RE: Time machines and interfering with history...


I would ask the one who created this mess in the first place and allowed for an imperfect out come had it all been created perfect none of what we see would have happened no sense in blaming people they we are controlled by the one who created us in the first place . go back 10 ,15 20 .000 years or what ever have a look at creation is it perfect....if it was then that too would be different . go to the cause of effect and you,ll have the answer. man does not have the answer and never will or ever make it right,


RE: Ladies what do you think men - like best about your bodies?


You can have a perfect body and every thing 100 % sexy. if . you don't have facial features to mach then you.r worth nothing and ignored, 100 %,,,,,


RE: Who would you like to meet from CS ... ?

Hi ,
My answer is one of why would I bother because the only ones who say they wont to meet you and are lier,s are scammer,s , matters not if you are real theres not any interest and even those with in New Zealand don't turn up after you arrange a meetup,

So I don't bother asking any more, and those in Australia no diffierent, and I have tried,

and I do go over so can meet others, its just when you get let down so now I have my own plans and it wont involve others .


RE: Guys, what is your favorite nail polish on Women?

And while I do manual work what does that say about myself I,m a worker and don't have time to fluff around doing my nails in colour that wont last 5 Min,s .

I don't have time to be acting ladys all the time some one has to work.


RE: Alpha Male / Female


There is another way of looking at a woman

Try this .

She is strong = body wise,, can work hard out and pace any man.
she can be tough ,= don't mess with me I,ll take you down.
she has to look after her kids, = give birth and feed them own milk.and all the other details that go with that .all body strength
she finds the strength to be a lover ,= can she pace the man and keep up with him.
or is she in control.
she has the strength of mind and body . = having to cope with all the details of home food children and her mate. who runs the ship you,ll know by now .

Who is going to be there for her ...WHEN...she not allways crys out for help many time she will carry on till she drops, is the guy there for her =.....we have our surport in other women .

What man = alpha man will step in and carry her when she needs it most or is the alpha man to ashamed to be seen bending so low to pick her up.

Alpha man where are you in real life stop playing your little game and get real.or should that be grow up.


RE: There is loads of men and women and want to be together, Why aren't they?

Hi .

Another Kiwi,

maybe for many its about sex and sex only no commitment for many guys I know,
I know for a fact its about what they wont , been to very large meetups and seen 100,s of men ages under 57to 35 and I have talked to quite a few, they don't wont commitment ,just sex and who with seems not to matter so long as they get it. that's down here in the south isl and Melbourne = Australia,

so I quess no hope for a 70 year old female that's the message I,m getting


RE: What did you rebel against growing up or still do...?



In the class room and being wacked on my left hand for trying to print with my left hand I,m left handed,

so after that I refused to print write any thing other than my name at the top of the page if we were told to answer ?s for a test , so I printed my name top right hand side and handed it in ,

1957 to 59

I was dumb and told so ,, okay so I carried on being dumb, I had 5 interests sport woodwork language history and singing in our choirs, and never had enough and running home as fast as I could, unless I was caught and beaten up by the kids at school yes in Christchurch NZ,


RE: Do women still need to wear makeup?


No I don't wear makeup , what I did do was do makeup for two years and spent time with 5 younger woman than I in health and beauty,

over the the last few years I gave up doing it any more ,
My reasons I don't think it helps me look any better in fact I thought with my facial features I would look rather silly, I don't look feminine and so makeup to me is a waste of time I have good skin not too many lines for a 70 year old lass .

I,m in the public meeting many 100,s of people on stage with our Orchestra and Brass Bands in front of 1000,s of people and do community events and take a leading role and I,m very well known ,

I never liked how I looked from age 10 on and still don't, yet it for me comes down to if you don't like how I look then walk away. my real friends don't give a damn I,m not a hot sexy looking lass so I may not look much to the guys and most will ignore me , yet if you wont a hard working get things done and a good mate then I may be worth a 2 nd look, at....... who I am .....not how I look.


RE: hi my name is colby crider i'm 28 years old single i like to have a old fashion romance with a women


Well I,m going to say its nice and lovely to know there are one or two who are interested in something I would like , instead of just having sex, and that's it to me, a friendship based on sex alone is not worth the time or effort,

So maybe some values are really worth the time and effort, and even if they are lost in to days rush for sex,

and for you to say so, An Old Fashion Romance With A Woman,

Sorry I,m ahead of you at age 70.


RE: Online dating tips: How to Write to Her?


