RE: What`s on your mind..... ....

I'd like to see one that he's dead.

RE: What`s on your mind..... ....

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Unbelievable

RE: Love/Hate

Yeah sounds brill!!. From all the hype this week about
killing a cat. If that's the highlight of the show,
hmm don't think so.

RE: Manchester united

Easy there now, Rovers have been through a lot, the best
team in the land and the best supporters too.
Where would we be if it wasn't for the ULTRA'S

RE: What`s on your mind..... ....

Have to agree with you there, love it,
Cillian Murphy is just incredible.

RE: Love/Hate

No have never watched it, and by the comments on this thread
doesn't look like I am missing much, so don't think I'll bother.

RE: Manchester united

I think Arsenal might just do it this year. The team have really gelled
together. Giroud is playing amazingly. with Walcot, Wilshere, Cazorla,
and now Ozil (who is an incredible player and will bring out the best in the other players)they are a team to be reckoned with. My only concern would be their defense, that tends to be a little hap hazard at times, although Szcesny is playing a lot better this season.
I also agree we should be supporting our local teams first,
come on the Hoops.

RE: Relocating

No,it would mean leaving too much behind,
and I wouldn't be prepared to do that.

RE: Have you ever held a live Firearm in your hand.

No. Never held one and never want to but I have had one
pointed at me, not a nice experience I can assure you.

RE: Which do you want at end of 1st date?

thumbs up Well said Steff

RE: Women in Peru

I don't believe the story they are putting out there, that they were forced to do it, I reckon they thought it would be an easy way to make some money, but whether they were naive, stupid or whatever,they will more
than pay the price now.

RE: Are there ant honest guys out there?

Of course there are cats, just as there are nice,
honest women out there too. wink

RE: Whos Viewed Me,..

Ah it's just a bit of fun. It's nice to know that someone is checking you out. I usually check out who's viewed me when I come on online.

RE: Is suicide ever ok?

People who commit suicide are in a completely different mind set, To them it is the only option, they are hurting so much, they see it as their only escape, they are not being selfish, they just want and end to the pain.

RE: What would you...?

Egypt, have always wanted to go there, will get there some day.

RE: What Sport Do You Prefer Watching - On TV or Live

football, GAA and Rugby, watch them on tv, and see them live when I can.
The Football Shamrock Rovers and Arsenal, GAA, the Dubs, and Rugby, Leinster.

RE: does God answer prayers?

When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.
Oscar Wilde, An Ideal husband, 1893

RE: is there EVER a good enough reason for a man to hit a women????

So what do you think she would say.

RE: is there EVER a good enough reason for a man to hit a women????

No Never

RE: Which super hero is your favorite?

Wonder Woman, as all we women are.peace

RE: Do you think Jesus Christ is the creator of all ?

Hi MD, that's gone back into the album, where it will remain for the foreseeable. looking good yourself though.

RE: Have you ever tried Magic Mushrooms??

yeah i remember getting up at the crack of dawn to collect magic mushrooms
in my misspent youth out in Howth. Oh they were the days. lol

RE: Do women actually think men care if they fake an o*gasm ?

enjoy. lol

RE: Who Was The Most Talented Of The Beatles?

John Lennon without a doubt, incredible guy

RE: Do women actually think men care if they fake an o*gasm ?

As if there weren't enough already

RE: How many times a day do women think about sex?

Depends on the day we are having

RE: Do women actually think men care if they fake an o*gasm ?

Oh dear, are we having problems in the bedroom then Mr Rick77

RE: no women ever found me attractive.

aw well you might as well face it, if the fat ugly or even weirdos don't want to know you, that's it, you are on your own from now til eternity. Enjoy.

RE: Evolutionary Husband?

Aw how cute

RE: Evolutionary Husband?

Sexist NO, just honest

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