seen quite a few flowers posted by this man! laugh


Hi, hope everything is just good in Canada! handshake

RE: today's your day

Hey mister, please use the QUOTE when replying to someone. You only need to push "Post Reply" once.

Good luck in finding your wife (not me for sure!)

RE: Which country is doing well for Nation

Hi Aliwine

Me don't understand your poll!confused

I read Sweden has has sold more than 500 cows to Pakistan and Pakistan want to buy 100000 more cows from Sweden.

Sweden is important for the nation Pakistan!laugh

RE: if you got the choice for living which countrie you choice

Why even think of moving, if you're happy? blues
I can't think of a winter without snow.
Not to mention our bright summer nights!
My choice would be a Scandinavian country or Canada (I worked there, when I was younger).

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