I quess I find men have very few words they can write ,, like Hi. or hey there, and when you do or myself write back I don't get an answer so , why bother writing in the first place if you guys cant write at least ,,,,,TWO,,,,,lines

then I don't bother now ,

Maybe my issue or problem is I write too much in reply,, I do have a life I,m very busy with people and doing lots of interesting things , so I,ll stop now before I write 2 pages worth ,

Quite frankly I don't think I,m worth very much , if all a guy has to say / write is a Hi or Hey there,

If you or others wont my attention then at least give me something I can read and at least 10 min,s worth then I,ll know your serious, ,

What to write.

about your self things you like doing or involved with, family and friends you know just life and what it means to you and what you enjoy do you play music youll have my interest straight away,

And last find what makes this woman move and why. then the door is open to find out more,

Oh........ just one detail, not giving your real name is a turn off pretty well straight away. I,v given mine then do the same.


RE: What's it like to be German?

Hallo .

Was schade, so viele haben keime idear úber uns als Menschen , so dass sie schreiben , was nicht wissen dann machen mehr Bullshit , verbringen Sie Zeit mit uns, dann ándern Sie lhre Meinung,

und ich bin preu'S'isch


RE: What will you be doing on Christmas and Boxing day?


I,ll have 15 staff working for me in cooking and prep for Xmas day for 100 people , we have others doing other dutes , not my section so 5 or 6 with me in the kitchen 3 or 4 runners two servers two on meat two will be at my call as I need them one body guard to keep others who are not my staff out of the kitchen and is my 4 th year as The German Frau or kitchen Wench.

At the Waimate St Pat,s Hall 12 noon Xmas day , its Free and we invite those who are by them selfs or have no family or friends or lack funds for a xmas dinner at home, It,s an open door invite.

Alle sind willkommen. = all are wellcome


RE: Women are an enigma/indomitable!


Men have not figgered us out yet and they have had a few 1000,s years to do it so will they later on , nope they failed and that's the end of it ,

Go huddle in your cave, it may be safer there for you,s because you wont annoy us then,and we can get on with life,

Head of the universe oh that..... you still trying , you failed in being the head of the house and our kids are paying for it , comment ,,,,, you lost it never tom have that control again , what ya doing wrong simple ,

You locked your self out and tried to take over,,,,, that's a .... fail..... men ,,,, I don't know,,,,,????


RE: Loving and Available !


Well how many here are interested in finding out , if I was interested how do I contact you as you like many here have a closed or blocked so no one can write you.

Too many scammers , I thought it would be lovely to have a natter in PM with some here, well very few wont to, so as we would say a closed shop.

On one forum I,v had some 300 scammers I deal to them quick smart. they don't bother me again,

Oh well im off the hook .

oh your ? being too fussy I cant answer that as I don't know how you think about men , my answer is straight to the point they don't enter into my life and im not interested ...end of.....


RE: How do you like the new changes of the site?


There seems to be parts missing or hiding trying to find them is quite hard, as name changes for some things don't work so im having hard time figuring out whats missing ,

So I think my 2 weeks of getting it right is going to be a lot longer. more like months.


RE: Breaking the cycle of scammers and e-maintainers


By knowing their IP no,s info and background and how they write or don't catch them out by asking real ?s and hit hard they don't answer and cant because they don't have info to give .

they don't know or understand English or our meanings and most never will just ask 10 ?s and they will go with out ever giving you their info,

Theres a few real people here look at what they or we write we have our language and my Oz ,e mates do as well yet we have our difference,s If I write in German I know they cant write back because they have no idear yes they can translate yet their own language catchs them out,

am I real , what are we known as . and for, oh yes you can check that info on the net, two simple details can you find it. thing is have you touched them and one has a a close mate, whats it called, if you cant find or answer then ask me in email I,ll tell you ,

Now would a scammer go to this trouble writing all this bullshit if it was real , \ ??? /


RE: Umm ..what is going on ..?


Like any forum or sites , you get the ones who do come in some just once a week or so, and then you have some of us who come in every day I do, and every few days I may miss not coming in, unless im going over to Australia , then I may miss a day or two,

I am on quite a few forums and come on same 15 every da y/ night, its about 20 in fact, im very regimented in being able to do that and yes do a few emails to different ones I know,

It depends on how many letters / posts I read and how many I,ll answer and I may wait a day or two to see what the subject matter is about, and read first and think about it, I pretty much know who will reply and what we talk about / discuss ,


RE: 10 more uniforms to pick from!

Hi .

I was in the NZ Navy drum core music section,

And now the Oamaru Garrsion Brass Band , was made up of Army personal,


RE: New site changes


ooops where am I....... all changed and I thought oh dear what happened , I,v got the wrong forum , Oh heck ,

Now what. all I have to do now is figure it out , oh well a week or 2 later I may have it ,

Thank you.


