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RE: what made you decide to choose the occupation studies or lifestyle that you're living now ? and are

I have been an rcna for 18 years,started working with alheimers people since the unit opened in 98.
I have been in contact with a gal who runs a assisted living alheimers unit for about a year now. She said to let her know when I was living in Michigan.
Why? dancing banana cheering

RE: what made you decide to choose the occupation studies or lifestyle that you're living now ? and are

I'm getting permanetly laid off March 31st. My plan is to move to Michigan and start over.
My niche is alheimers, I enjoy problem solving. Nothing better than trying to find a solution for some one who comes up to you in the middle of the night and needs to get to the train station, right now!
I think the trains stopped running in the 20's or 30's.
What time is the train leaving?
9 AM, I was told.
Well, it's only 3 am you got plenty of time,sit down and have a cup of coffee with me.
problem solved.
That is what I enjoy doing, so yes it is the right decision,for me.

RE: what are you like to live with ?.....tell the truth now ?

Irritating as hell, I suppose.

RE: Retired without being retired

As one who has 15 days of employment before I become permanetly laid off from my job,after 14 years. I could tell you right where to shove that box.
But, I do not feel like wasting my words.

If your looking for employment, I read that NY is looking for a governor.

RE: Thing your mom told you.

My mom told me, never learn how to do anything, or admit you can do it,otherwise it will become your job.

RE: Ladies Would You Marry For Love Or For Money?

I have no interest what is in any one's bank account. If a person is heartless,is a million or two, going to change that? Nope, just make them more stuck on themselves and irritating.

RE: Is anybody a twin or have twins in there family on CS

I have triplet boys, they will be 17 on the 8th.

RE: Drinker/Non-drinker:

I enjoy a alcholic beverage once or twice a decade. Occasional drink, would be ok. But one that smelled like a brewery 24/7, not interested.

RE: Faking respect.

For once I agree with ship. People have to earn respect, even the bosses.
There are always other jobs.
Fake respect, nope. All my friends are real, they come with flaws.

RE: How to dance in the rain~

I have worked in a alzheimers unit for years. No one can remember my name, but they remember that for some reason, they know me.

RE: What was your first paycheck-type job & how old were you?

My first paying job was working at a turkey prosessing plant, I hated it and walked out on my noon break, after 2 weeks. I had just bought my first car and dared not go home jobless. My next career as a waitress at Country Kitchen was started the next day. I was 17

RE: Do you suffer from insanity?

Oh, does it show? I thought, I hid it so well.

RE: You post on forums to:

three and hopefully, turn into ones.

RE: What's most important to you ?

three. I have 5 weeks left of employment,before being laid off.
I lost my mind,years ago.

RE: I resign to my fate

I personally will not vote republican. Because I am tired...
Tired of working OT to pay the bills.
Tired of not being able to buy clothes.
Tired of tell my kids, no we can't afford that.
Tired of republicans with thier d..ks stuck in an oilwell.

I could not care less if Obama was pink,green,polka dotted,star shaped,square or starts to grow tenticles out his ears.. He offers a change, and that is what we need.

RE: What's most important, good looks, honesty, loyalty, or humor?


RE: which colour car is ur favourite :)

Purple thumbs up

RE: ones "sex drive" Is it an issue for you?

Yes, I could tolerate sex twice a day 6 times a week and 5 times on

It is a big issue for me, spent 15 years sleeping in bunk beds with my ex.sigh

RE: are you a wisher ? a wanter ? a believer ? a go getter ? or a pessimistic failure? tell the truth !

I am a pessimist, but not a failure.

RE: oh well part 10

what have you been up to ?

have you been anywhere nice this week ?

5'6" same as always...
Nope, just working.

RE: oh well part 10

Cold here in Wisconsin, expecting -45 wind chills tonight. Oh well.

RE: Whats Your Astrological Sign......?

leo and a pig.

RE: ****** :) DROP A HINT :) ******

He breathes oxygen.

RE: How well traveled are you really?

USA and Canadastuck

RE: Uses for an old clothes dryer!

Make good chicken houses too.

RE: What would your friends say about you.. Be honest.

What my friend would say about me...
Honest, trustworthy,a very hard worker and funny...

RE: Does having sex mean 'Commitment?'

For me, yes it does.

RE: If love was a flavor, what would it taste like?

chocolate and peanutbutter.

RE: cs woman i need your help!

Live your own life. .go to Australia.

RE: At least, they are obviously paying attention.........

I have been lucky, every one I chat with on here has been honest.

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