RE: who are the coldest people in the world?

wave handshake
I think this forum is a wonderful place to learn how different the world can be outside USA!laugh cheers

RE: who are the coldest people in the world?

No I don't think so HotrodLarrys.wink
Swedes have been taught to write in the British way from early years!
There are spelling differences between the American English and the British English.handshake

RE: who are the coldest people in the world?

Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself, and most people will be nice to you regardless of nationality.thumbs up
If you're travelling to a another country, you need also to be aware of the cultural differences.
A certain behaviour might be acceptable in your own country, but considered as rude in another country.

RE: Can a man get the Last word in an arguement with a Woman?

Can a man get the Last word in an arguement with a Woman?dunno

I didn't know the man "needs" to get the last word!laugh

RE: who are the coldest people in the world?

thumbs down
What do you gain with this kind of poll?dunno

Starting a word war perhaps?

RE: The liberation of Europe from the monster of Brussels

So, you want Swedes and other members to "take over" your country?
It sounds scary to me.doh
We all want Spain on its own feet again!thumbs up handshake

RE: i dnt see the point in online dating

What has "Free mammograms...." got to do with online dating?dunno

CS is FREE - now that's a good thing!thumbs up

cheers for that!cartwheel cartwheel

RE: what do you vote?democrats or republicans?

None of them!thumbs down
Democrats or republicans don't exist in my country (thanks God for that)!applause

RE: Share what you are listening to, part 3..

Yes, this is an international forum (dating site)!cartwheel
(You either like it or not!laugh )

RE: What do you need the most?

A cup of coffee and start the engine heater and then a300 km drive!thumbs up

RE: What do you need the most?

A cup of coffee! coffee cartwheel cartwheel

RE: Why women doubt on man everytime

You need to describe your situation little better.
As a woman I don't fall in love "online".
I need to meet the man in person, to get to know him in person.
When a man writes me an email with the words "I love you", I'll just wish him good luck. You can't love someone you haven't met!

You'll of course also have cultural differences. As a "Western" woman, I'm only interested in people in my own area.

Good luck to you!thumbs up
I'm sure you'll find someone closer to you.

RE: does europeans use psychological violence and muslims physical violence?

This was an interesting thread!
Psychological violence, popcorn and cheers


RE: NON-POSTERS Come out of the woodwork!

I appreciate you posting a thread like this.handshake

Are Swedes really welcomed here on the forum? dunno


MrRick has been on "vacation"!laugh
What would CS be without MrRick's polls?wow

RE: I am thinking to post a thread ,topic should be

Dear Ali,
Haven't you been "thinking" earlier before posting a thread?rolling on the floor laughing hug

RE: man marries goat

Not many get to be that happy!wow laugh


RE: The Best country for living is

The "best" country to live in, is where you're happy.

RE: man marries goat

Lucky him!
cartwheel cartwheel cartwheel

RE: age

YES, in the real world age matters!

In the fake world, you can use what age suits you best.yawn

RE: The peace of country depends on the

Hi Aliwave

Intelligence Agencies?rolling on the floor laughing

Intelligence Agencies keep the "peace" in Pakistan!thumbs up laugh

The peace in a country depends on many co-operating factors. You've listed some of them.thumbs up cheers

RE: CS for the rest of your life..?

wave Yes, it's getting darker and darker all the time.crying
You're always behaving good!bouquet

RE: CS for the rest of your life..?

I've been here for some years now and I truly hope I'll not be here for ever. laugh
I joined CS for the same reason as most other people. I discovered the puzzles later and now it's really hard to leave CS.
I didn't sign up to do puzzles.wink
I gave up the dating thing on CS long time ago. As long as I find it relaxing to do puzzles, I'll be hanging around a little bit more. Of course, the forums are not too bad either (as long as people are being nice to each otherlaugh)!thumbs up

RE: The Majority of peoples in your Country Are

Christians (Lutherans = Protestants)

This doesn't mean most people feel like they are Christians.

Many people here only go to church, when they have to, funerals etc.

unfinished relationships

Life is complicated, you're ready to move forward in life, but the other part is holding you back, and it's even more complicated if you're having children together and because of the children you're forced to have a good relation!

unfinished relationships

I've my roots in both Sweden and Finland, so I know the Finnish people too.wink handshake cheers

RE: Winter's coming

laugh laugh

I’m sure not many people would think I’m living in ”Paradise”?laugh

25 cm of snow or little less than a foot, cold and DARK. It’s dark before 8am and after 3,30pm and it’s getting darker and darker. The spring arrives in early May. That's my life (and paradise?)!thumbs up

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