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RE: Scammers ? Who else has had them here?

Most active users are from Africa trying to make some money. very mad

Learn to surf

Lake Silvaplana in summer is excellent for Windsurfing.- I went there often, but am fascinated by huge Hawaii waves and warm water.

Learn to surf

Any female teacher around? Thinking about Oahu North Shore, would be a great change in my life...

Don't download images

this forum is full of scammers. Don't download images as they contain troians unless you're on Linux or Mac.
Ask them to put them on image sites like tinypic etc.

RE: silence

to much here to share

Plastic don't we have already a replacement?

Hi Dr. Phlox
I'm still happy on Ubuntu...

Plastic breaks into little pieces which fish think to be plankton. In many regions bigger fishes cannot be eaten anymore by humans because of to much plastic. Many small fishes die before.
Not all plastic could be replaced, but for ex. big supermarkets could step ahead and replace their shopping bags with biodegradable material.

But yes you're right, the oil companies want plastic to stay.

Plastic don't we have already a replacement?

Why on earth we still use plastic? I'm pretty sure there's something similar but biodegradable!

RE: More migrants?

They all should be tested on diseases and given a course on behaviour.
One single touch to a woman to kick them out of the EU.
Anything else will miserably fail.- Merkel will fall anyway as her politics will not work in the current EU.

RE: More migrants?

We should build schools etc. in their countries and have them all returned.
Ah yes, first end those silly wars immediately.

And no, I don't expect the EU to handle this in the next 10 years or so...

RE: More migrants?

Again the EU shows it's incompetence. It will take them years to agree on common border rules!

RE: More migrants?

The EU is not able to react to anything. Probably after a atombomb on Paris they would gather for a conference!
Well it's Merkel's fault to welcome cheap workers on their own.

RE: More migrants?

Yes the EU does NOTHING.- The've planned some conferences which will lead to nowhere...Next year this time, they won't have agreed on anything.
In my local Fitnesscenter are comes they have 800.- for the membership....

RE: More migrants?

I voted yes as you're asking if more are coming? Maybe misunderstood?

Merkel should have aligned with the EU and not welcomed poor workers. Now she tries the EU to shoulder this.

This will change the EU but I actually care more about the diseases they bring with them.

German "Bundestag" paralyzed by some trojans

German "Bundestag" paralyzed by some trojans

They've spent millions of Euro for the IT which has been hacked.- Now they think to replace every system costing many more millions.

How silly, they could have avoided this mess and cost by going OpenSource from the start with for ex. Ubuntu etc. Linux.

I use Linux since 1998 when a virus destroyed all my data of my Windows 98.

Makes me also think about the homepage of the biggest city close to me. They paid millions for a simple website and it looks like done by a 15years old.

RE: Did Greed Overcome Humanity

I'd say in most areas yes. moping

For example software:
Apple tries to have control over as much as they can. Current example is Metal. Who on earth needs another closed source graphics API?
Also I want to choose/build my hardware/PC and install whatever OS I want onto and not viceversa.

On the other side Ubuntu. A clear no, as it's OpenSource. smitten

Neutral in the middle is virus plagued M$. They once even broke the law to succeed in business but now I think Gates does good things with the earnings.

Should EU adopt australian immigration rules?

Now the EU seems to have agreed on military action against tug gangs next month. Honestly I don't think they will catch more then ~10% with the only result for the tug gangs to raise their price. And the poor will pay as they say "we shipped thousands to EU and they have a good live there."

Desperate on the long run spending millions for such while having thousands refugees every day...

Should EU adopt australian immigration rules?

We got lots in Switzerland since it seems a desired travel target. Even in my Fitness studio there are...while I see they have time, I'm surprised as it's not cheap at all.-

I think the current situation is not satisfying for any part. Instead of paying millions for border control, rescue ships etc., we should adopt a OZ law and spend that money in infrastructure of such countries.

In swiss TV there was a interview with some australian guy who said that boat refugees driven by tug gangs has dropped to zero since.

Such law would only destroy the business model of tug gangs and leave money for real help.

RE: The very worst thing about this site is...

"Can I have ur email honey"

goes on and on. I wonder there must be some downloadable trojans to integrate in images somewhere...or just spammers.

RE: The real facts about datingsites

Yea, I guess around 90% of active users are from Africa trying to make some money. That was even a report on swiss TV some weeks ago.

don't give your email

Without bothering to read, are u fake? To recommend facebook is to silly...blues
My yahoo email that I gave here etc. is spam flooded nowadays and I never read nor respond and will abandon soon.
I guess around 50% of active users here are fake. moping

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

For the price of one Apple computer, I build two equally powerful PC from parts. Also have a look here towards the bottom about Apple security:

Get a life yourself. laugh

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

Yes even my Sony E1 has "made in China" on it.

Lifeisadream what a funny picture. head banger banana rolling on the floor laughing laugh

I agree with lorelei. Even if Apple would be cheaper, have better apps I wouldn't be using it.- On my PC I use Ubuntu as my main OS and only boot into Win8.1 or OSX86 to recompile my stuff. Probably my main reason is freedom, hence I use proprietary closed source only when needed.

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

As I've said before. Sorry folks for my bad mood.

@lifeisadream I didn't care about cam as I've already a digital camera, about the same size, with a much higher resolution and zoom lens etc.

I'm very happy with my cheap Sony E1. It does more than I'll ever need. Else I would have gone with the Galaxy Note for the screen size and available apps.

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

Yes compare specs. Even in the google store you find much more freeware. With Apple you pay for every c* done by a ten years old.

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

Because computer literate people would see at first glance that there's no point in paying more for an Iphone.

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

Ok, I should have written "how computer illiterate one has to be" but I can't change it anymore.

How sick you have to be to buy a Iphone?

That seems to be the Apple illusion. Well I really had luck to get a E1 that cheap. Fact is that spending that much doesn't give you a better phone.- Best is to try them in a shop, ask about battery etc.

Single girls avoid India for rapes

Medical reports later said that the woman suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines and genitals due to the assault, and doctors said that the damage indicated that a blunt object (suspected to be the iron rod) may have been used for penetration.

How sick those people must be...well but such individuals are found anywhere. I remember an attack on a skateborder with kicking his face so he lost one eye.

Single girls avoid India for rapes

Yes, I vaguely remember that in TV they said around 90% of rapes in India are not reported because of class differences etc.

I was refering to:

and this was only remarked because of it's brutality.-

I don't think of Indian people as kind, well educated people anymore.-

Same film tear as for chinese food, since I've heard that they draw stomach juices from living bears.

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