RE: Would you vote for an Atheist president?


RE: Would you vote for an Atheist president?

Sure, I’d vote for an Atheist, since I believe religion is something you keep for yourself.

The worst thing I know is people who are trying to “brain wash” other with religion!

That’s what democracy is all about; everybody is free to believe in whatever they want to!thumbs up

(We don’t have a president in my country, since we’ve a king here)


thumbs up handshake


What the h*** are you doing on a "western" dating site? thumbs down

Do your "people" know you’re interacting with the devil – the Westerners! blues
Don't tell me you're trying to find a "real" Muslim woman here! blues laugh
Surely there must be Muslim dating sites for you!
Most people on this site have either been alone for many years or have broken relationships behind. You're not looking for your "untouch" "girl" among us, are you? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

This man smell too much of "cloud"!yawn yawn

RE: Gender

I was a bit worried at first, when I read your first question!winkhug

I’m happy to be a woman!laugh laugh

(and I'll always be a woman cartwheel cartwheel)

RE: Should to apply Islamic law in the world?

It's better if all people become Christian instead including you!thumbs upcheering

The world would become happier!cheering banana

RE: What do you remember about the 60's or if younger, the 70's?

Sorry, v-jeans was the word used in Sweden. wink Did you use jeans with wide legs? laugh Not to mention platform shoes combined with disco music. laugh
I'm glad it's 2013 now! thumbs up wave

RE: Do you think people are more rude online than in person

People can be really mean online, especially when they are anonymous.

I’d say the level on the forum is quite ok right now. Keep up the work people! thumbs up

A year or so back, we had a hostile person on the forum; as I felt it, he attacked most of the posters and also enjoyed banning other CS members from his threads!

RE: What do you remember about the 60's or if younger, the 70's?

V-jeans, vinyl records and ABBA (Dancing Queen)wink

RE: Bann the poster above u.

I think I'll banning myself out of here, than banning nice CS members!wave

RE: Ladies,you are attracted to the guys from

That's good Ali!thumbs up
It's a good way to keep yourself young!laugh hug

RE: Age

HiAli, don't tell me you're feeling old!laugh

You're still a Young boy Ali, many years ahead!handshake

RE: Age

Hi Alihandshake hug

Age seems to be a "burning" subject!laugh

You never get too old for anything!cheers

RE: Are these pretty faces for real?

thumbs up

RE: Black Americans should stay where they want

Thanks Bogart for offering us a free zone!handshake

People (from different origin) will always move around and have done that throughout the history; we don’t have a “pure” race on this earth. Sweden will lose a huge part of its population, if all people by different ethnicity would “move home”. Roughly 25% of our population has a foreign background (born in another country or parents born in another country). In this country we don’t register what race you are, which I'm real happy for!

RE: how many alone here and how we meet

Don't listen to this man, he's just another man afraid of showing his face! He's not a real man like you!laugh

RE: how many alone here and how we meet

I'm sure you'll find someone closer to you, perhaps in the next village or town!

I don't think many women from the western countries are prepared to move to you in Pakistan.

Good luck to you.thumbs up

RE: do you need friend for life or life time partner

I enjoy Reading your questions!thumbs up thumbs up

RE: do you need friend for life or life time partner

Do you use "Google translator", when you're writing your questions?wink

Me don't understand!laugh

RE: What do other people in the world think of President Obama?

If your president has a lot of power, he hasn't managed to turn USA on the feet again!

It doesn't really matter who you Americans vote for as a president, since USA can't exist isolated from the rest of the world. All countries in the world are dependant of each other. We've seen that so many times e.g. when the stock markets in Asia go down rapidly it has a domino effect on other countries.

I'm still wondering why they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize? confused

RE: where would you like to talk to your love?

Hi Ali
Dream would be makes you feel good!laugh cheers handshake

RE: Quote / Reply buttons not working

It's working for me!thumbs up

RE: Do your non-member of online social sites/dating sites know you're on CS?

It doesn't bother me if people know I'm here at CS.confused

CS is a good place to interact with people.

RE: Its official I am 100% normal :)

That’s great news!handshake

RE: How Important Is Humor To You?

sorry..worth living

RE: How Important Is Humor To You?

A life without humor it's not woth living!!cartwheel cartwheel

RE: Who are you?

I'm a field walker dressed in a bug jacket!laugh

An American man awakes and only speaks Swedish...

Doctors are looking into the mystery of a Florida man who awoke speaking only Swedish, with no memory of his past, after he was found unconscious four months ago at a Southern California motel.

Interesting story, but also sad.

An American who has started to learn English!

I'm glad he speaks Swedish though! I've seen some clips where he speaks Swedish and he's doing that pretty good!

RE: If your marriage proposal don't get answered for a week you should?

Don’t you want to get to know your potential husband first? I mean meet him in person first.confused

No man or a woman for that matter will marry a stranger!

RE: Who loves you?

laugh not at allwave

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