RE: how far would u travel to meet someone from c s

I doubt I'd ever meet anyone from CS (I'm not looking anymore)!cool

I wish you all good luck finding that special one,whether is someone far away or someone one block away.cheers

It must be difficult to get to know someone who lives on the other side of the world.dunno

RE: Do you think,would very soon be a "divorce",between the EU and UK ???

Do you think,would very soon be a "divorce",between the EU and UK ???

UK needs EU!thumbs up

Even if UK divorce EU, UK has to pay a lot of money to gain the EU market, but with no influence. Staying outside EU, UK would simply has to follow the rules EU decides.

This is just how it was for Sweden before joining the EU. Norway, as a non-member in the EU, has to pay an annual fee just to get access to the EU-market.

RE: How tall are u? (in cms)

Poor man, that's what happen when you get olderlaugh rolling on the floor laughing cheering

You'll have to look for shorter women now!thumbs up dancing

RE: What is your name spelled backwards?

Just asil...never had any nick namecool

(and it's not a big deal for me to post it here)

RE: How tall are u? (in cms)

160cm or 5,25 feet

RE: How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy All the Time

Breakfast in the bed would be nice!dancing

RE: Woman here are lier

Do you really think a woman would take you seriously?laugh

From your profile:

35 yr-old man seeking women, 18-97 laugh
(typical age range for scammers!)

Good luck bybylove, hope you'll find what you're looking for.
If women are such liers, why not look for a man instead? blues wow

RE: The Mobile Phone is a

The Mobile Phone is a

It's just a burden!blues

Always available!wink

I miss "the good old times", when we didn't have cell phones!laugh cartwheel cartwheel

RE: do u think a long distance can work ?

For some people it could work, if you're willing to put all your money on travels!

RE: What are you looking for in the site?

What are you looking for in the site?

Nothing at all.blues

I'm just here to do some puzzles.

RE: Write a country or city name beginning with the last letter of the one above

Nyköping (a Swedish town)

Added this, so we get more variation in letters!thumbs up

RE: Writing to someone without reading his or her profile is:

Writing to someone without reading his or her profile is

That's what scammers usually do!wink

Why bother about this kind of mails at all?dunno

RE: Ladies , you like the

Ladies , you like the

I wonder what Ali will do with this information!rolling on the floor laughing dancing


RE: Should CS be just for singles?

I think it’s great there’s room for all people on CS.cheers

Can you really be sure “single” people on CS are really single?wink

Use the SEARCH engine function for finding singles. It’s a faster way than trying to figure out who’s single on the forum!
I know the search engine will also give you all scammers.

By the way, has anyone met a scammer who’s not single? laugh

RE: Winter tyres versus Summer Tyres

Winter tyres (with or without spikes/studs) are compulsory from 1 December until 31 March for Swedish registered vehicles and trailers and also for foreign registered vehicles. You are allowed to drive on winter tyres from October 1st until mid-April. If it’s snowy and icy roads like in north, we can change to summer tyres later. It's the same in Finland.

I use studded tyres.

RE: The king of jungle is

Hi Ali, I hope there are no moose running on your fields!laugh hug

RE: The king of jungle is

In our "jungle" this is the king


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