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RE: Here's a challenge!

Seeing that Gingerb is still around... well, it's just one of those things still makes it nice to drop by CS.

RE: get toned

Advice... sure:

Never take the free online advice of untrained strangers when trying to alter your health or body.
If you ask for free advice from someone who actually does specialize in what you seek, expect them to quote their rate first.
Spot treatments are a myth, unless you have a great plastic surgeon.
...oh & don't be surprised when miracle solutions to 7 day fix-it don't work.

Good luck


Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu!
party dance

RE: According to you which country has the best family oriented/System ?

Well, my country is not too bad off here. You get a year of with 80% of your salary when having a baby. Paying a small sum for daycare. Both parents can split the year between them but certain weeks are just set for dad.[/quote

This is much like Norway's system, too.
80% earnings the first year, 70% the second... loads of family incentives.

The Forbes "best places to live" studies side with:

Stockholm, Sweden
Quality of Life Index: 104.5 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 20
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 20 (101.5)

Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Quality of Life Index: 104.6 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 17
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 70 (92.3)

Melbourne, Australia
Quality of Life Index: 104.8 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 17
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 35 (99.2)

Berlin, Germany
Quality of Life Index: 105 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 216
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 29 (100.1)

Ottawa, Canada
Quality of Life Index: 105 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 19
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 42 (98.5)

Toronto, Canada
Quality of Life Index: 105.3 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 15
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 18 (101.9)

Brussels, Belgium
Quality of Life Index: 105.4 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 14
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 24 (101.2)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Quality of Life Index: 105.7 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 13
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 26 (101)

Wellington, New Zealand
Quality of Life Index: 105.9 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 12
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 47 (97.3)

Copenhagen, Denmark
Quality of Life Index: 106.2 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 11
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 3 (106.2)

Sydney, Australia
Quality of Life Index: 106.3 (Base is 100)
2008 Rank: 10
City Infrastructure Ranking (Index): 11 (104)


RE: We were all kids once.....What did you want to be when you grow up

Wanna marry me instead?

Treehouses are soooo much fun to live in.
You'll love yours, when you build it!


RE: Renovating Military Bases

Not all the bases have been renovated yet. Some are still little sad ghost towns, waiting for their turn. I grew up near Herzo Base & it's still not much to look at... sadly, they had big plans for the little spot, but some contract issues halted any building.
Hope by this point, it's begun the process of re-joining society again.

(Nice thread)

RE: We were all kids once.....What did you want to be when you grow up

I wanted to be wild & live in a treehouse.
I guess I always wanted to be a little feline.

RE: I'll miss everybody...kinda (not a goodbye thread)

Go get 'em!
Have fun, play well & bring back great stories.


RE: What are your dating profile deal breakers? (first glance)

Deal breakers:

1) If he talks like women are drunken girls at a Coyote's Ugly Bar or a Hookers... I'm just going to step out of his fantasy & let him finish that one with one hand.

2) If he cringes about sport, whines about trying to explain how couch surfing should be an Olympic sport or says anything derogatory concerning active lifestyles... the sound of my laughter will ring the Rocky Mountains.

3) Propose in any way shape or form.

4) Making any comments about how fricken sexy, wonderful, hot or perfect he is... neutralizes said comments.

5) Mushy talk, poetic pros, overly flowery profiles... just don't work for me. I say, save it for private communications.

6) If he's got a big dead animal, a weapon, or a cigarette in hand in his pics... I'm gone.

7) If he's just not appealing to my tastes, I leave him for someone who feels differently.

...but that's just me.

RE: Hello from Vietnamese woman

Hell of a way to greet the new kid roll eyes

Welcome to CS Kireiina. Enjoy your time with us.

RE: How do you eat your spaghetti

That's sooooo wrong.

RE: hugss....

Warm hugs to you Krisha.
Nice to see a positive thread again.


RE: How do you eat your spaghetti

I find it depends on who's eating the meal.
Adults can manage full strands of pasta, so that's what they get... children might need shorter bits so I will break it down for them.

The cat gets none.
(sorry, spin off from another thread)

RE: Me or the dog

My contract with my pets states I do everything in my power to give them a good life. There will be compromises & a few disagreements but in the end, I must ensure they have a good home.
If I find conflict with a loved one and my furry companions, it's up to me to either make peace between them with out my furry friends being neglected, or to move on to another person who has a more flexible mentality.
(gee... was having such a similar conversation earlierlaugh )

Now, I draw the line at intimacy. That is in no way an area for my animals to be involved. They can survive time away from me in regards to the bed & when I am putting a bend on the furniture. I have no problem bribing them with a bit of nip or chow, but I need a bit of privacy now & then.

I have little compassion for persons who come into another's life & begin creating sweeping ultimatums.... aka: the dog or me.
That just screams trouble. If the animal need to be trained, do it... don't whine about it's poor behavior. If you want to be included in a person's life, be included... but don't start tossing out animals because you don't like them.
What's next... their children, parents, friends?

Smells a bit too much like self centered garbage to me... but I have a sensitive sniffer.

RE: Promises-Promises

I make only one promise...

I promise to try my best.

RE: Question for the ladies

It's called preferences.

Seriously, it's just that simple.
It's about about what YOU want... it's about finding two people with the same preferences.

So... yeah, have fun with that.

RE: Why do women disregard those who truly love them

Well, I'll give one credit to this thread ...

...we now know who deserves to be single the rest of their lives.
Seriously, the jerk-a-thon has nothing on some of the casual commentators who think a little slight against the opposite gender is all the world needs.
Where exactly is the ugliness is needed again?

Oh yeah... that's right.
It's not.

Carry on.

RE: Why do women disregard those who truly love them

Yes... I'll tell you... shhhhhh....

I ride the streetcar.

RE: Anger!

I tend to keep an even temper for great amounts of time, softly smiling all along. I would not say I have anger but I do let some people know when stupidity is not called for. As some here are familiar, I simply have a way with words.


the cats(in their kennel), my backpack(has my id, iphone & money in it), my pull-a-long wagon(hey, I got FAT cats)

RE: How to tell your GF not to wear too much make-up ?

I got your reality...tongue


RE: hugss....

I got your hug, ya big goof!


RE: Whatcha do'n? :))

Hello & Welcome!!

RE: How to tell your GF not to wear too much make-up ?

You're headed for a break up with that attitude, why don't you try dating someone who suits your more naturalistic tastes next time.

Your approach of telling her after you've gotten involved is short sighted, at best. If make up is such a big issue for you, then simply date a different type of girl.
Trying to change people is one of those ideas people get in their heads... as if it's simply a matter of compromise. It may start with the make up, then the clothing, then friends, speech... ect.
You'll find women do not respond well to being lorded around like animals. Choose more wisely next time & this will not be an issue.

RE: hugss....

*darts in all stealthy.... tippy toes up behind... pounces, grabs, HUGS... zips off...

RE: What is your dating goal?

I say, if you HAVE to set a goal with the opposite gender, you're not being very creative.

RE: What do you consider to be the better type of date?


all those answers are run of the mill & I prefer something active or creative. Frisbee & a picnic, volley ball at the beach... riding bikes to a coffee shop... just something a bit less average.


RE: Where is the coffee shop these days???

*quietly leaves a bit of chocolate sauce for Lagoona's floppy croissant...giggle


RE: I am posting this here.

My luv to both of you.
Be united, be joyful, be in love.


RE: Word association


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