RE: Why most of ladies block the boys


To answer from my perspective is, I don't mind talking to people from any country , what I don't accept is some one say I love you, oh you do do you yet never seen or met me , or I will come to your country and marry you er okay do you know where I live let a lone know my country ... right .not going to happen

And every time I came on the chat room not here he and others keeped on and on till I said look I,ll decide who I wont as a friend or my partner . I wont be dictated to by some kid who,s far less than half my age 69 and im more than old enough to be his Mom , so no im not interested in some kid who calls himself grown up .

and the lie,s , all they are interested in is a fat cow who will surport them not on your life , and do they listen ...NO...let alone check my profile,s ,

A fat cow = means some one who will be their slave, and surport them,

So is it any wonder we get sick and tired of gold digger,s.

ich interessiere mich nicht fúr Narren nur in Menschen die fúr real sind


RE: What makes you most happy.????


To be with our Youth Orchestra and bring concerts to people and play music they can feel see and hear and our next one is next Tuesday at Oamaru North School to the young children and we are ready for that to happen,


RE: What is the best thing a man can do to protect his lady?


For myself keep men away from me or they may find they are laying prone on the floor not far off being dead.


RE: I'm Building An Ark (stage 1).......

Hi ,

don't think mrs Moses will hack the Ark and only days no mod cons you may have to wait for running water though is that a rudder up far end ,I could build the sodding thing , contract job = time 99 years lumber surplyed and food sleeping arangments and wages gee could be a good deal here.


RE: I'm Building An Ark (stage 1).......

Hi ,

So are you doing a copy of the Ark .or close too

whats that thing,e up the front for,

Now it looks like its made out of timber , hmmm okay no,s one was of bullrushes and was covered with pitch = tar based dug out of some hole near by , so then have you got 100 years to build it ,


RE: In which of these would you choose to live?


Castle ,

As I would be a mistress or keeped woman I am now any way with in our reinactment group Renaissance The SCA,

I would be feed and clothed live in and have a large compound to spend time being entertained Knights to protect me a King and Queen and the onterage that goes with that. and where'?? in Germany of cause.

in meinem Land und meinem Volk . Oh ya.


RE: What do you think is the greatest obstacle in dating?


For myself knowing your not going to find a partner.
That's it really,


RE: I wanna meet someone on here whos interested jot me ip


Well maybe if they can email you you may find out different like so many here with their email shut down one can not write letters to others , miss trust I think its called .

And from what I see they don't wont scammers writing them . so cant have it both ways ,


RE: Do you get more dates in person or online?


I came on the forums and knew I would never have any one who would be the slightest bit interest in myself, so simple answer is no,

I have meet another member from another forum and shes been in NZ for 10 years and we both know it was just nice to have contact and I met her as I was going through Ch Ch to one of our camps and that was lovely ,

Will I meet some one from on here I doubt very much that will happen ,


RE: Language Translators, Star Trek Style!


I have heard of them and for myself it would be great as I'm learning my language of German the hard way and trying to hear what is being , the meaning not just the word spoken as there is a difference and that comes with most language ,

do you know where you can get them and cost , as I have no idear .

This will also help in my other language,s as well Russian and Ukrainian.


RE: A transgender is a person who is...


Transexual is one wont wonts to live as a woman many go on meds and blockers may have surgerys most say they are born in the wrong body and wont to be like a woman .

Transgender , I'm not sure why this term is being used , any way .

in many cases wonts to dress like a woman , is not a woman was /is male all male just likes the glamour of being like a woman most don't wont to live full time as a woman .they are impersonters or acting a part full makeup so they can not be detected or known most lie to their wifes .partners and hide the fact of what they do,

some its for s*xual reasons with other men only dressed as women and deniy they are gay , some become and are sex workers and drugs are rife

some are drag queens and like acting and dressing up.

crossdressers in many case,s similer to transgenders

Gay , some men dress as women though don't wont meds or surgerys , .

crossdressers and transgenders though male wont the some rights as us women / natal females so the detail is should these men have the same rights as us yet their excuess is they are dressed as women if they are men then they should take full responsiblity for their own actions and life , .... NO.... they should not be accepted no matter the clothes they are still born as male ..

Why do we have this issue, they are impersonating for what ever reason some one who they are not ,

and they lie about it so cant be trusted to tell the truth and I know for a fact they dont .

The other issue is birth documents are being changed not to reflect they are women or female is to make out they are ,
one thing coming out of this is many wont to rewrite history and some I know are doing this so they are infact decciving as well as lie ing

so you see whats going on .


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