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RE: what do you think about being alive........?

I pray for death everyday. The pain is unbearable....I've had enough.

I came to CS 6 years ago with so much hope and love in my heart. A few months with someone from here ripped my heart to shreds and I never recovered. I look back in the archives once in a while and see the person who I was 6 years ago joking around and flirting in the forums. Now all I post is how I feel...misery and patheticness with a huge dose of humiliation. Now I could care less what happens to me. It's been this way for years now and no hope is left.

I know you feel the pain too heart goes out to you...handshake

RE: Which of these vices are you guilty of?

no vices at all except I eat too much.


RE: Do you remember your first kiss?

1st real kiss I was 16 in the back seat of my friend's car. He was making out in the front seat...with a different girl....I was with a girl too....

1st peck was Bonnie Brown in Richmond, Va...we were both 5 years old.

RE: Spread Some Love

It didn't happen for me...I would give anything for it to be true. All parents should feel blessed because they have children. I wish I did...

The next person sings nice in the shower.


oops...I tried to give instructions but I guess I am no teacher!


To post Youtube video:

paste the video you want here


RE: Happy Father's Day To All You Dads Out There

I love my dad so much. Happy Father's Day dad. He is an amazing person and I am very blessed to have him as my dad.

I wish I could have been someone you could be proud of. And I wish I could have had children myself but a failed and miserable life got in the way.

I am so sorry I have failed my family and friends and God. I wish the song above could have been my life.


Not to be...I want to die...



Welcome back my friend...handshake

RE: Is George W Bush a bad and wicked president as others see him to be?

So in your mind if a guy has a college degree then they are smart? Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dropped out of college and they were 2 brilliant men. Why didn't all those computer geeks with PHD's blow them away if they were so much smarter.

Right after 9/11 the country was wobbling. The steps taken by the admin were correct to stabilize the country and give Americans piece of mind. Iraq was 2 years later so try to stay on subject.

I am not one who believes a higher education equals brilliance, but one cannot possibly go through Yale and Harvard being stupid. Get a little common sense on this subject. I am sorry your profession is latent with stupidity, which I agree with you but most business people are not in your career's catagory. Why doesn't Bill Gates run for president? It takes some guts to do so so I guess his geek status will always be intact.

I guess most democrats who voted for the war in Iraq were lying too. Somehow Bush has all the secret info and hides it from everyone else in government. If that is true then this country is in a lot of trouble. We have so many layers of beaurocracy noone had other info that congress didn't have but the dems want to lie and tell everyone that the president has more info than they do. We have a system of checks and balances to prevent such occurrances. There are committees in the congress given every piece of info that the president gets. The true lie is anyone who voted for the war and then pulled back and wants to blame someone else for their responsibility. Pretty cowardly in my mind...

Bin Laden is dead but Al-quada moves forward. Bush wanted the whole network destroyed but some in this world are too short-sighted and might even want chaos in the world to further move forward a socialist agenda of total control and power. Keep mankind down and afraid and you can do anything to them. Look at the despots of history for that lesson. Why the hell anyone is against freedom and a capitalistic economy with a limited government escapes my idea of a clear headed thinker.

The UN is a gutless institution who waches regimes around the world murder it's own citizenry. And you have the gall to ask why Bush didn't go into African countries? Maybe he wanted the UN to do it's job and help save and secure lives but I guess too many in the UN are busy with scams like oil for food or UN workers raping women in Africa (the Congo) and covering it up. You want to glorify this institution and then bash a man who actually tried to do something to help others gain their freedom? I feel so sorry for anyone who revere the UN.

Case closed and nice try but you failed just like socailism has failed everywhere it's tried.

RE: Is George W Bush a bad and wicked president as others see him to be?

Also would the arab spring ever happen if the liberation of Iraq did not occur? The arab spring to me is a very dangerous situation and Obama is handling it very wrong. Instead of being a cheerleader and sit on the sidelines while the inept weak UN oversees what is happening, he ought to lead and push for true freedeom and democratic governance of Egypt, Lybia and even Syria. People of any stripe yearns for freedom. I think 50 years from now, the lost opportunity to have oppressive styles of governance in the middle east will be rightfully criticized as the further spread of sharia law will encompass a large area of the world. Obama and the UN are blowing it.

