god and life

everyday l get up send in cv for jobs be out work last two years, keep get knocke down up my neck in bit debt bills pay, mental health very poor from stress, l pray out hope things get better but their don't is life just one big let down with stress l feel like wish die tommory least no more pain of stress worries of life

RE: what makes you have freedom?

no freedom in these life, we work most lifes pay bils only freedom is death

life and work

why do we spent most of lifes working long hours and stress of working with bad pay, then we die, l know guy that had retire and die today, so spent his life working he never get spent rest life doing things he like do in life, is life all bad money bills and stress

RE: Another terror attack in France

why people surprize their what take over lslam to be only religion time to tag most muslims


people can call me racist but any thing put gays women does not like other religion down they what take over


muslims their religion is f*ck up their way think of life time say enough is enough

money and jobs

I aways be person ask ouestions in life why do we even have work 40 hour week and why do we live in world money is the god of world we live in

money and jobs

why do we slave away our lifes working all week just pay off bills working in to our 60s then we die, were we not put on these world to enjoy time with family and friends not spent most ifes in work

RE: Football

football players paid wealth most of dream about could not give shit about football

RE: Why god create the universe ??

well your hot lady 123whispter lol

RE: Why god create the universe ??

l find hard belive god or jesus make water in wine then why does not help poor people in afica or around world that need help same bit f*ck up god to me

RE: Why god create the universe ??

well not wrong be devil lol

faith in god

l find hard have faith in god that lets me have mental health problems and when see world we live in full of kids people die everyday no food and water or see people living in wealth that me or any person never see just seem so hard have faith in a god is something wrong in me thinking these way

RE: Jesus not Jaysus

How we know their god won't matter

RE: Why god create the universe ??

L blame these God people think made these world Load shit why so many people suffer in life

RE: Why god create the universe ??

Sorry but l. Lose my faith in world we live in long time ago

RE: Why god create the universe ??

What f*ck up God let people die or kids in world no food. Living in places full rat's then people living in wealth like famous people we cone from. Animals not make up god

RE: Prime minister Cameron resigns.

He be ok he get well paid won't lose sleep over lt

RE: Why god create the universe ??

No god we come from animals or aliens

RE: Football

Watch games of thrones


Is Muslims f*ck up religion hate gays women put down don't like us have freedom we enjoy sorry but l what live in world were free love gay straight get married be in love and live in peace and places like Sweden Norway most places in Europe rape and crime up most cause is Muslims

RE: What is really happening in our beautiful country?

What wrong with Muslims and people who hate gays or anyone different l lose faith in humans lot evil people l no time for Muslims sorry but their ideas are,f*ck up l think people should be allowed be in love gay straight

RE: Irish men voted sexiest men in the world

Hard be good looking all time lol.

RE: Who is going to be the next King ?

Says lot about human race we care about family born in wealth and fame and go's same for movie stars etc and people and kids dieing everyday no food live in dirt sorry but world we live in f*ck up

RE: Who is going to be the next King ?

Just me l could care less about royal family lol but like tv show

RE: Who is going to be the next King ?

should be no king amount wealth these people live in while people in uk live on streets

RE: Did you want to pay a bill to Irish Water

look l think we should pay small bit for water, when see on prime time sewage going in water around parts of lreland,

RE: Depression

Sorry hear you suffer from depression l know feeling l had anxiety bipolar and done lot mad things in my life and ashamed of my past try kill myself few times.but l glad l alive got little son so don't give up bud their always something look forward too

RE: Do you believe in Jesus Christ!

not sure their god or jesus

RE: Why do the muslims deny the holocaust.? I had often wondered as to why?

root of all evil religions never care about religions, think holocaust was down hitler blameing jews for Germany depression after world war one and jews were rich and had control over Germany economy and were not hit as white Germany people

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