RE: Winter's coming

laugh laugh

I’m sure not many people would think I’m living in ”Paradise”?laugh

25 cm of snow or little less than a foot, cold and DARK. It’s dark before 8am and after 3,30pm and it’s getting darker and darker. The spring arrives in early May. That's my life (and paradise?)!thumbs up

RE: Winter's coming

18°C = summer temperatures here!laugh

RE: Winter's coming

We already have winter in northern Sweden!wink
The temperature right now is -10 °C (Celsius) or 14 °F (Fahrenheit).cold cold

RE: McDonalds will never be the same again

It really doesn't bother me at all, since I never eat there. I prefer making my own food. It's a lot tastier!thumbs up


Didn't you know that everything between you and your partner stays between you two?scold
It’s called mutual respect and trust! dunno

RE: Love-- you have to decide, and please comment your decision

No nokundi, I can't pick one as more important!wink

Just choosing the option to be loved, is for me equal with a big ego. Of course there has to be "to love" also involved! Both are important!wine

Make a new poll!laugh


Why do you want to know that?wink wink wink wink wink

RE: How long should you wait after a relationship to start dating again

When you're ready for it and have left your ex behind

RE: Why Scandinavian women make the rest of the world jealous

This thread is the men's world!thumbs down

Not a thread so much to attract women, not women from "Scandinavia"!rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Why Scandinavian women make the rest of the world jealous

..and you're still single?wink

The rest of the world jealous,eh?confused

Important numbers?laugh rolling on the floor laughing

cartwheel cartwheel cartwheel

RE: Thanks mommy?

Well said Tally93!thumbs up

Yes, thanks mommy (and daddy)!thumbs up


Sorry, but me don't understand your question!yawn

RE: women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia

Thanks for all information.handshake
I feel blessed to live where I live. wink

RE: women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia

In my country we can't ride horses and camels in the traffic!laugh

Poor animals, they'd freeze to death!yawn

RE: women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia

Is that true?blues
You must be kidding!rolling on the floor laughing
It must be a very bizarre country!! thumbs down

I'll choose "woman friendly" countries!banana

RE: women

thumbs up laugh
You got it right equiya!!thumbs uphandshake

It's som EASY to just give the profile ONE minute to see if it could be a match!

We're all grown-up people and got to live in the real world!
I couldn't think of leaving my country and my job for a "PRINCE" on the other side of the world!rolling on the floor laughing

Even though you set up preferences, many don't seem to care. The last one said I was his his princess without seeing me on a photo.
The world is full of strange people.rolling on the floor laughing

RE: women

Do you read their profiles carefully?dunno
Perhaps they have preferences.
I've in my profile "NOT interested in long-distance relationship".
Many are just here for killing time.
A good idea is to read the profiles carefully, before sending flowers or emails.

Many profiles are fake profiles or as we call them scammers!

Good luck to you LITAP!thumbs up handshake


Hey guys,

As a woman I'd say what's inside the head is more important than outside!thumbs up

What's next question "with or without teeth"?laugh

RE: what are the origins of halloween

Halloween was brought over to us from USA not too many years ago. It's really not part of the Scandinavian traditions!thumbs down I wish we could swift the "old" time back.wink We don't need Halloween here as it in collision with our tradition to remember the dead people, when we decorate our grave yards with candles.

Well, I wish a Happy Halloween to all of you that think Halloween is important! cheers

RE: women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia

I'd never even visit a country where women are treated badly!handshake

RE: women banned from driving in Saudi Arabia

I'm so thankful for living in a modern country!

RE: What was the biggest age difference with the person u have dated ever?

1 year older and 3 months older, not a very big age difference!

RE: How much does it cost in ur country?

FUEL price in Sweden:

2,3 US dollar or 1,8 EUROper litre
8,7 US dollar per US Gallon

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