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RE: Dating

hmmm, you'd think he would have got that by now..dunno
Good to talk to you after so long.. but alas I must go.. have to do my workout, and get things done around the house.. luv ya sis, and I guess since you and eric are marred he in my brother..laugh take care ya'll keep in touch..


RE: Dating

Oh not much, getting ready to do my workout.. what's up with you and how's eric? good to see you and tell hime I said hello

RE: Dating

Well if it isn't my sister.. how are you doing sis..hug

RE: Why can't I find an ideal date?

Um, it might help if you put a picture up..dunno

RE: What do you think about older women dating younger men?

Don't sweat it man, most of our problem is walking in the shadow of what another man did to these women, so we are prejudged before we get out the gate, whatI find so strange is the older we get the more people want to slow down, which is not bad, in a way.. except us older one's don't have the time we once did when we were younger...dunno


Thankyou, but don't be sorry my friend, he is not suffering anymore, I still cry though, I can't help it..
I can stil hear my dad say.... Boy! you had better buck up, back then it made me mad, but I know he wantwed me to be tough..handshake


My soul groans with pain, however it doesn't mean your's has to, as for my past relationship, oh well, just another learning experience, I do try to take it all in stride, just keep going you know, just because I have went through what I have doesn't mean you will, I wish you the best...



Hey bodleing, yeah benn through a lot lately, lot of deaths in my famly, my dad passed away and I was right there with him when he took his last breath.. other than that, i'm good.. just needed time off..

How are you my friend? Good I hope?


To you and the author, there is a lot of factors that play in the online dating game, some are to far, some pretend to want a relationship when what they really want is fun and a roll in the hay. you can tell when someone is real if he/she stays for the long hual, if they don't then they weren't worth messing aroud with....

I have had only one real relationship from this site, sadly it came to an end, but it just wasn't ment to be, so life goes on..

just remember sometimes what's infront of you might be the way to go... there is no mr. right, miss right, all of us have flaws, we just have to except people for who they are

Daniel wine

RE: Truth for the pissed off good guys.

Instering thread, I joined this site just before my 41st birthday back in May of 06, since that time I have seen just about everything here in the forums, major arguments (some of which I was a part of), relationships start, and fall apart.

I have gained a lot of experience about about people in general since I have been a member here, I have met some realy fine people from this site in person.

I think what we should ask ourselves is why are we here. Some say just for friends, some say for love, some say they don't really know. Yes it's true that most nice guys finish last, but at the same time there are a lot of nice girls that do as well.

In my life I have been through a lot of heart ache and pain, from my mother's death, to having my heart ripped out by a girl I was very much in love with.

People that know me in person and know what I have been through say they can't believe that because of what I have had to endure over the years from the years with my exwife, watching my mother die a slow death, to being torn apart from another relationship that i'm still a kind and caring man when most people would become cold and heartless.

All I could say was I just can't change who I am. My mother was the most caring, loving, and kind person I have ever known, I loved my mother dearly, I held her in my arms when she took her last breath, and no matter how strong I was, I couldn't do anything to save her. A part of her still lives on in me, and when people meet me I want them to see my mother through me.

Am I a nice guy? yes I am, I still believe in treating a lady with love and respect, openning the door for her, and doing little things that add up to big things, being sensitive to her feelings, comforting to her when she needs it, and letting her know just how much she is loved.

Some women I have met say they can't believe some lady hasn't snatched you up yet, well I always say you would think one would, but then why hasn't the one that said it snatched me up?
The ones that were single that is.

One last thing I would like to say before closing about myself, Yes I am a nice guy, but I am also a warrior, I am a protector, I am nice until there is a reason not to be, I am not a woman beater, never have been,I don't like fighting, but I will fight if I have no choice, especially to defend someone I care about.

Lastly, we have all been hurt in one way or another, my advice is to put the past behind you, move on and just let it go, learn from that experience, but don't be to afraid to give someone new a chance, and don't prejudge them because of what someone else did to you before. for those of you that are still young, you can afford to take things slow, for those of us that are older, well, we should be a little more willing to take chances since we don't have the kind of time we did when we were younger, not meaning to just jump right in, but move a little faster.

If you see someone you like, and are interested, let them know, the worst thing that can happen is they say no, or you just never get a response..

Hey all

Been away for a while.. just thought I would introduce my cousin.. yes convinced him to join this site, he calls himself optomystic.. he doesn't have a picture up yet but it's coming.. got my sister on here too, her name is TheBabe.. Please give them both a warm welcome...

Thanks: Daniel


Yeah, it was very bad, you don't know the half of what I went through, and the other people too, one day and you an email and let you know, let's just say I saw the worst in humanity during that time, very few of us stood up and helped other people...

Well, have to get back to work.. keep in touch, email me some time, I check in every now and then... take care sweetiehug


Well, you know how life is, it always changes.. lots going on, but I do step in every now and then just to see who's still around.. good to see you, thank for the B-Day greeting...hug


Ah, you'll be alright... these women don't bite to hard...cheers


Hey Arlene, yeah don't come here much anymore, was taking a break from work, just thought I would drop in..wave


Just browsing on my B-Day, but you have to understand, I have won every hunk-a-thon contest i've entered, nobody beats me... lol

RE: Do you believe in love at first sight?

Well.... maybe, I met a girl where I am, things just seemed to click right off the bat, I have no complaints teddybear

RE: Why are you on CS??

Just here for friends.. been here since 06.. friends last forever, made quite a few here over the few yearscheers

RE: If you were poop.....what kind would you be?

LAMO, gotta tell ya Rilly, you come up with some good stuff sometimes..rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Good to see ya my friend..handshake

RE: Please keep catwomen64 in your thoughts!!!

I know, I have had similar circumstances, all we can do is just be supportive, and let them know we are there, believe it or not, it really means a lot to them.. I will continue to pray for her..comfort

RE: Please keep catwomen64 in your thoughts!!!

Ok, this is kind of late Owen, forgive me since I have been away for a long time.. prayers are given, hope she and her family are well,, but aso hopefully the prayers aren't needed anymore.. God Bless

RE: Who is dating who here in CS?

Not dating anyone here from cs, gave up on trying to find anyone here anymore,, but I am dating a very nice lady I met in person where I live, and things are wonderful..smitten

RE: older women vs younger women

I will Sis, just not tonight, maybe in the morning before I go to work, wasn't going to post what happened.. anyway going to log off, YOu take care Sis, love you, and tell Eric I said hello, miss you both, looking forward to seeing both of you this summer..hug

RE: older women vs younger women

Means alot sis, you just don't know how much, I had a lot of evil done to me over the new year, here I am in a new place, well kinda new, I was hurt bad, not physically, but my heart, I just don't understand it Sis, I just don't, I don't know what to do anymore, but yet I can't change who I am, I cried over this, and it is still hurting me, I have tried to let it go, but I can't help it, I don't know what to do anymore..

RE: older women vs younger women

You have been a good sister, stood by me through thick and thin, hey what kind of brother would I be if I wasn't around for my sis..cheers

RE: older women vs younger women

It's all good sis, we never grow old, we just get better..hug Love you sis

RE: older women vs younger women

Yeah, I have a birthday comming up in May, looking at the big 44
moping ah well I get better with age..head banger applause

RE: older women vs younger women

Happens to all of us doesn't it..doh

RE: older women vs younger women

Hey Sis, missed you too, I am going to Canada this summer, Eric says the two of you should be there, going to look you up..

RE: older women vs younger women

Never had a problem with longjevity

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