RE: Is George W Bush a bad and wicked president as others see him to be?

Bush had many faults but wasn't the worst president. I didn't like him to begin with but supported what he was trying to do. The war plan was very wrong in hindsight but he has liberated millions from true murdering dictators.

What I don't understand is the juvenile way he is portrayed by his opponents. He is dumb, he is stupid, etc. I believe there is a certain bigotry towards people who are not polished talkers and slick. Many people here in the south of the US are also labelled that way while there are some of the most intelligent people on this planet living here. How can Bush be stupid when he graduated from the Wharton school of business with an MBA?

Also using the same premise about lives lost, how many innocent Japanese were murdered by Truman with 2 atomic bombs dropped on their country? How many did Roosevelt murder in Japan theater and the European theater of WWII? That logic about people being killed is not a basis to label a president as being a murderer.

You have to think what enviornmental impact the atomic attack has done to the world. Anyone ever think that babies born in the past 60 years with increasing alarm with downs syndrome, autism, depression, and other birth defects? Any science studies find any corrolation with those facts?

Bush had his faults but also had to deal with 911. The country could have been way worse off but he held it together. Yrue evil can be found today with Assad actually sending in tanks to murder his own citizens in Syria. The UN is actually complicit because of their inaction and weakness. How many US citizens were killed by Bush with tanks rolling through cities? Get some perspective here....doh

RE: Guys ,what do you think about a Wife in the Life

Forget marriage.

Get up
get in
get off
get out...banana

RE: i need advice on a girl problem

thumbs up

RE: MARYILY AS WE GO...marys name in a song

No, it's not Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree...laugh

RE: MARYILY AS WE GO...marys name in a song

The most beautiful song ever composed.

RE: The man that raped my daughter is finally in prison!!

Oh my God Dana....I had no idea. I hope and pray E. is doing ok. My prayers to both of you.

My niece was raped last year and the man hasn't been caught. This is a horrible crime not only against the individual but their families and friends as well.

I hope you are doing well my friend...hug

RE: Anything Bugging You Today ?? I'm Bugged.....

Nothing bugs me, just freaking life itself.

Where the hell is God to end the misery???

Yes I am whining and don't care anymore.\

very mad

RE: Where would you prefer to spend a week with your Lover?

In bed for a few hours and then she can get out!professor banana grin

RE: Special site


RE: For the men to answer: How many times a day do you think about sex?

There are remedies to not having any...grin bouquet

RE: HAVE YOU EVER fallen in love with your friend's girlfriend or boyfriend?

Yes. I was 19 and my friend and his girlfriend were on the outs. He started to see someone else and I went to him and asked him if it was ok to date his girlfriend. He said ok.

RE: Whats [b]your[/b] reson for going to a nudist beach ?

One hand I have my beach chair, the other I have my towel. I would go to a nude beach so I would have something to carry my cooler. grin

I would be very afraid though if I saw someone with a harpoon. (Harpoon not hairy poon)!

RE: For the men to answer: How many times a day do you think about sex?

I voted!!

A gajillion times a day.

Having sex? zilch....mumbling

RE: Happy Birthday Chococherrie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

applause yay

RE: Do you want the truth or B.S?

Thank you for your kind words.

I highly suggest to everyone to hold back on personal issues they distribute in these forums.

However I believe if you have something very important to tell a potential partner, be honest and up front so they have a chance to think about it and maybe even do some research. I am bipolar and tell anyone I am getting close to up front.

I am no longer looking but here just for the forums and all the friends I have met through CS.

RE: Do you want the truth or B.S?

It's a shame the world is becoming more confrontational. It seems people just don't like to be nice and tear others down to make themselves feel better.

RE: what do u like more in a womans body?

laugh rolling on the floor laughing

Hey Vinny...handshake

The watch must have been a takes a licking but keeps on ticking...

RE: Do you want the truth or B.S?

Truth is subjective in some cases.

I try to be as honest as I can be without being harsh or hurting others. Tact is what I try to achieve.

I have posted here for years and I might be the most open and honest person here. I have talked about very personal issues in my life.

I just said the above statement to say honesty is the best policy but sometimes saying nothing is a better one. I think I have spilled my guts too often I guess out of lonliness and pain.

Thank you for the thread...handshake

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